Dealing With Difficult Behaviours Training

Good behaviour is what often decides how harmonious and conducive the workplace can be for your employees. As such, great managements and professionals within any industry tend to focus on the factors that incentivise good behaviour in the workplace such as promotions, celebrations, and Employee of the Month awards. However, regardless of these mechanisms, both still need to deal with the looming shadow that is bad behaviour. When left unresolved, bad behaviour can internally lower a team’s productivity, overall company morale and can even spread to important external areas such as customer interaction and social media engagements, which can permanently damage a company’s image and rob it of even the most loyal customers. This training course is therefore devoted to helping your teams deal with bad behaviour, how to handle anger within the workplace, how to maintain overall morale and how to resolve internal conflicts in the fairest, most moral way possible.

There is no question that difficult behaviours can hamper productivity, decrease morale and can even escalate into open conflict. Many employees have quit under the strain of bad behaviour and many companies often struggle with how to reduce the effects of it. Our methods, however, go into the heart of the problem by training your team members to become more proactive in dealing with bad behaviour by promoting a more inclusive culture and even equipping them with the ability to turn the tide of any conversation with compelling arguments and other conversational tools. This training course, therefore, is essential to ensure the continuation of a vibrant company culture, strong productivity and greater team-wide cohesion. Even further, this training session can be partnered up with other training courses of your choice to create your very own customised session. If you wish to know more about our training courses and other services, please contact us.

This course is available Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Melbourne, Parramatta, Gold Coast, Geelong and many more places. Available also as a one on one training, coaching or online training session.

Dealing With Difficult Behaviours Training Outline

Learn Proactive Methods of Dealing With Bad Behaviour

The first question of addressing bad behaviour is always how to prevent it from taking place. On your team’s level, that means being able to keep an atmosphere of mutual respect and the ability to adapt to certain changes and new faces. One common reason why bad behaviour often leads to employee attrition is the fact that some employees feel excluded on the very first day. Of course, new employees tend to do everything they can to integrate, but as mentioned, there must always be an emphasis on mutual respect. Aside from that, because of the multiple perspectives that come with a vibrant workplace, tenured employees can also have conflicting ideas and end up spreading negative vibes. With these examples in mind, managements and teams need to be able to navigate between internal office politics, integration and diversity. This training course will help you accomplish this discussing scenarios and various ways to proactively prevent bad behaviour.

Learn the Ramifications of Attitude

Within all ranks of the workplace, there are certain rules to be upheld and certain standards to be met when it comes to attitude. The problem with the latter, however, is that some attitudes tend to promote bad behaviour without other people even knowing it. For example, having an apathetic team member may not seem much, but when this attitude starts to spread across teammates, it can create very serious problems for your team’s productivity and general ability to accomplish company-wide goals. As such, professionals must be able to know how their attitudes can affect the general work ethics of teams and even entire hierarchies within the company. Accordingly, Dealing With Difficult Behaviours training course will devote considerable time on discussing the ramifications of certain behaviours and what steps can be taken to further promote good behaviour.

Know the Basics of Anger Management

As mentioned before, bad behaviour never affects just one person. Often, the behaviour of one person can have huge ramifications for your company and your team. For example, if a teammate tends to answer questions from a newly-hired employee too vaguely or intentionally tries to pass them off to other teammates in an effort to generally avoid conversation, frustration can start to build-up all across the team. The new employee’s learning experience might be affected and other teammates might worry about how much taking too much questions can affect their workload. Worse yet, this stressful situation might lead into arguments and workplace unrest, leading to a heavy decline of morale levels or even worse, destruction of a company’s reputation. Therefore, it is important for professionals to learn the basics of anger management to help them keep a cool head even as stressful scenarios start to come into play.

Learn How to Change Attitudes within the Workplace

Knowing how to prevent bad behaviour is one thing, but knowing how to change people’s attitudes is another. The ultimate goal of any workplace is equality of opportunity and diversity, which means being able to integrate other people into the workplace despite their own individual quirks and dispositions. For example, some professionals may be more inclined to work alone and can thus seem antisocial, while others may tend to feel more insecure with their progress and so become competitive to a fault. These individual quirks can prevent entire teams from forming up and creating a united front against any problem that they may encounter. As such, part of this training course’s goal is to provide teams with the tools they need to be able to change the attitudes of others, ensuring a more harmonious workplace capable of high levels of productivity.

Learn How to Make Angry Customers Change Their Minds

The bane of any sales professional is an angry customer. Sometimes, it can be a factor in their individual decision to resign from their posts or otherwise produce lower quality work. Some of them might even develop depression throughout the process and can have their self-esteem permanently damaged as a result. However, there are actually lots of methods which can help them manage the stress of dealing with angry customers. Even better, some of them are argumentative and conversational tools which can, with proper execution and timing, turn the most objectionable customer into a loyal one, willing to brag about the merits of your product and your amazing customer service. Our training course will discuss such methods in order to help employees develop more resilience under considerable strain and even dictate the flow of any conversation. Participants can even try these methods against themselves and their trainers to test their effectiveness which, we guarantee, is absolute.

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Our training course range can help any and all companies who become our clients to become much more competitive, and much better at their roles or duties. To do this, we do not just offer well-crafted and well-written training courses. We also offer customisation services for these well-made courses, allowing companies who become our clients to tailor their experience to get the most out of it. All our clients have to do is say the word, and our expert staff will change anything on the course to help our client get the most out of the training course experience. You can always reach your Paramount best with one of our training courses!. Customising is great to help provide a more suitable and effective training session to your employees.

In-House Customised training benefits:

  • Flexible length – You choose the length of the session
  • Highly Effective Team/Industry Specific
  • Certificate of Completion (Professional Grade)
  • Create a Team Building environment
  • Cost effective – Group rate discount
  • Printed courseware (No need to download or use an App to read)

Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Our business revolves around providing all of our clients with a range of training courses. However, we don’t just sell any old training courses. We can create some of the most current and Australian focused training courses that are guaranteed to help you and your company get to the next level. We hire professional writers, editors, and researchers to help us create the content necessary to raise our clients training solutions up to much higher heights. We provide a content creation service for those hard to find modules or courses. All we require is some details on objectives and needs and our team can create a course just for you. The rights to the material can even be owned by you. Learn more by contacting our team today and mention you need the training created for your team or needs.

Instructor Led Online

Download Certificate of Completion $495 inc GST
Printed and Posted Certificate of Completion $515 inc GST

Our new online trainer-assisted training mode gives you the freedom to pick your date and time to get the best online, one-on-one workshop you need. Yes, no need to fall in virtual or real lines, and you can say goodbye to the train station. Now, fun training sessions can finally be yours and at your screens. Even better, they’re real, Paramount Trainers, so you can expect them to be fun, highly adaptable to your personality and learning process, as well as astute and able to provide the best feedback. You are guaranteed to become the very best under them!

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