Employee Termination Training

Employee Termination Processes Training

Firing an employee is a difficult task that requires careful consideration. At times, despite all efforts of open communication and encouragement to improve performance, termination may be the only option remaining. Preparing for this decision must take into account facts rather than emotion; it should always remain as a final step taken after exhausting every other possible scenario for improvement.

Through our Employee Termination Process workshop, your participants will learn the essential competencies for successfully and respectfully navigating employee departures. With this empowering insight, they can feel confident that even in challenging circumstances their decisions are sure to build a foundation of trust within their organisation.


Training Objectives

  • Create employee performance plans
  • Identify employees who should be terminated
  • Establish effective termination meetings
  • Know the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of firing an employee
  • Be able to conduct exit interviews

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Employee Termination Processes Outline

Course Introduction

On the day of our workshop we will introduce everyone to each other. Provide an overview of what participants can expect throughout their learning journey. Individuals will have the opportunity to set their goals as they progress through the program.

Topics covered in this course

Placing an Employee on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) Prior, to Termination

In this presentation we aim to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to create PIPs. Attendees will learn techniques for utilising this tool and gain insights into its usage.

Identifying Employees Who Should Be Terminated

Through this session participants will gain the ability to recognise employees whose unacceptable job performance poses risks for the company. Attendees will become well versed in identifying warning signs that may lead to termination and understand how best to address these issues.

Considerations When Organising a Termination Meeting

During this segment we will guide participants on following procedures, for conducting termination meetings. They will learn about timing, location, invitees and best practices for handling each situation

Conducting an Employee Termination Properly

In this session we will discuss recommended approaches that ensure respectful employee dismissals.
We will discuss strategies that involve using language in a professional manner reflecting on past feedback, on performance addressing specific concerning behaviours and initiating termination proceedings early in the week for optimal outcomes.

Important Elements to Include in an Employment Termination Checklist

Afterwards participants will gain insights, into the factors to consider when concluding an employment relationship.

What Not to Do When Terminating an Employee

In this session participants will learn how to handle employee separations. We will explore approaches to avoid firing techniques seen in movies and focus on protecting both parties involved while navigating real life employment terminations.

Conducting Exit Interviews

During this session attendees will learn who should be involved in the exit interview process. When it should be conducted. They will also understand how these interviews can provide business value and grasp their purpose and significance.

Wrapping Up the Workshop

As the course comes to an end students will have an opportunity to reflect on what they have learned and how they can apply it in their environments. We encourage questions. Encourage students to create action plans tailored to their unique situations.

Learning Outcomes

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Contact Our Team

Contact our staff for any question, request or assistance.
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Contact Our Team

Contact our staff for any question, request or assistance.
We are always available to help.

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Contact our staff for any question, request or assistance.
We are always available to help.

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Contact our staff for any question, request or assistance.
We are always available to help.

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