Anger Management Training

Anger Management Training for Workplaces

Discover the powerful techniques offered in our acclaimed Anger Management training session, designed specifically for professionals eager to improve their emotional intelligence and address anger-related challenges in the workplace. This interactive, transformative session is perfect for individuals who seek to gain mastery over their own emotions, as well as those who aspire to effectively manage the emotional landscapes of others. Empower yourself and your team by tackling anger management head-on with our expert guidance.

Encounter the unavoidable emotion of anger with grace and poise, both in personal and professional spheres, by mastering the “Understanding Anger Method.” This comprehensive training guides you through structured and empathetic thinking, equipping you with effective strategies to tackle workplace conflicts and foster a serene and harmonious environment. Embrace transformation and enhance your interpersonal skills, ensuring a healthy and balanced atmosphere for your own growth and the success of your endeavours.

Mastering the art of anger management is a vital journey towards recognising the early signs of rage and deploying effective strategies to regain inner peace and tackle issues constructively. Harnessing this intense emotion, which often stems from frustration, irritation, disappointment, or pain, can empower individuals on a personal and interpersonal level.

Elevate your emotional well-being by conquering anger through our transformative skills training courses. Master the art of assertive communication, cultivate healthier behaviours, and harness the power of interpersonal connections for a more fulfiling life. Embrace support from your social circle and sidestep danger, while adopting an optimistic outlook. Strengthen your judgment and impulse restraint, bolster your self-esteem, and replace negative habits like alcohol and substance abuse with a renewed enthusiasm for life. Furthermore, our adaptable anger management programs empower you to overcome challenges like stress, depression, and workplace conflicts with resilience and poise.

Elevate your team’s potential and triumph over harmful conflicts by addressing negative attitudes and workplace anger head-on. In customer service, mastering the art of diffusing client frustration can lead to not only respect and sales but also long-lasting customer loyalty. Let us tailor a Workplace Anger Management Session to provide your organisation with that competitive advantage.

Anger Management Outcomes

People can handle anger differently. Some recognise the anger and work to remove it. We go through and illustrate what anger does to your body and mind. How it affects your outcomes. Learning how it affects you is the first step to then breaking it down.

This session here discusses how our natural behaviour may not be the best reaction. We demonstrate how assertive anger can be a new model and new tool that each participant can learn.

When other people enter into our anger equation, we may feel we are no longer in control. We show participants how to take control of their own emotions and also how to change others also.

There may be areas here we can discuss with participants as we identify a few more tools to manage repressed or expressed anger.

Is there an underlying areas to the anger you are experiencing? We can help participants identify if this is an area they need to be aware of.

Of course the Anger Management training session would not be complete if we didn’t provide some solutions on managing stress.

What are the standards of conduct within your workplace? Learn more about the standards that most workplaces have. We can include your own and adapt this for any team training also.

Many people get angry also when they find they are unable to express themselves effectively. This session provides some interactive and fun communication techniques to assist.

Describe the reasons for anger in co-workers and employees, and review a broad array of techniques for addressing those problems.
Explain the mental, social and biological reasons for anger as well as the strategies used by counsellors to handle the underlying causes in an effort to diffuse the build-up of anger in individuals
Understand the myths of anger.
Greater understanding about the relationship between anger and emotional as well as physical health
Comprehend anger dynamics.
Better communication and conflict resolution abilities
Describe how anger problems could be addressed through the use of cognitive behavioural counselling
The difference between healthy and destructive anger
Methods to inoculate yourself against pressure accumulation
Understand the wrong and correct ways of dealing with anger.
Comprehend hot buttons and private anger dynamics with people that are furious.
Discuss the nature and scope of anger including psychological and physical indications.
The Five Myths about anger that everyone has to understand
Three invaluable techniques for disarming criticism
Discover some productive ways for “blowing off steam”
Identify methods to support customers seeking anger management services
Learn about helpful and unhelpful ways of dealing with anger
Increase insight into the “fight or flight” reaction that activates anger
Express position or a feeling using I-messages.
Working on the problem
Solving the problem
Understand techniques in controlling anger.
Separate the people from the issue
See differences between objective and subjective language.
To make a disagreement constructive.
Improved treatment strategies for helping clients and patients master their uncontrolled anger.
Gaining Control in anger
Understand the realities of anger
Learn how to enhance home and work life by better managing anger
A better comprehension of why aggression and anger are on the increase
Master strategies for gaining control of fury in all situations
Enriched personal safety in potentially dangerous circumstances
Understand the change, prevent and accept response to fury.
Pulling everything together
Determine the character and scope of fury control services in society.
A fresh ‘toolbox’ of powerful strategies for dealing and calming down
Information about the consequences of anger on our thoughts and bodies
Get a better understanding of the anger cycle that is natural and wrath
Discuss anger management techniques and managing violence
Consider anger management problems for individuals with mental health issues that are special and to diffuse violent outbursts.
Comprehension into what triggers your own anger – and how to control it
Dealing with Angry People
Evaluate a situation where anger is going to be a problem and determine an appropriate path to follow in response to the issue.
Methods to diffuse potentially violent situations
When identifying the problem perceive a solutions

Taking Control

We’ll look at some methods to help participants take control of themselves. Our trainer will also build a scenario with the participants and show them how to use the skills of emotional control to improve on their results. The session will help participants control their emotions when facing with other peoples’ anger also. We will discuss with participants how to productively confront a team-mate about negative attitudes and minimise the chance of a negative confrontation. The employees will also identify ways to help other individuals safely manage some of their anger that is expressed or repressed.

What exactly is Anger?

Learn more about how anger can affect your friends, your family, and others around you.? What are the five stages of anger? We discuss these stages with participants. After this part of the session participants will know how anger affects their behaviour, their thoughts, as well as their body.

The customer service agent who can defuse a customer that is angry will not only keep the customer loyal but can make his/her own day less problematic. We are able to make use of the six-step method to break old patterns and replace them with a model for assertive anger.

Behaviour Types

As we work in small groups to discuss manipulative passive, assertive, and aggressive behaviours, participants will learn how to manage and work with these different behaviours. There are skills in this part of the session that is vital for dealing with difficult people.

Communicating Better

Generally people who are angry are people who haven’t developed their communication abilities to the level they’d like, and as a result they feel frustrated and misunderstood. Swearing and bad language can be a result of these frustrations. We show participants how they can change the style of communication for clearer more effective assistance.

Our trainer will highlight a Four-point message, listening skills, questioning skills, and three keys participants may use to unlock the greatest in other people.

The Anger Procedure

There are two events which leads to anger, and there are particular coping strategies that we can utilise to lessen the effect of those occasions. Our trainer will assist participants identify strategies and those occasions through private anger logs plus a case study. There are four particular ways anger can impact your thinking and we highlight these to participants in the session.

Managing Anger

Anger is a universal experience. Yet research tells us that those who do manage their anger at work are much more successful than those who don’t. There are several special verbal, physical, and mental strategies participants could use to cope when a person starts to get angry. During this session, we discuss these strategies and help employees customise them to find their own way of dealing with anger. We also show staff how to utilise the five-step strategy to break old patterns and replace them with a model for assertive anger. After this part of the session participants are able to understand how anger affects our bodies, our thoughts, as well as our conduct.

Tailor The Training

Unleash the power of tailored anger management training, uniquely designed to meet your team’s needs and elevate their potential. Experience a transformative journey across Australia, in dynamic cities like Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney, Parramatta, Gold Coast, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, and Melbourne. Connect with us and embark on this groundbreaking adventure today.

Anger Management: Understanding Anger Outline

Course Overview

Join us this morning session as we dive into introductions and uncover the agenda ahead! You’ll also have an opportunity to share your goals and make the most of this workshop experience.

Topics covered in this course

What is Anger?

As we embark on this journey participants will explore the concept of anger unraveling its essence and examining its impact on their lives.

Costs and Rewards

Next discover the balance, between the costs and benefits of anger in our lives.

The Anger Process

Take a dive into a captivating exploration of the relationship between pain, triggering thoughts and anger in this session. Explore your triggers in depth and master effective techniques for managing fury through an empowering anger log exercise. Get ready to be captivated and empowered on this journey.

How Does Anger Influence Our Thinking?

Moving forward individuals will delve into understanding distortions. Learn strategies to navigate their thought patterns and actions amidst moments of intense anger.

Understanding Behaviour Types

Uncover the mysteries, behind behaviour as we explore the four key personality archetypes in this captivating session. Gain insights that will not soothe your anger but also assist you in navigating the intricacies of interpersonal interactions, with finesse.

Managing Anger

Unveil the secrets to mastering your emotions in this session, where you will learn coping strategies and calming relaxation techniques that empower you to control the beast of anger within.

Communication Tips and Tricks

Explore the art of communication to defuse situations. This session provides knowledge on listening and curious questioning techniques. Embrace the power of communication mastery for enhanced professional interactions.

Workshop Conclusion

After completing the course participants will have the opportunity to address their inquiries and develop a personalised strategy, for success.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Seeking a tailored experience for your team? We provide comprehensive customisation solutions for our clients, ensuring that not only the presentation but also the content and style of the manual are specifically adapted to your team’s needs. Experience the highest quality training with Paramount Training, designed exclusively for your team. Get in touch to explore the possibilities for your next personalised session!

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