Leading Through Confidence

Leading Through Confidence Training

Have you ever, as a professional or even just in your every day life, encountered someone who seems to emanate an aura that tells you to follow them? Have you ever been swayed by fiery speeches and powerful demeanor before? Do you yearn to have such ability? If so, then don’t worry: this course is exactly for you and your team. We’ve designed this session specifically to focus on explaining the fundamental aspects of charismatic leadership, how to be charismatic, and how leading through confidence can make or break a company. Our goal for this course is to make sure that you can instill the same sense of loyalty that various other people have instilled upon you once in your life, and therefore turn you into a person all competitive companies desire.

Leadership is a trait we’ve probably seen dozens of times. It has led people through adversity and has affected the course of history many times. Here at Paramount, we recognise that the cornerstone of leadership is confidence. It is what makes great leaders and what creates great teams. As such, it is our goal to make professionals not only productive workers, but as powerful leaders, capable of increasing morale and productivity simply by existing. We also have multiple sessions on assertiveness,  leadership,  confidence and management.

Confident Leadership Outline:

Participants will learn more about the strengths of a confident brand, team and environment. Learn how to create the confident image of a leading team or brand.

Communication is an important skill for conveying a confident attitude and message. Learn how you can advance the basic communication techniques to have more control to have your outcomes and results reached.

Participants will learn how to create the confident body language to communicate the messages and attitude they wish to portray. We discuss how leaders can look confident even if they are nervous. Techniques to increase the confident image.

After working on the body language we now look into the internal language the mind uses. With the use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and other self-talk strategies we can help participants to correct negative behaviour and create positive confident language.

Questions can be one of the best tools that can help motivate others. By asking questions you are helping others use their internal talk, which can increase motivation and help you to communicate more effectively.

As a confident individual you will need to be able to make decisions and find solutions confidently. Many people may look to a leader to come up with the solutions so we provide some simple decision making tools to help you become more confident.

Many people believe that confidence can be a magnifier. Learn how you can use confidence to be more effective at what you do and improve your results.

Lead The Way With Tailor Made Training

If you find this training session suits most but not all of your requirements, we can customise your training sessions to include more based on your team’s needs. If you would like more information on how we could create your very own workbook to suit your team goals, please call 1300 810 725. We hold training sessions in the Gold Coast, Parramatta, Darwin, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra. All across Australia.

Leading Through Confidence Training Outline

Course Overview

Our workshop will provide an engaging environment for participants to both introduce themselves and outline their personal learning objectives. This is a great chance for everyone to get off on the right foot!

Topics covered in this course

What Does Being a Supervisor Mean?

In this session, professionals will gain key insights into the supervisor role and associated responsibilities. Participants will explore common challenges that supervisors face while developing strategies to maximise their potential through lifelong professional enrichment.

Working through others

This session offers participants an opportunity to expand their knowledge in the area of motivation. Not only will they gain a better understanding of Maslow’s Hierarchy, but also the strategies necessary for creating a supportive and inspiring atmosphere that follows those principles.

Sustaining high performing teams

During this session, attendees will gain an insightful understanding of the employee onboarding process; from learning how to capitalize on their commitment curve and measuring performance.

Coaching for change

This session will explore the GROW Coaching Model, a powerful tool for managing change and prompting meaningful dialogue. We’ll consider how matrix structures can yield positive outcomes – or bring unforeseen challenges – so you’re well equipped with strategies to lead transformation in your workplace.

Getting the problems solved

Discover how to identify and tackle challenges with this proven problem solving model. Plus, unearth expert-level techniques for leveraging it in any situation!

Making the right decisions

At this stage, participants will delve into the various facets of decision-making and develop skills to sharpen their judgement. Additionally, they’ll gain an understanding on how to circumvent potential pitfalls along the way.

Workshop Wrap-Up

In this course, attendees will gain an understanding of the different types of decision-making and improve their skills in making sound choices. They’ll also learn how to recognise warning signs which could lead them into common traps related to decisions. Finally, students will have a chance for dialogue with their peers at the conclusion – where they can discuss ideas and create practical action plans!

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Immerse yourself and your team in a fully customised training experience with Paramount Training and Development! Our digital age solutions offer the flexibility to tailor both the look and feel of your training workbook, including style, color palette, activities and number design. All without breaking budget – because personalisation is complimentary when you choose us as your education provider. With our close consultations along each step of the process we’ll ensure you receive only results that are perfectly tailored for success.

In-House Customised training benefits:
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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Creating a training manual no longer has to be tedious and time-consuming. Our content creation service makes it easier than ever, allowing you to customise your materials with company logos, colors of choice and other research elements that make learning effortless for everyone involved. Plus, with us handling the process from start to finish, all rights will stay in your hands – bringing complete control over how you use our resources. Get started on building the perfect course today!

Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Our expert trainers are here to help you get the most out of your course. Schedule a personal, tailored Zoom session and start learning right away with no need to wait for pre-set dates – select one that works best for you! The duration will be 4-6 hours so make sure you’re ready to acquire essential skills in an efficient manner.

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Enhance your skills and stay productive during work downtime by booking a meeting with one of our experienced trainers! Our online sessions via Zoom can be tailored to any module, course or workplace skill you’d like to learn more about – all in just an hour. Interested? Schedule yours today!

Self Directed Online Course

Enjoy the flexibility of completing our courses at your own speed; designed with interactive activities, assessments, and learning videos to ensure maximum retention.

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