Generation Gap Training

Generation Gap Training

The workplace is a hub of diverse perspectives, but generational gaps can complicate this environment. Despite their unique historical and cultural differences, it’s important that both the new generation and the old come together to understand each other in order to efficiently accomplish goals while respecting different values. Bridging these generational divides must be done with consideration for everyone involved so as not to sideline any set of beliefs or opinions; ultimately allowing all employees an equal opportunity at productivity. It’s essential that generations work together to bridge gaps, build collaborations, and grow from each other. Through this session we provide a platform for both older and younger individuals to share perspectives, cultivate understanding between one another, and gain the intelligence they need to reach new heights of growth.

At this interactive session, we’ll work to bridge the generational divide by understanding how prejudices can arise and discovering practical ways of communicating between generations. Here, you will learn about the importance of listening and appreciating different points of view across all ages – no matter where you are in life!

Sample Objectives:

Our trainers develop the Generation Gap program by discussing the need for different generations to be in the workplace and how they benefit each other. We also discuss some of the areas where communication and understanding may fail, and also how values can change our motives and actions.

When speaking with different cultures, or different generations, we need to apply our own communication skills differently to connect. Learning more about how to adapt our communication to help others understand our message will assist with a clearer more effective communication effort.

There are a range of organisational strategies that will help workplaces overcome the generation gap issue. Our trainer discusses this area with participants so they are able to learn from real examples.

Many workplaces will realise the importance of having a diverse workforce. This part of the session assists all to understand how an organisation will look the generation gap when hiring staff.

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Generation Gap Training Outline

Course Overview

We’ll kick off the workshop by getting to know one another and setting a productive tone for the day. We will then review our planned activities, giving students an opportunity to articulate their own personal objectives as part of this exciting learning experience!

Topics covered in this course


This session will discuss the following topics as they relate to the generation gap in the workplace:

  • What generations exist in the workplace
  • What defines a generation
  • What affect will this have on the workplace

What Generations Exist in the Workplace

In this session, participants will discover the distinctive generations that make up today’s dynamic and ever-evolving workplace. Get to know the history, characteristics and working styles of each one – all essential information for managing an eclectic workplace!

Differences Between

Understand the complexities between generations. In this session, participants can gain insights into age differences and how best to bridge them for optimal communication.

Finding Common Ground

In this session, participants will learn the following:

  • Adopting a communication style
  • Creating an affinity group
  • Sharing knowledge

Conflict Management

This workshop aims to arm participants with the tools they need for successful intergenerational conflict management and mediation, providing them a better understanding of how to reduce or even avoid future confrontation.

Workshop Wrap-Up

As the day draws to a close, participants will have an opportunity for reflection and dialogue; exploring what questions they need answered in order to draw up their own tailored action plan.

Learning Outcomes

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