Speaking Under Pressure

Speaking Under Pressure Training

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This training session is designed to help equip team members with the relevant skills and techniques needed for any situation where they need to present an argument or complex information. Participants will learn how to address demanding audiences, speak confidently in meetings, and gain the persuasive edge when making a presentation. Be it experienced speakers looking for new ideas or first-timers seeking encouragement – this course can benefit everyone!

It can be difficult for speakers to convey their ideas with an audience that’s uncooperative or controlling. Our Public Speaking Session not only helps those who are facing this hurdle, but also provides the next step in advancing public speaking proficiency even further! Whether you’re a novice speaker looking for guidance on handling tough audiences, or an experienced professional seeking added insights – our session has something valuable to offer everyone.

Are you looking to become a confident public speaker? Get all the tips and tricks in this session on how to effectively organize and communicate your ideas, as well as manage audience behaviour for any presentation. Learn key strategies that help control difficult audiences when delivering negative messages – like being goal orientated, adapting quickly & relying on good judgement.


Learn the skills from professionals that speak for a living. The example skills provided in this part of the sessions demonstrates how you can prepare instantly for a presentation or speaking opportunity. Preparation is key to a great delivery, so this section will be highly advantageous for those who may need to speak at the last minute.

We all know that questions may arise when providing a speech or presentation. How do we know though which questions will come up? Our trainer provides insight into the questioning techniques and how to prepare for any question. We also provide some quick universal responses which will help gain more time or respond adequately to difficult questions.

Speaking in difficult situations will put you into stressful situations. Learning how to cope with the nerves or the negative group will help you to become more confident and lead yourself away from any issues. Our trainer provides expert advice on how to work in these situations.

Would you like your message to become more credible? The fact that your credibility to carry the message may impact the message itself. Learn how to become more credible in the eyes of your audience to help your message reach its destination with full impact.

Control is a skill that can be learnt. Know when to pause when needed, interact with the audience at the right time and become a leader with your message. These techniques and more are discussed with participants.

If you have ever come across a difficult person you will know just how hard it maybe to solve their question or issue. When speaking publicly your message may be impacted by a difficult person. Learn how to professional react to this situation and work to create a good outcome.

What makes a speaking skill professional? Learn more about the advanced techniques used by experts and professional speakers from around the world. Our trainer will provide further instruction on how to improve your speaking skills professionally.

Having a strong message is important. Creating a strong finish is beneficial to impacting your message and having it carried for longer by your audience.

A good structured speech or presentation will have something in common. It will enable your audience to follow easily and bring attention to the main topic or message. Our trainers will provide interactive activities for the participants to learn more about the structure needed for professional public speaking.

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Speaking Under Pressure Training Outline

Course Overview

On the day we will introduce ourselves. Begin our workshop. The goal is for participants to identify their learning objectives through this process.

Topics covered in this course

Getting Started

We will explore the world of Speaking Under Pressure. Learn an approach to create structure in presentations.


Prepare for peak performance in your presentations with our 7 steps. Whether you need to prepare on notice or have notice this session will help you command attention and deliver memorable results regardless of the time, date or topic.

Force Field Analysis

Participants will learn a method of analysing two opposing forces influencing a situation.

Understanding Your Audience

This session will guide you through a three phase needs process allowing you to develop your skills in crafting an audience profile.

Managing Stage Anxiety

Conquer your stage fright with this session. Discover techniques, for turning fear into success.

Making Your Message Resonate

 Lets explore the psychology of communication and uncover what truly connects with listeners during group conversations.
We will also assess how verbal cues, demeanor, voice levels and other factors impact overall engagement.

Main Themes

After immersing in the discussions of the day participants will have an opportunity to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice. They will learn the art of crafting a theme and condensing it into an impactful sentence. To conclude this day of learning each participant will be given an assignment to complete at home.


On Day Two we will wrap up our exploration of topics and provide everyone with an opportunity to present their work based on the previous days homework.

A Framework for Organising Ideas

During this session we will delve into a three step approach for creating presentations that are bound to captivate and engage. We will discuss the importance of aligning your message focusing on points that matter most and adapting your content as necessary. Attendees will gain strategies they can use in all speaking engagements!

Methods of Organisation

Get ready to discover numerous innovative techniques for structuring the content in your message. From grouping ideas to simplifying complex data you’ll acquire cutting edge methods, for organising information!

Exploring Nonverbal Communication

This session aims to help participants understand the aspects of body language focusing on how we can convey both negative messages through our physical expressions.

If You Could Have an Ability

To prepare for their upcoming important presentation participants will have the chance to think outside the box and share what extraordinary ability or quality they would choose if given the opportunity. It’s a chance to unleash their creativity!

Crafting Memorable Beginnings and Satisfying Conclusions

In this session participants will learn strategies to create captivating openings and satisfying endings. Discover how to capture your audiences attention and leave them with a sense of fulfillment.

Enhancing an Initial Plan

Building upon the foundations of a presentation covered in workshops this session delves deeper into providing advice on expanding these shorter presentations into engaging and comprehensive long form ones.

Delivering Presentations

To conclude the workshop each participant will deliver a five minute speech followed by providing feedback to their peers. This offers an opportunity for everyone to showcase what they have learned while simultaneously evaluating others progress.

Workshop Wrap-Up

At the end of the workshop once all the topics have been. There have been discussions participants will feel empowered to ask insightful questions and develop a concrete plan that can serve as a roadmap, towards achieving success.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

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Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Take control of your own professional development and book in for an online training session with one of our knowledgeable experts. Our flexible schedule allows you to pick a date that works best for you, without any waiting required! Invest 4-6 hours into yourself and get the most out of your learning experience -all from the comfort of Zoom.

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

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Self Directed Online Course

If you are looking to learn at your own speed, our courses offer a convenient and comprehensive approach with prerecorded activities, assessments and learning videos.

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