Custom Made To Suit Your Team

Why Custom Design?

By custom designing your session you are guaranteed to have the training you require, in your own controlled environment. We have a range of material available to choose from and we also write our own content to specifically suit your needs.

Custom Design allows you to input certain questions throughout the material to assist your participants answer through the journey of the session. By applying images relevant to your business and industry, your participants will find they are more likely to relate to the material and learn at a quicker pace. We can also add your corporate branding to the mix.

Tailored Training- Customised Bespoke Training Brisbane Sydney Melbourne Perth Adelaide Canberra Geelong Parramatta

How do you do it?

All we need are a few details from you and then we put our team to work. We can provide examples of other sessions and will always liaise with you closely to allow you to amend the material prior to your session. This will ensure there are no surprises or accidental training issues when it comes to your session. Simply advise our training consultant that you wish your training to be customised, and we will do the rest.

We will sometimes send you samples for you to view and to grab ideas from, then advise our team of the edits you need. Like a genie we will get it done.

Tailored Training- Bespoke Training Packages Customised to Suit your Training Needs Sydney Brisbane Melbourne Perth Adelaide Canberra Geelong Parramatta

What options do you have?

Some of the Custom Design options available:

  • Front cover picture & text modified
  • Company logo inserted and displayed
  • Colour of folders/ type
  • Selection of prizes for session
  • Personalised training manuals
  • Questions inserted into the material at suitable points
  • A range of activities to select from (Over 200)
  • Certificate colour
  • Trainer type: Motivational, Interactive, Educational
  • Visual aid selection
  • Anything required to get your business!

We also have a range of costumes, videos, and extra options available to choose from, however we will discuss these with you when arranging your session. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about this fantastic alternative to our standard sessions.

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