Receptionist Skills Training

Receptionist Skills Training

Available as a webinar workshop: Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra. In-house Australia wide.

The Receptionist is the first point of contact for any customers, making them integral to a successful business. To ensure they have all the tools and knowledge required for success in this role, training should focus on providing mastery of body language, perception skills like recalling names and faces quickly as well as stress management techniques.

The modern office is always evolving. This course offers you the key skills to stay ahead of the curve, by helping you become a professional receptionist and master essential aspects of office management. You’ll gain vital competencies that are highly sought after in today’s tech-driven workspace plus all the tools necessary for success navigating this fast growing world!

Who Should Attend A Receptionist Skills Training Course?

Receptionists are the face of any organisation, and this training course equips them with all the necessary tools to provide a truly memorable experience for customers. It covers essential topics from customer service skills and making great first impressions through to learning how best manager staff in order to create an inviting environment for everyone who steps foot into your business. Investing in professional development can make a huge difference!

Receptionist Learning Outcomes:

Learn how to connect with clients almost instantly with mirroring techniques and some quick tweaks with the first impression statements.

Screening calls is an important skill. It can save employee time and effectively over time, save expenditure of wages for that time lost.

Do you know how to leave an effective message? Professional answering messages are a great way to leave an impacting statement and improve on your organisational image.

There is an effective way to receive and make a call. We look at current scripting and improve on wording and flow within the messages provided.

There are some call operators where you are stunned by their lack of professionalism. There are also others that make you say “wow”. Learn how to become one that stands out professionally.

This is a skill that is important for those who deal with difficult people, or complaints in their roles. Five easy statements that will disarm any customer conflict.

Do you take an effective message? Did you know there are ways to improve message retention and note taking? This session discusses these skills here.

Communication is key. Many workplaces have issues arising from poor communication. Learn how to become a more effective communicator with these tips and tools.

How important is sounding your best? The words and your tone are vital to delivering your message. Learn more about these tools in this session.

Receptionists have certain duties and responsibilities. We discuss how the role of Receptionist is not only important, yet their role is vital to many in the workplace.

What do you do in case of emergency? Do you know the reception area may be the first point of contact in an emergency? Learn what to do in this area.

This discussion is to provide extra tools to Receptionists. It will assist in increasing personal skills in areas of organising and delegation.

Questions are used to gain information, however you can also use questions for control in a conversation. Learn more about the deeper questioning techniques available.

Learn how you can exceed on customer expectations and deliver an amazing service.

The telephone can be a productive tool if used correctly. Learn how to become better at using this tool and increase your ability over the phone.

Of course no session is complete without covering the basics of the Receptionist role.

If you are conducting face to face conversations also, this session will discuss how to read signals from clients.

Tailored Solutions

This interactive workshop is designed to help your company develop professional receptionists with the skills and know-how needed for success in their roles. We’ll provide training on how best to handle difficult customers, maintain composure during stressful situations, multi-task without becoming overwhelmed, stay organised while juggling multiple tasks – all of which are essential qualities making up a stellar Receptionist! Join us if you want to equip yourself or others within your organisation with these valuable traits today.

Let us customise the receptionist training session to cater your business’s unique processes. We understand that every company is different, so why not take advantage of our tailored modules and content? Schedule a meeting with us today for an exclusive preview – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed in choosing us as your leading provider!

Receptionist Skills Training Outline

Course Overview

This course is designed to impart skills to individuals aspiring to work in reception roles. It emphasises the significance of customer service and the ability to make a first impression. Furthermore it provides training, for staff and managerial support. Through this program receptionists will also acquire skills that’re instrumental in creating exceptional guest experiences.

Topics covered in this course

1. Building rapport and greeting customers within seconds

Discover powerful techniques for establishing rapport with customers ensuring interactions every time.

2. Effective call screening

Master the art of call screening optimising time utilisation and resources by identifying which calls are worth attending to.

3. Answering machines methods

Develop communication skills necessary for crafting captivating messages that bolster your companys reputation.

4. Handling outgoing calls

Our expert trainers will provide customised approaches to help receptionists efficiently manage calls guaranteeing prompt and accurate message delivery.

5. Telephone etiquette

Receptionists can enhance their telephone communication skills through training, in this program.
Developing skills can greatly contribute to standing out and achieving success!

Handling customer complaints and defusing situations

A skilled receptionist plays a role in any business particularly when it comes to managing challenging clients. Discover effective techniques that can effectively de escalate even the most intense customer interactions!

Accurately recording messages

Join this session to learn strategies, for capturing vital information through effective note taking and retention techniques! Equip yourself with a set of skills for gathering data.

Effective communication in the workplace

In this training program you will gain tools and guidelines to become an adept communicator. By acquiring these skills you can prevent misunderstandings and optimize your communication efficiency.

Mastering delivery and word choice

Enhance your message delivery by mastering the art of selecting words and utilising proper inflection. With this training you will be able to craft messages that resonate with any audience.

Understanding roles and responsibilities

Embarking on a career as a receptionist is a milestone for any companys success. This training program offers insights. Equips you with the necessary skills to excel in your role!

Participation in workplace safety protocols

As the first point of contact, for any organisation, preparedness and having an emergency plan are vital. Gain knowledge on how to handle emergencies as part of your responsibilities as a gatekeeper.
Developing reception skills can greatly assist you in handling situations in a professional manner. It’s time to begin acquiring the knowledge!

Master the art of organising and managing information effectively.

Enhance your performance by utilising organisation and delegation tools. These skills will enable you to take charge within the office environment!

Establish yourself as a leader

Earn the trust, loyalty and admiration of your clients through your efforts!

Unlock the potential of your questioning abilities with this training program!

Learn how to engage in conversations that yield information guiding them with lines of enquiry.

Boost your confidence.

Enhance your telephone interactions as a receptionist with these tips and techniques! This training is designed to equip you with phone usage strategies.

Essential reception skills

Embark on a training journey that encompasses all the aspects required to become a professional Receptionist. Kickstart your path towards success!

Empower yourself with the ability to decipher cues through body language interpretation.

This training will provide you with insights for customer interactions. Become an expert at reading body language. Respond effectively when engaging face, to face with customers!Wrapping Up the Workshop

Workshop Wrap-Up

At the end of this course students will have the opportunity to delve deeper into their knowledge. They can address any remaining questions. Create a plan, for achieving success.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Our customisation experience gives you the commanding edge over our design team. We give you free, unrestricted control to shape your experience however you like – from delivery, style and even certificate color! Unlock access to our artistic minds with just one click; embark on a journey towards quality-guaranteed designs that are tailored uniquely for each project!

In-House Customised training benefits:
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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Our team of experts will provide you with a custom-tailored training manual and all the necessary materials to give your work that unique edge. Choose from our library of logo’s, images, illustrations, statistical data or any other research material for added visual appeal – complete with content built precisely according to your specifications! Reach out today for details on how we can create an exceptional course book specifically suited for you.

Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Altruistically enroll with one of our savvy tutors and become an authority in the course you select. With no barriers, gain access to a comprehensive virtual class tailored around your availability; and all from the comfortableness of your own abode! Discovering on Zoom for up to 6 hours will quickly have you mastering this subject matter.

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Now’s your chance to level up! Make the most of downtime at work by connecting with one of our experienced instructors and discussing any course, module or workplace challenges. All sessions are conducted easily online via Zoom — you’ve got an hour to improve in on skills that will take your career (and life) further.

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