Constuctive Criticism Training

Delivering Constructive Criticism Training

Constructive criticism is a cornerstone of professional development. It allows us to identify areas for improvement that may otherwise be overlooked, create higher expectations, and ensure results are achieved. If used properly it can leave everyone in the workplace feeling positive about their contribution and equipped with the skills they need to support future success. This training course is designed to support your team members in giving helpful criticism. Rather than a source of shame, it’s meant to provide practical solutions that can help improve future decisions and spur positive growth. Through this program, we will equip them with the tools needed so their feedback comes out as constructive rather than offensive or incorrect – leading to better outcomes for all involved.

Criticism is an essential component for the continual improvement of any workplace. However, it must be wielded carefully in order to ensure that feedback does not do more harm than good. That’s why training ourselves and our teams on how to give considered, constructive critiques using a “sandwich” approach – one which focuses on specific issues without causing undue distress ­– is paramount when striving towards creating productive working environments with high morale. With this type of guidance we can encourage progress while avoiding injury or dissatisfaction amongst co-workers at all times. Our courses and services provide the perfect support to enhance social proficiency, communication abilities, and professional development. If you would like additional information on what we offer then please reach out – our team is ready to assist!

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Delivering Constructive Criticism Training Outline

Course Overview

At the beginning of this workshop participants will have the opportunity to get to know each other and set their learning objectives. We will explore what experiences they can expect in the days.

Topics covered in this course

Preparing and Planning

During this session participants will learn the tools for delivering criticism effectively and promoting employee growth.

Selecting Time and Place

This session will provide an understanding of components to consider along with strategies on how to best express feedback. Remember giving criticism requires consideration of where and when it should be delivered.

During the Session

The aim of this training is to equip participants with skills that enable them to share feedback. Through guided exercises and knowledge sharing participants will gain confidence in providing criticism.

Setting Goals

Participants will be equipped with tools to improve their performance by understanding the importance of goal setting and its various components that can help them succeed during this session.

Dealing with Anger or Negative Emotions

The aim is to deliver criticism in a manner that’s sensitive and beneficial. In this session participants will learn ways to provide feedback that’s constructive, tactful and professional.

What to Avoid

This session offers participants insights into the art of giving criticism. Participants will gain knowledge on how to communicate their feedback while avoiding any potential pitfalls.

Post Session Considerations

During this session participants will receive guidance on how to move and make an impact after providing constructive criticism. Participants can expect to gain insights, on how to support their employees after delivering critical feedback.

Summary of the Workshop

After a day of learning participants will have the opportunity to further explore the course material by asking any questions they may have and creating an action plan. 

Learning Outcomes

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Contact Our Team

Contact our staff for any question, request or assistance.
We are always available to help.

Contact Our Team

Contact our staff for any question, request or assistance.
We are always available to help.

Contact Our Team

Contact our staff for any question, request or assistance.
We are always available to help.

Contact Our Team

Contact our staff for any question, request or assistance.
We are always available to help.

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