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Marketing & Sales Training

About Marketing and Sales Training:

Our training sessions span the nation, providing expertise and knowledge to those in all major cities – from Parramatta to Perth, Melbourne through Canberra and Darwin. In addition we cover Sydney, Brisbane , Adelaide and the Gold Coast.

With the ever-evolving and competitive global market, businesses need to stay savvy in order make an impact. This training session is designed to provide sales and marketing professionals with a better understanding of how different types of marketing can help their business succeed. By equipping yourself with these vital tools, your organisation will be well on its way towards becoming top force in the free market!

Turning your business goals into reality is a balancing act of creativity, calculated risk and hard work. Let us help you make the most out of each drop of effort with our innovative approach to marketing – from turning resources in to high earnings all the way up to changing fates!

Sales Marketing Outcomes

There are a range of marketing tools available that organisations across Australia make sure of. Our trainer provides an introduction into marketing and discusses many of the tools available that your team could also use.

How do you research your market? Marketing can be a difficult role and industry. This part of the session is to highlight the areas that work and some statistics on how business owners or managers could make their research more effective.

Promoting anything can start with you. We teach participants how to understand the inner person and how to meet people’s expectations, needs and wants. Our participants learn more about their own buying habits which in turn helps to understand their customers or clients.

We provide instruction on how to create effective communication and the techniques used within marketing. Selling your message is important and the way you communicate it will impact on the effectiveness of the campaign. Learn more about how communication can impact your message.

Marketing is not only about communication, it is also persuasion, influence and sales. We provide the team with additional skills in this area to help individuals become more influential in their message.

Marketing may not be for everything. We identify whether selling is the same as marketing and why selling may be a better avenue for some products or services.

By combining a range of tools your information gathering and resources will become abundant. We show participants how to think outside the box and venture from using just one research tool. The combination of all tools increases the likelihood of a better outcome.

What are the common issues in Marketing? Why do some campaigns fail? As trainers across industry and the country, we are able to provide some of the common issues that organisations have and also the solutions to these issues.

How to create the right impression. If your message is not the right impression it could be detrimental to your image and brand. Learn how to always create the right impression with testing tools and example groups.

A huge range of tips and tricks supplied to participants to increase their skill set and ability to send out the right message every time. Our trainer will add a range of experience and advice to this training session also.

Custom Approach and Tailored Training

When it comes to sales and marketing, we understand that one-size does not fit all. That’s why our training courses are tailored entirely for the needs of your team. In addition, you can combine this with multiple other programs – allowing you to create a personalised learning program capable of helping accomplish your goals. To get started on crafting an outline free from charge or learn more about what is available call us at 1300 810 725 or contact us directly through our website!

Marketing & Sales Training Outline

Course Overview

The workshop will begin with an opportunity for all attendees to introduce themselves and share their expectations from this experience. During this time participants are encouraged to set goals that align with the timeframe of the course.

Topics covered in this course

Reviewing the Pre Assignment

Participants will collaborate as a group to discuss their assignment work and explore deeper ideas.

Understanding Marketing

This section will dive into the world of marketing exploring concepts and their impact.

Identifying Trends

In this session we will learn how to differentiate between trends and lasting phenomena. Participants can gain insights into proven strategies, for recognising trends, versus fads enabling them to seize emerging opportunities.

Conducting Market Research

Participants will delve into the realm of research exploring both secondary sources to understand their value well as potential challenges.
Get ready, for an exploration into this element of decision making!

Tips for Achieving Success

With a range of marketing strategies to consider participants will delve into their practices and identify additional steps that can lead to more successful outcomes.

Crafting Mission Statements

As we wrap up the part of our workshop we will engage in a discussion on creating mission statements that effectively guide us along various paths.

Creating Brochures

During this session participants will have a unique opportunity to evaluate existing brochures and establish a set of guidelines they can apply in their own offices. Gain insights by examining how other organisations design their materials!

Mastering Trade Shows

Participants are encouraged to collaborate and compile a checklist of activities for pre during and trade show stages. Together we will create a roadmap for success at events!

Developing a Marketing Plan

In the segment participants will refine their skills in crafting successful marketing plans using our six Ps approach. We’ll also explore the power of conducting SWOT analyses and uncover strategies for turning frugality into triumphs!

Boosting Business Growth

Discover the key, to increasing your sales through proven strategies at this session.
Discover tips and strategies that you can put into action away!

Saying "No" to New Business

Participants will explore the advantages of setting boundaries and learn when it’s best to decline a customers request. They’ll gain insights, into how refusing requests can have a positive impact on their work performance.

Demystifying Advertising

Our participants will delve into some held misconceptions about advertising uncovering surprising truths!

Networking Advice

To wrap up the day participants will unlock the secrets to successful networking. They’ll equip themselves with strategies and tactics that promote connections open up new opportunities and enhance their careers.

Wrapping Up the Workshop

Upon completing the course participants will have the opportunity for reflection, on what they’ve learned. They’ll also receive guidance through a Q&A session. Additionally they can take their knowledge further by developing realistic action plans tailored to their individual goals.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Taking the time to tailor your training content specifically for your team of employees shows dedication and sets you up for success. With our experienced design, development, and writing professionals on board, we can develop a customised approach that gets the most out of learning sessions – all free with any bookings made! Let us help ensure that employee engagement is high during their training session by crafting personalised content designed just for them: get in touch today to find out more about this complimentary offer from Team Training Booking services.

In-House Customised training benefits:
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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Don’t let the intense development of a workbook or training package wear you out! With our help, we’ll design and develop an engaging course to cater exclusively to your objectives. We provide flexible solutions – from owning your own materials for In-house use, all at competitive rates. Reach out today for further details on this innovative approach towards developing a successful session tailored just for you.

Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Take control of your academic path with help from our experienced educators! Schedule a one-on-one virtual appointment for anytime you choose. With Zoom, there’s no need to wait – we’ll provide up to six hours of instruction that are tailored specifically for you.

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Our expert trainers are ready and waiting to help you level up your knowledge with any module, course or workplace skill. Take advantage of this great opportunity to expand your skillset while taking a productive break from work – all conveniently conducted online via Zoom! Book now for an hour-long session that will enrich and empower you.

Self Directed Online Course

Our courses offer personalised learning experiences with a variety of engaging activities, assessments and videos. You can progress through the material at your own pace – no pressure!

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