Customer Service Tips for Employees

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Customer Service Tips for Employees

The Best Customer Service Techniques

Customers are the lifeblood of any business and learning how to treat customers the right way will increase your sales revenue and business.  As economic times are getting harder, the cost of living increasing and business becoming unstable day by day, we need to increase our own stability by improving customer service.

We have looked at all the studies and have put down the most likely ways of increasing your customer service and improving customer retention.


Communicate truthfully to your customers. Your customers will appreciate honestly and truthfulness. If you mess up, let them know. If you own them a refund, put it though quickly. This will help them see you have them as priority and also wish to serve them.


Ask them to do something for you. When customers get involved they become more loyal advocates to your business. Rather than ask them “How can I help you?” ask “How can I assist you?” This will have them working with you to increase the likelihood of a resolution.


Channel your inner customer voice. Learn what it is like to be a customer at your own business. Go through the process and enjoy the service you get from other departments, learn where the bottlenecks happen and where things fall apart. Then you can improve these areas and also build the rapport with customers if it happens again.


Speak to your customers and get feedback. Learn more about the buying habits, feelings and social influence your customers are experiencing. Learn how to better your services to improve the retention.


Change things up. By changing things you will see what works and what doesn’t work. Don’t do what everyone else is doing, try something new and you may see it take off. When customers request something don’t just say no.. learn why they are asking.

Final Customer Service Thoughts

Customers will be the reason we are in business. Find out more about their needs, wants, desires and issues. By doing this you are putting yourself in their shoes, and ultimately learning how to impress them.  Learn more about customer service with one of our training sessions or short courses.

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