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Public Speaking: Presentation Training/Pitch Proposals

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Our custom-tailored public speaking training programs are designed to make giving presentations easy. We understand the daunting task of presenting in front of an audience, which is why we equip our participants with skills that can help them stay composed and confident when delivering their speeches. Each program includes interactive activities like preparing a 5 minute presentation as well as other tailored material you need for your team’s success!

Public speaking is both an art and a science. It requires the precise combination of communication skills, confidence, and personal style to make lasting impressions through presentations. In this session, attendees will learn how to improve those qualities into the tools needed for success on stage or in front of any audience. We’ll cover essential topics such as influencing techniques, persuasive language useage, body posture mastery – even enthusiasm tips designed specifically for presenters! Join us now: your great presentation awaits you!

Presentation/Public Speaking Outcomes

Learn how you can build rapport with a group. Rapport will help you gain more interaction from your audience and will increase the effectiveness of your message. Learn how you can connect with the audience with professional skills demonstrated by our trainer.

Nervousness and fear may get in the way of your message and presentation or delivery. Learn how you can reduce the likelihood of nerves and improve your confidence for and assertive message.

Visual aids can assist and they can also detract from your presentation or public speaking. Learn how to create the perfect mix and always have your audience in mind. Some presentations may need visual aids, others may not. Our trainer will help participants learn more about the different types of visual aids and also how to use them.

Being a professional is a requirement when it comes to public speaking. Personal opinions may need to be excluded, Racist remarks or bad jokes are a no no. Learn more about how you can still create a great speech or presentation without overstepping the mark.

There are a range of different ways you can prepare and organise your information. Our trainer will discuss some of the ways the professionals do it and help provide some additional solutions to the participants attending.

Take control and be able to lead groups to where you need them to be. Learning how to take control is important, especially when you ask your audience to do something for you (Activity etc.) Learn how you can influence the group and take control when needed.

In this part of the session the trainer will provide information and a discussion on how to structure your presentation. We provide an activity for the next few modules where participants are asked to prepare an example presentation.

Following on from the above module, we then discuss how to make your presentation flow. Learning how to improve the readership or listeners ability within your presentation, will create a better impact for your message.

We would all love to be able to present or speak without our notes. This session part will develop some tips on how we can do without our notes or at least the very minimum.

Learning how to pitch something is important to every sales person. Our trainer provides additional tips on how to create the perfect pitch.

Many more tips and advises provided by Paramount Training and Development. As many of our trainers are professional speakers we can add a huge range of expertise and advice for your public speaking training event.

Tailored For Your Needs

Our comprehensive presentation training services can be tailored to meet your team’s needs. We will create custom workbooks with images and styling that represent the unique qualities of your business, helping employees engage more meaningfully with the material. The coursework is available at both a foundation or advanced level and our trainers are equipped to add real-world examples from within your workplace – making it even easier for staff members to connect their knowledge back into everyday tasks!

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Public Speaking: Presentation Training/Pitch Proposals Outline

Course Overview

At the beginning of our day we will spend some time building relationships. Discussing expectations for the workshop. Lets explore each participants learning goals together!

Topics covered in this course


Participants will start their sessions by diving into the aspects of communication. They will learn how to make a impression deliver impactful endings and fine tune their conversational skills.

Pause! Watch Your Words!

Participants will gain insights into speaking and with finesse. They will learn to control their volume avoid cliches, slang and jargon as use tact when necessary – all essential elements for successful presentations.

Your Communication Style

This session encourages participants to discover their communication styles by delving into insights that reveal how they express themselves best. Understanding personality types will provide speakers with an understanding for better connection and impact.

Positive Inner Dialogue

In this session participants will develop the skill of creating self confidence – a trait, for any successful public speaker.
Enhance your public speaking skills. Gain the confidence to address an audience effectively!

Building Rapport

Learn the art of building connections through this session! Explore the significance of understanding others and establishing relationships.

Optimizing Meetings

Communication and collaboration are crucial for any business. This session offers insights on maximising meetings equipping participants with tips for preparation and impactful presentations.

Nonverbal Communication

Discover the power of body language in conveying messages without uttering a word at this event. Participants will have the chance to refine their cues and exude vibes.

Handling Tricky Situations

Acquire the skills to handle uncomfortable scenarios with confidence through this session. Learn how to stay composed yet assertive during encounters.

Is Sending an Email Enough?

Empower yourself by recognising the importance of delivering presentations rather than relying solely on written communication.

Overcoming Stage Fright

Lets delve into strategies for managing stage fright and boosting confidence when speaking in public.

The Five Ss of Impactful Presentations

Uncover techniques, for delivering presentations in this informative session.Lets delve into the five Ss of success; explaining their significance providing scenarios offering solutions smoothly transitioning between points and concluding with suggestions.

Lets get started with writing!

In this session we will thoroughly explore the principles and techniques for creating a captivating presentation.

Audience Profile

We’ll now dive into the eight components that make a presentation truly captivating! We’ll explore what it takes to create an experience for your audience.

Your Speaking Voice

Get ready to explore the eight essential components of a captivating presentation! Delve into what it takes create an unforgettable experience for your audience.

Add Punch to Your Presentation

In this session we’ll closely examine used visuals. Provide invaluable advice on how to make them even more impactful!

Your Presentation

To cap off the experience, participants will have a lively exchange by preparing and delivering their own presentations. Everyone in attendance can then offer constructive comments to each other, providing an enriching learning opportunity that they’ll take with them beyond this event!

Workshop Wrap-Up

To wrap up the workshop experience participants will have an opportunity to prepare and deliver their presentations. Everyone in attendance can then offer comments to one another fostering a learning environment that extends beyond this event.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Our expert team is here to help you make the most of Public Speaking with your employees. We offer customisation that goes beyond content and style; we also include various activities tailored specifically for teams, allowing them to engage more deeply in a powerful learning experience. Get started now—customisation comes at no extra cost when signing up for our unique courses!

In-House Customised training benefits:
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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Why settle for generic, off-the-shelf training materials? Let our Courseware creation service take care of your education and development needs! Our team will design the perfect content tailored specifically to fit you or your organisation’s objectives – from customizing every detail in a comprehensive learning session down to having full ownership rights over the material. We can also provide teaching as part of this package if desired – it couldn’t be easier than that!

Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Our expert trainers are here to help you get the most out of your chosen course. Book a date that suits your schedule and unlock new skills with 4-6 hours of instruction in our online Zoom classes – no need for waiting!

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Sharpen your skills with a one-on-one session with an experienced professional! Our expert trainers offer comprehensive guidance on various modules, courses, and workplace techniques so you can maximise productivity during work hours or even on break. Get all the personalised advice you need in just sixty minutes—all from the comfort of home using Zoom video conferencing.

Self Directed Online Course

Experience the benefits of learning on your own time with our pre-recorded courses, featuring a variety of activities and assessments plus engaging videos. Get ready to take control of your education!

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