Workplace Violence Training

Workplace Violence Training

How to Deal with Workplace Violence
Preventing workplace violence is essential to creating a safe and productive environment. Our tailored “Workplace Violence” training offers an easy solution for improving your team’s understanding of harassment issues, while providing valuable case studies and examples so they are prepared before the issue arises on site. Get ahead of the curve by proactively investing in this crucial session today!

Unwelcome behaviour, such as Harassment and Violence has no place in the workplace. No matter if it’s physical or verbal aggression, everyone deserves to feel safe at their workplace – we are here to help you achieve that! Our team can provide guidelines on proper conduct and how best to address situations of violence when they arise. Let us empower your employees with knowledge so they have peace of mind every day!

Workplace Violence Outcomes

Workplace violence and harassment is seen within many workplaces today. By understanding what constitutes workplace violence or harassment, participants are able to recognise and identify it and understand how to solve. Our trainer discusses the objectives for the session and acquires the current knowledge level of participants.

Our trainer provides a short discussion and interactive talk with participants about the benefits of harassment training. This engages participants and helps build a positive view towards the following training.

We provide an activity for participants to experience a situation in the training environment. We ask participants to relate how they felt from the activity and their reactions to the situation. As participants are able to see things from a different perspective it helps increase their ability to learn from the experience.

We provide the full complaint process to help employees know the stages and actions that must be taken to resolve a complaint effectively and professionally.

We provide some examples of issues within the workplace and ask participants to choose where they may find mediation would be used a solution.

We provide some additional solutions to solve harassment incidents. By providing more than one solution, participants are able to select the appropriate tool for the relating incident.

What do you do if a complaint is false? Do you ignore? We provide professional advice on what you should do if the complaint is false.

Returning to the workplace after an incident has occurred can be stressful. We provide tips and advice on how to not only return if participants have been harassed, we also show participants how to create an environment for those who return.

There are signs that violence may be occurring or will occur. Learn how to identify these signals and be a step ahead.

Our trainer will provide a small session on how to deal with anger. We also illustrate the cycle of anger and how to solve issues caused by anger.

Seven simple steps to help not only in dealing with your own anger, this seven step process works with others too.

We provide this session added to the current skill set of the participants. A favorite among employees.

For those participants who need extra control or management techniques in dealing with anger and coping with stress. More tips and advice from our professional trainer.

Tailored Training Available

Let us help you create the perfect training session to meet your individual needs. We offer modules on Stress Management and Workplace Health or Harassment which can be combined with any of our existing programs for a custom-made experience. Our editing team will make sure all content is tailored specifically to reach maximum effectiveness, providing invaluable resources that set you up for success!

Paramount Training provides Impact training sessions tailored to your needs. Our experienced team is available in Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Parramatta, Canberra , Brisbane Gold Coast and Sydney – assisting you every step of the way! Discover why it’s time for an IMPACT experience today.

Workplace Violence Training Outline

Course Introduction

We’re excited to start the workshop and’re eager to meet all the attendees. Together we will dive into this learning experience with the aim of achieving everyones growth and understanding goals.

Topics covered in this course

Understanding Workplace Harassment

During this session participants will have the opportunity to gain insights, into harassment and how it can be distinguished from common workplace interactions.

Recognising Bullying Behaviour

In this session participants will learn how to identify signs of bullying in their workplace. By understanding the characteristics and behaviours of bullies attendees will be equipped to prevent any future disruptive issues.


Managing Workplace Violence

Participants will explore strategies for addressing workplace violence uncovering practices that ensure safety in any work environment.

Different Types of Behaviour

This session aims to provide participants with an understanding of detrimental behaviour exhibited by workplace bullies. Identifying these issues can lead to long term solutions, for management in any setting.

Assessing Risks

Participants will focus on exploring the dangers associated with harassment and violence. We’ll discuss ways to protect employees from risks effectively.

Being a Victim

In this workshop we will provide participants, with the skills to ensure their safety and security.

Employers Checklist

Join us for this session to learn how you can contribute to creating an safe workplace prevent bullying and violence and protect your employees from harassment.

Developing a Policy Against Workplace Harassment

Today marks the end of our harassment training sessions. Now it’s time to create a policy that protects employees and ensures everyone understands the importance of maintaining boundaries, in the office.

Wrap Up of the Workshop

After completing the course students will have an opportunity to address any remaining questions or concerns and develop their action plan. Don’t miss out on this chance!

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

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Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Our knowledgeable coaches will guide you through your chosen course in a tailored, comprehensive session. Book now and have the convenience of selecting an available date that best suits you—no longer having to wait for traditional group learning opportunities! The online Zoom lessons are designed with our students’ needs in mind; each can range between 4-6 hours.

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Self Directed Online Course

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