Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness Skills Training is designed to be tailored specifically for your team. Our trainers can guide you through the workbook via our one-on-one online sessions, or we also offer an Instructor-led training option that will ensure all of your employees get personalised instruction in a way that best fits their industry.

Discovering assertiveness has the potential to significantly benefit teams. This training can help develop crucial skills, leading to improved communication and cohesiveness which promotes higher levels of success, productivity and confidence within individuals as well as an organisation.

As we continually strive to Promote Respect in the workplace, this session is designed to equip your staff with essential assertiveness training. It’s important that everyone understands effective communication and how it can help foster an environment where bullying or discrimination cannot exist. For those who may have misconceptions that such courses involve aggressively pushing back on others – allow us to set the record straight; assertive behaviour involves positively influencing without resorting to aggression tactics , so all delegates will be encouraged to learn these valuable skills for more productive collaboration!

Gain the confidence and skills to become an effective leader with this Assertiveness Training course! Through focused instruction on communication, leadership, team building, and more – you’ll soon be equipped with the knowledge needed to excel in your role as a supervisor or manager. Put yourself ahead of the pack – sign up for our assertive training today.

Assertiveness Training can help you become an effective leader. Whether it’s a project or another endeavour, this course will provide methods for expressing yourself with certainty and poise in order to successfully guide your team members towards success. Unlock the power of assertive leadership today!

In the Assertiveness Training course, you’ll acquire a critical set of communication skills. Learning how to confidently impose boundaries is essential when leading a team – it offers structure and clarity so that everyone understands their role within an organisation. It also helps maintain consistency with those in your charge which will help foster great work relationships!

Customizable Objectives:

Communicating assertively is a skill that many can learn. No matter your confidence level we provide skills here for even the most timid communicator to become more assertive in their speech capabilities.

There are also negative or incorrect attitudes that we learn about. This is so participants can recognise and avoid these ineffective styles.

We then develop how to build assertiveness and confidence from within. With the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other methods, we assist participants to build the level of confidence they need to succeed.

We discuss the 4 interactive personality styles with an activity. All participants are able to learn more about their personality and others within the workplace.

Going outside of your comfort zone will help you achieve more and experience more. People who strive to step out slowly end up becoming quite advanced to those who choose not to step out of the comfort zone. We demonstrate to participants how to make the move without overdoing it.

What does your body language say? We provide information in regards to portraying a confident and assertive style when communicating.

We can customise this session or create a new one with your own objectives.

Stress Inventory

As a pre-assignment, participants were requested to finish a stress inventory. We will discuss the evaluation in general in this session.

Building Your Self-Esteem

During this session, we will lead a discussion around two key questions: Just what does self-esteem mean? And, what are some of the things which influence our self-esteem?


During this session, participants will brainstorm things that develop a negative impression as well as a favourable impression. Participants may also identify an action item to alter in the next 21 days.

Fake it ’til You Make

It sometimes we must put on a brave front even if we do not feel like it. During this session we will discuss precisely when it is proper and the way to do this.

Increasing Our Self-Esteem

So far we’ve looked at external things that influence someone’s self-esteem. Now we will focus on the internal factors; the things that we think about ourselves.

Self Confidence

During this session, we will discuss seven simple ways to increase your confidence.

The Power of Thoughts

Through a case study, little demonstrations, along with exercises, participants will explore how ideas can affect an individual’s self-esteem.

Wipe Out

Stress is very distressing, although everyone stresses, it cannot be good for your health. We will discuss four techniques that participants can use to handle stress.

Ask for Whatever You Want

Asking for something can be tough, particularly if you don’t feel confident. This session will discuss four ways to ask for what you need. Participants will apply the knowledge to a case study.


The way we view the windows through which we see the world can help or hinder our communication with others. During this session, participants will identify their windows. Subsequently, through a big group discussion, they’ll identify whether those windows are a positive or negative effect.

Linking with the author of How to Win Friends and Influence People

People Dale Carnegie, gave us several significant principles to contemplate and to integrate into our own lives to help us better connect with our fellow humans. We will discuss seven of his principles in this session.

Behaviour Cost-Benefit Analysis

To sum up what participants have learnt, they will be asked to take a look at the behaviours they would like to change as well as the possible costs and benefits of these changes.

Need a Tailored Training Session?

Assertiveness is an essential ingredient for successful teams. Engaged and confident communication can open up opportunities to share new ideas and address pressing challenges. Our training session provides the perfect opportunity to establish a team culture of assertiveness while tailoring it specifically towards your unique time frame requirements, or any existing issues you have experienced in your workplace environment.

Our team of experts offer customised training in Australia’s major cities, ranging from Perth to Canberra. If you require more information on our services and a free personalised proposal then don’t hesitate to contact us at 1300 810 725!

Assertiveness Training Outline

Course Introduction

The first part of this workshop will give participants the opportunity to introduce themselves and engage in a discussion about their objectives for the day. We will assist each individual in expressing what they hope to achieve while also getting to know everyone

Topics covered in this course

Defining Assertiveness

During this session participants will gain an understanding of assertiveness and its essential elements. Participants will also learn how recognising your rights as a communicator can lead to interactions in both personal and professional contexts.

Overcoming Obstacles to Our Goals

This session will offer participants an insights into strategies for handling challenges and identifying approaches that can help maintain control over any situation.

Enhancing Communication Skills

In this session participants will acquire the tools to confidently express themselves in any conversation. Participants can also expect an exploration of how this skill set functions enabling them to effectively convey their perspectives every time.

The Significance of Goal Setting

This session participants will gain insights into how they can benefit from goal setting strategies. Setting goals is one of a tool for achieving success as it provides motivation and a clear target.

Experiencing the Role

During this session, participants will discover ways to develop resilience and make the most of their strengths allowing them to tap into a sense of self assurance.

Looking the Part

In this session participants will have the opportunity to explore the advantages of projecting professionalism. By focusing on assertiveness and building confidence participants will gain valuable tools that can support them throughout their professional journeys.

After the Session

This session provides guidance for participants, specially for managers on how to proceed after providing feedback fostering growth among employees and teams.

Sounding Authentic

During this session we’ll emphasize the impact of voice quality and messaging in making an impression during communication. Participants will learn how to leverage their presence.

Delivering Presentations

In this session participants will acquire skills as they learn how to captivate an audience with compelling presentations. Through instruction they will understand the elements necessary for successful speech delivery.

Effective Coping Techniques

In this session participants will explore techniques for managing complexities that arise in effective communication. The aim is to empower individuals and equip them with strategies, for engaging in interpersonal interactions.

Addressing Challenging Behaviour

This session offers participants a chance to gain understanding on managing difficult relationships in both their work and personal lives. By delving into this topic participants will uncover strategies for engaging with challenging individuals.

Summary of the Workshop

Towards the end of this session participants will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge by asking thought provoking questions and devising a strategic plan of action.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Content customisation is essential to ensure you and your team get the most out of every session. We understand there are wide-ranging differences between businesses, industries, and even individual clients. To effectively address these needs, we have a variety of options which let you truly make each course uniquely yours—from content adaptation to putting in company logos or changing color schemes!

In-House Customised training benefits:

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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Our extensive library of courses provides training to meet any individual’s needs. Still, if you need something truly tailored and specialised for your specific audience or goal- don’t hesitate to reach out! Our team can design an innovative program from the ground up that meets all desired requirements – contact us now for a quote.

Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Take the first step toward achieving your goal with one of our experienced trainers. Book a personal session on any day that fits your schedule and join us online via Zoom for an intensive 4-6 hour course to advance in your field!

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Learn, engage and upskill with an expert trainer! Discuss any module, course or workplace skill in a 1-hr online session via Zoom and enhance your employability skills. Take this opportunity to maximise learning potential during work downtime for long-term career growth!

Self Directed Online Course

Gain essential, flexible knowledge with these comprehensive pre-recorded courses containing plenty of engaging activities and learning videos. Enhance your skillset at a pace that works for you!

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