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From the vibrant metropolises of Sydney and Melbourne to bustling city centers like Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and beyond – our services are available across every corner of Australia. Whether you’re in Parramatta or Geelong or even far-reaching Canberra – we’ve got you covered!

Leverage the power of Leadership to unlock success for your organisation or business. Our Australia-wide, city specific training sessions are designed to help you elevate from Management roles into becoming an effective leader who can bring out their team’s best performance and drive growth – all under one roof! From Gold Coast and Parramatta in the East, down to Brisbane and Adelaide – across Darwin & Perth up North until Melbourne, Sydney & Canberra complete our national coverage. Find out more today on how we make it happen!

To achieve success, employee relationships must be nurtured and managed with care. Leaders play a critical role in this development process – unfortunately, many are unequipped or untrained when it comes to leadership duties. To ensure your team is equipped for any situation that arises without stress, make sure they receive high-quality coaching on how to navigate their roles effectively.

Leadership Management Outcomes:

We discuss the qualities of a leader. We also show participants the major differences between management and leadership. This is a discussion to bring in the training for the day.

You will have a choice to communicate either as leader or a manager. Learn how to communicate ethically and effectively with your team.

All decisions require you to either act or plan. Most require you to do both. Learn how these two skills work together and how your time-frame for results may increase if you spend too much time doing one skill or the other.

Motivating your team will help with a positive and high performing workforce. Our trainer will discuss how to create self-motivated individuals and how you can use motivation to your advantage.

Issues will arise within your department or organisation. In this session we provide new tools and skills to deal with issues as they come. Highly interactive session involving participants.

Would you like to improve the performance of your team? The participants within the session will learn how to handle counterproductive behaviour from co-workers and employees.

Tailored Leadership Courses

Our Leadership and Management Training Program is the perfect solution to ensure your teams and individuals reach their goals. Our workbooks have everything you’ll need for a successful session – contact our editing team today, so we can show you how it works! Request samples of our products now, in order to make sure that all objectives are met with precision.

Our team of experienced trainers can help your organisation hit the jackpot with tailored coaching sessions for small groups or one-on-one. Our groundbreaking material database and our guidance offer unparalleled insight to ensure that you take charge on the path to success. Get in touch today if there’s anything we can do!

Leadership & Management Training Outline

Course Overview

Topics covered in this course

About the Learning Organisation

Does your organisation foster a culture of learning and development? Discover Peter Senges transformative concept that can aid in promoting growth within your business. Learn how to engage, empower and challenge employees, in the session!

Attaining Personal Mastery

Participants will explore methods to uncover their abilities and talents delve into their goals and plan for their desired future.

Analysing Our Mental Models

Exploring our models can profoundly shape the realities we experience. In this session participants will gain insights into how they create their worldviews and learn practical strategies for making positive changes in their mindsets over time.

Creating a Shared Vision

Participants will be guided through the process of developing a shared vision to motivate their team. They will also learn how to implement a model that empowers individuals and enhances productivity.

Team Learning

In the session participants will discover their role as leaders in facilitating productive discussions among team members to achieve consensus.

Systems Thinking

This session provides an opportunity for participants to explore cycles and understand how variations, within them can impact team productivity.
Uncovering this knowledge has the potential to unlock efficiency for you!

Understanding Leadership

In this session you will gain an understanding of your own leadership style. We will explore Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership II® model equipping you with the skills to demonstrate leadership when onboarding new team members or managing performance in the workplace.

Five Practices

By the end of this session you’ll gain insights, into five leadership practices carefully curated by renowned experts James Kouzes and Barry Posner. Through engaging exercises and lively group discussions all participants will develop an understanding of these core practices that drive outcomes.

Building Trust

Join us in this workshop as we delve into the connection between trust and achievement within teams. You’ll gain insights, into how leaders can foster an environment of trust that elevates team performance.

Managing Change

We are here to support you in mastering the dynamics of leading a group through change. Through life scenarios and powerful case studies participants will gain valuable insights into navigating change effectively.

The Four Room Apartment

Change can often seem overwhelming. Psychologist Claes Janssen has broken down the process into steps. Lets explore these steps together to understand how we can embrace change easily.
In this session we will discuss the theory of his four room apartment and its practical applications, for creating changes in our lives.

Tips and Tricks for Effective Time Management

Participants will learn strategies to streamline their workspace master email communication. Enhance productivity through effective time management. Prepare to witness the power of an organised work life!

Managers vs. Leaders; Unleashing Success

In this session attendees will explore how to harness the power of both management and leadership techniques to achieve their goals. By delving into these concepts participants will acquire a valuable toolkit for maximising professional success.

Exploring Learning Styles and Critical Thinking

Our workshop is an opportunity to embark on a journey of learning something ! We’ll begin with an introduction followed by discussions on topics and activities awaiting us. Each participant can share their expectations for this session. How it will contribute to their growth.

Strategies for Influence

Making an impact in the workplace requires exceptional leadership skills. This session offers participants methods, for influencing others and inspiring change by leveraging Robert Cialdinis influential techniques.

Navigating Complex Relationships

As we wrap up this session we’ll delve into the aspects of relationships.
Lets dive into the way teams navigate conflicts and discover strategies, for managing stress in our relationships.

A Simple Approach to Problem Solving

In this session we will explore a problem solving process that can be applied to any challenge you may encounter. Additionally you’ll have the opportunity to put your knowledge into action by addressing one of your problems!

Strategic Planning

During this session we will provide insights into the SWOT technique – a tool for recognising strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within individuals or organisations. Participants will gain knowledge on how to apply this method to identify areas of growth within their business environment.

Mastering Delegation Skills

This session aims to enhance participants delegation skills through engaging group exercises and role playing activities. By exploring levels of delegation you’ll develop a hands on understanding of effective delegation practices.

Key Elements for Constructive Feedback

It’s not about giving feedback – it’s, about making it count! In this session you’ll learn how to provide comments that truly uplift team morale.

Effective Feedback Techniques

Participants will delve into the intricacies of feedback during this session focusing on techniques that make critiques more constructive and impactful.

Mastering Your Body Language

Mastering the nuances of body language and subtle cues is essential, in any setting. Learn how to leave a lasting impact by communicating both non verbally. In this session discover techniques that enable you to express yourself without relying on words.

Effective Management of Meetings

Being a manager entails more than being efficient – it’s about making the most of every moment throughout your day! Join this session to gain insights into maximising your meeting time and positioning yourself as an asset in any situation.

Elevating Your Presentations

Unlock the confidence to captivate any audience with a seven step approach designed to energize and engage.

Personal Growth and Development

As a culminating activity participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their progress and brainstorm ideas for growth based on their work assignments.


At the end of this workshop students will have an opportunity to address any remaining questions or concerns they may have while also formulating a plan, for moving

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

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In-House Customised training benefits:
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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Let our team help bring your training manual to life! Our content creation option can provide a unique and customised experience by adding content, modules, plus engage visuals such as logos, graphs and illustrations. If there’s something specific you need covered in the material we’re happy to supply examples so you know exactly what it’ll look like for your staff. Get an estimate today on creating a one-of-a-kind workbook designed precisely with your needs In mind.

Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Take the reigns of your development and book an online training course with one of our experienced professionals. Our customizable sessions are easy to arrange – pick a date that suits you, specify how long it will last (from 4-6 hours), then sit back in the comfort of your own home while we take care of everything else via Zoom!

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Enhance your professional capabilities – use downtime at work to access an expert trainer and discuss any module, course or workplace skill of interest. Connect online via Zoom for a 1-hour session with our knowledgeable trainers who will help you enhance the skills necessary to reach peak career potential!

Self Directed Online Course

Our courses provide a self-paced learning experience, giving you the opportunity to gain knowledge however it best suits your schedule. With multiple activities and assessments, plus video lessons built in – what’s not to love?

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