Communication Training

Communication Training

Communication Strategies That Work
In life, proper communication skills are vital in order to be able to get thoughts and ideas across to other people and to avoid misunderstandings. The same holds true for life inside the workplace where communication skills are just as vital to keep organisations operating at effectively and efficiently. Any role in an organisation will benefit greatly from proper communication skills since communication is the key to most issues within the workplace. This communication strategies training session will undoubtedly improve the speed in which your organisation sends, receives, and processes information within the workplace therefore making it possible for you to operate at maximum efficiency.

Communication Skills Outcomes:

We all communicate in our day to day life, learning some of the common issues that we all face and learning solutions for those issues will help us to become better communicators.

Asking the right questions will help in getting the right responses. Our trainers are able to inform and instruct on how to prepare your questions and to use them in a correct manner. Combining the right combination of questions will also help build perception.

Your body language will communicate messages to people. Learn how to read body language using context, congruence and clusters. Use to build a more effective message when communicating.

Listening can be difficult at times, we all have barriers and the human mind is sophisticated. Learning how we take in information and how we store messages will assist in becoming better at listening and retention.

When difficult situations arise you may be required to think about your communication style and words carefully. Our trainers provide some quick fall back advice that will buy you time and also assist in calmly communicating.

With assertiveness you can convey your message effectively. Many messages may get disregarded based on the level of assertion. Our trainers provide information on how you can be more assertive.

Let Us Meet Your Communication Training Needs!

If you found that this session does not meet your training requirements, or you have specific areas you would discussed, please contact our team. We have an abundance of material and create modules also. We would be happy to provide you samples and more advice on how to provide the best training solution for your team. Available in all major cities Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Parramatta, Adelaide, Canberra across Australia.

Communication Training Outline

Course Overview

We will spend the first part of the day getting to know participants and discussing what will take place during the workshop. Students will also have an opportunity to identify their personal learning objectives.

Topics covered in this course

Creating Positive Relationships

During this session, participants will explore 10 ways to build positive relationships, including using uplifting messages.

Growing Our Self-Awareness

Our confidence in our ability to express ourselves well and to keep our composure in difficult situations can be a crucial asset in the workplace. In this session, participants will complete a self-confidence assessment. Then, the group will discuss ways to improve their self-confidence.

Communication Basics

During this session, you will help participants identify their communication strengths and weaknesses through several reflective exercises.

Communication Barriers

After a large group case study, participants will work in small groups to discuss barriers to communication. Participants will also complete a short exercise to help them develop a habit of mindfulness.

Asking Questions

This session will examine questioning skills (including open questions, closed questions, and probing) through a lecture and a pairs’ exercise.

Listening Skills

Participants will work on their listening skills by participating in two quizzes and several group exercises. We have also provided two lectures for the trainer.

Body Language

In this session, the trainer will talk about the idea of body language in a lecture. Then, participants will complete a small group exercise and a large group exercise to explore the concept further.

Communication Styles

This activity will allow participants to take a more objective look at the advantages and disadvantages of both sides of different dichotomies related to communication styles.

Creating a Positive Self-Image

During this session, we will look at the things people determine from your appearance. Participants will explore this idea further using the pictures gathered from the pre-assignment. The session will conclude with a self-evaluation exercise.

Frame of Reference

This session will explore our frame of reference and the assumptions that we make. Participants will also take part in an activity that will strengthen their ability to speak about communication concepts more easily.

Techniques for the Workplace

In this session, participants will learn about two key elements of an effective message: preparation and delivery.


How we see ourselves has an impact on how we interact with others. Through lecture, case studies, and discussion, this session will investigate ways that participants can improve their self-image and thereby deal with difficult situations assertively and positively.

Workshop Wrap-Up

At the end of the day, students will have an opportunity to ask questions and fill out an action plan.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

By choosing to customise your material and workbook, you are guaranteed a better fit. You can choose your modules, styling and questions that are inserted into the workbook. We make the feel of your workbook better and focus more on connecting with your audience. Learn more about customisation by contacting one of our friendly team members.

In-House Customised training benefits:

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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

If you are looking for a great course that fits your training needs completely, one of the only ways of doing this is by creating content. Customised training sessions are good and they are more applicable, however a course that is written with its view in point will always hit the mark with participants. The design, layout and content is written with your team in mind. You can own the content written for you and you are able to train without our facilitators if this is what you are looking for. Either way letting our team develop and build your training session can help take the pressure off and help focus on the more important things. Contact us for pricing and more details.

Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Choose your course and book in with one of our expert trainers. 4-6 hrs on a date specific to you. No need to wait for a date. Conducted online with Zoom. Duration 4-6hrs

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Meet with one of our expert trainers and discuss any module, course or workplace skill. Great to upskill and for downtime at work. Conducted online with Zoom. Duration 1 hr.

Self Directed Online Course

These courses are prerecorded with multiple activities, assessments and learning videos. Can be completed at your own pace.

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