Communication Training

Communication Training

Communication Strategies That Work
Communication is a fundamental building block of the workplace and its effectiveness can have significant impacts on organisational performance. This training session provides an opportunity to learn strategies that will help organisations optimise their communication skills, improving speed in which information is sent, received and processed – maximising efficiency levels throughout.

Communication Skills Outcomes:

We all communicate in our day to day life, learning some of the common issues that we all face and learning solutions for those issues will help us to become better communicators.

Asking the right questions will help in getting the right responses. Our trainers are able to inform and instruct on how to prepare your questions and to use them in a correct manner. Combining the right combination of questions will also help build perception.

Your body language will communicate messages to people. Learn how to read body language using context, congruence and clusters. Use to build a more effective message when communicating.

Listening can be difficult at times, we all have barriers and the human mind is sophisticated. Learning how we take in information and how we store messages will assist in becoming better at listening and retention.

When difficult situations arise you may be required to think about your communication style and words carefully. Our trainers provide some quick fall back advice that will buy you time and also assist in calmly communicating.

With assertiveness you can convey your message effectively. Many messages may get disregarded based on the level of assertion. Our trainers provide information on how you can be more assertive.

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Communication Training Outline

Course Overview

To kick off the workshop we’ll begin by introducing ourselves and helping each participant clarify their objectives. This is a chance for everyone to get to know each other and understand what they can anticipate from this experience.

Topics covered in this course

Creating Positive Relationships

In this session we will explore ten methods, for nurturing relationships in our lives. We’ll discuss strategies such as using uplifting language that motivates others!

Growing Our Self Awareness

Join us for a session on developing self confidence and professional presence! Participants will gain insight into their levels of confidence. They will discover steps to enhance their assurance in any situation. Together we’ll delve into overcoming challenges.

Communication Basics

Through engaging activities this session will prompt participants to reflect on their communication styles. By examining their strengths and weaknesses individuals can gain insights into their abilities leading to improved self development and confidence at work!

Communication Barriers

After conducting a group analysis participants will be divided into teams to examine communication obstacles. To foster mindfulness and introspection each individual will then proceed with an exercise, on their own.

Asking Questions

In this session you will have the chance to improve your questioning abilities through a combination of lectures and interactive pair exercises. We will cover techniques, for crafting both closed probing questions that can provide insights in various business scenarios.

Listening Skills

Enhancing our listening skills is another aspect that we will focus on. Through two engaging quizzes and stimulating group activities participants will have the opportunity to refine their ability to listen actively. The trainer is well prepared with lectures that’re sure to inspire discussions among the attendees!

Body Language

Body language plays a role in presentations. This session aims to provide an immersive experience for participants. We will explore how body language can influence a presentation, followed by individual and group exercises designed to foster an understanding of these principles.

Communication Styles

Understanding communication styles will be a focus as well. Participants will gain insights by evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of communication approaches. This exercise will help unlock an understanding of these contrasting styles!

Creating a Positive Self-Image

Additionally we’ll uncover secrets about how people perceive you based on your appearance in our session titled “Establishing a Positive Self Image.” We’ll analyse photos collected from our pre assignment to explore how others form impressions, about us.. Finally we’ll engage in a self evaluation exercise that allows us to delve deeper into these insights.

Frame of Reference

Lets make the most out of this session by participating and exploring perspectives!Perspective and Communication; Discover the influence our unique viewpoints have on how we perceive communication and uncover strategies to express these concepts. Join us for a session that will enhance your communication skills.

Effective Techniques, in the Workplace

In this session we will explore the art of crafting messages through preparation and delivering them effectively. Learn the steps to ensure that your communication resonates with your intended audience!

Building Assertiveness

Dive into how your perception of yourself can shape your communication style when interacting with others. Through a combination of lectures, case studies and dialogue based activities this session aims to boost self confidence so you can confidently address any challenges that may arise.

Wrapping Up the Workshop

At the end of a day filled with learning participants will have an opportunity to seek answers and map out their journey, towards success. Don’t miss out on this chance!

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Get an educational workbook tailored to your specific needs and goals. With our customisation options, you can select modules, styling and questions that best represent your intended audience for the perfect fit! Our team of friendly experts are available to help guide you along this journey towards creating a meaningful connection through curriculum design.

In-House Customised training benefits:

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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Enhance your training efforts by creating an individualised course with the help of our team. Customisable content crafted to suit you and your organisation’s requirements can be utilised in a structured way, or independently as per desired needs. With expertly written design and layout, it is designed specifically for target audiences; taking the weight off their shoulders so they can focus on more pertinent tasks at hand. Reach out now to discuss pricing options and other details further!

Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

It’s time to take your skills up a notch! Book in with our knowledgeable trainers for an exclusive online webinar and get ready to level-up. Customize your learning experience by selecting the course of your choice from our tailored selection – all at a date that works best for you, without having to wait around. Join us on Zoom and let the knowledge unfold within 4-6 hours of intensive training.

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Our expert trainer is here to help you take your skillset up a notch! Schedule an online session with Zoom today and learn something new – be it any module, course or work-related skill. A convenient way of upgrading yourself that fits into your busy schedule: 1 hour only.

Self Directed Online Course

This comprehensive learning program is tailored to fit your schedule – with prerecorded modules, activities and videos accessible at any time. Put yourself in charge of how you develop by setting your own pace for mastering new skills!

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