Business Etiquette Training

Business Etiquette Training

Having the edge in business is essential for success. With proper training on all aspects of Business Etiquette, your team can set itself apart and make a statement with their Professionalism and morale. Whether looking to improve upon existing knowledge or learn from scratch, this session covers it all so that you have the tools needed to excel within any environment!

Professional etiquette is essential to success in the business world. Taking an Etiquette Training Course can provide valuable insight into body language, communication styles and other customs necessary for networking, expanding a career or navigating social interaction with confidence. With guidance on how to present oneself as well-mannered and professional in diverse settings, individuals will gain advantageous skills that enable them to excel both professionally and personally.

Etiquette training is no longer limited to traditional, in-person formats. Nowadays there’s more flexibility than ever before with private organisations offering seminars and workshops as well as online courses available from the convenience of your own home – allowing you to learn at a pace that suits you best.

Business Etiquette Training Objectives

Would you like to know more about handshakes and how to make your first impression count? We go through the body language and handshake etiquette rules. We also provide additional details on how to counteract the power handshake and other unwanted handshakes that others may provide to you.

Business Cards are an important factor in connecting with others. In some cultures the business card can be used as a greeting and is s important as a handshake. Learn more about how to use this aspect within your business dealings.

Have you ever met someone who can remember a large amount of information or data? There have been notable characters through history who have impacted others with their ability to remember people’s names. Our trainer will discuss their methods and assist participants to become more effective in remembering people’s names.

This part of the session is quite interactive with demonstrations on how to make the first impression count. Learn how to make an impact and help others connect to you quicker with an impressive first point of contact.

We discuss how to dine in this small part of the session. Normally for groups who have meetings around the table, this session will help all to learn what to do and what not to do when dining out professionally. This section can be adapted to suit team training.

There are additional skills available for participants to advance their existing skills to more advanced areas. We provide a range of techniques to assist individuals to communicate properly and politely.

Tailor Made Business Etiquette

Working together with you, we craft our training sessions to meet the needs of your team. Our experts can show you examples and modules specifically tailored towards your objectives. No matter where in Australia – Gold Coast, Parramatta, Darwin or beyond – you’re located; our expertise is available nationwide!

Business Etiquette: Gaining That Extra Edge Outline

Course Overview

In the early part of our workshop, we’ll take some time to become acquainted with one another and review what this event has in store. Students will also have a chance to determine their individual goals so they can make the most out of today’s session!

Topics covered in this course

Business Etiquette Basics

Let’s delve into the essence of etiquette and unravel how manners shape our interactions.

Test Your Business Etiquette

Get ready to be inspired! Our participants have already generated several examples of etiquette that are seen in both workplace and domestic settings. Join us for an interesting exchange as we explore these ideas together – the conversations promises to be quite dynamic!

The Handshake

A handshake is often the initial introduction between two people, providing an important first impression. This session will outline five key tips for a successful greeting that guarantees to make a lasting impact!

Business Card Etiquette

The exchange of business cards is a common ritual when meeting a new person. We will discuss some things to keep in mind when giving and receiving business cards.

The Skill of Making Small Talk

Business cards are a meaningful way of introducing yourself and making an impression. As such, it’s important to be aware of the proper etiquette when giving or receiving them. Let’s explore how you can maximise your networking opportunities with savvy business card exchanges!

Do You Remember Names?

To master the art of recollection, this session will explore four simple yet effective strategies to provide you with all the tools needed for remembering names!

Making that Great First Impression

Let’s explore ways to ensure that your initial presentation makes a lasting and favourable impact. Make sure this first impression is one you can take pride in!

Dress for Success

Whether you’re getting ready to make a first impression or seeking advice on how to dress for an upcoming event, it can be daunting. We’re here to provide practical tips and help unravel the subtleties of specific style requirements.

Business Dining

During this informative and practical session, we will explore the appropriate behaviours for making a positive impression in business lunches. We encourage participants to take what they learn here one step further by practicing their knowledge with an actual lunch meeting!

E-mail and Telephone Etiquette

Professional etiquette is integral in the business world, no matter if you’re communicating via phone, email or even face-to-face. In this session participants we’ll explore the key elements of maintaining a professional demeanor and how that comes into play with small groups as well as large ones – including an important look at thank-you notes!

Workshop Wrap-Up

Participants will have the chance to gain clarity and understanding by inquiring questions and forming an actionable plan at the end of the day.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Make your onsite training sessions more effective and engaging with one of our customisation services. Our experts tailor the manual, content and delivery to perfectly match your team’s industry and needs – so you can rest assured that each skill taught will be relevant for maximum insights! Discover what a personalised experience can do for you now!

In-House Customised training benefits:

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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Get ready to take control of your training objectives. Our expert team consists of researchers, designers, developers and content writers – all working together towards crafting the ideal workbook for you! Discover how our Courseware Creation Service will empower you with own custom-made coursework materials in no time at all.

Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Unlock the full potential of your skillset with one of our knowledgeable trainers. Schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you—no need to wait! All sessions are conducted online through Zoom, allowing 4-6 hours of personalised training that fits seamlessly into any lifestyle.

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Give yourself the opportunity to get ahead in your workplace with one of our invaluable experts! Our Zoom meetings are perfect for brushing up on any modules, courses or career-building skills you may need. With just an hour online together, it’s a great way to make use of downtime and be ready for anything coming your way – invest in yourself today!

Self Directed Online Course

Experience the ease and flexibility of learning at your own pace with our prerecorded courses. Our engaging activities, assessments and videos make gaining knowledge a fun experience!

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