Corporate Communication Skills Training

The workplace is a social environment. Much like any other social environment a lot of things are demanded of it such as encouraging certain mannerisms while discouraging others, communication between peers being of paramount importance, and providing and rendering the right kind of services to the right kind of people. It’s a complicated mix; it involves etiquette, which is to say, how one carries themselves in the workplace environment, and how one can communicate most effectively with one another in said environment. Both need to be performed with a degree of proficiency, and if mastered, can allow a person a surprising degree of movement within the office.

It’s not easy to do however as communication and etiquette, while similar and do often enough intersect, are worlds apart from one another. Etiquette follows rigid structures that most people spend their entire lifetimes mastering; and this is only for general etiquette and not work-related office etiquette, which in itself takes a fair bit of learning to even practice. Communication meanwhile is well within the wheelhouse of linguistics; which means it has many factors to consider to be even remotely effective, these can range from the obvious, to the complex and often obscured.

As was stated before, workplace communication is a careful but volatile mix of etiquette and language use, as such lessons learned from it and proper application can take years, even decades to master. Thankfully however any lesson that can be learned can also be taught, and there are ways to teach the core fundamentals of these lessons for one to effectively and organically construct a framework of their own to operate under. Paramount Training and Development sees the potential need for people proficient with both attributes and how with the rise of modern technology and distancing of social interaction, these lessons will become more and more necessary in future. This was the impetus behind the creation of our Corporate Communication Skills Training Course and why it was made available to the public.

The demands of the workplace are great and many; from desirable attitudes, work-ethics, and language, to the effectiveness of language and language use in its environment. It’s a careful balance of many elements that is quickly becoming a lost art as social interaction in the constantly shrinking modern world demands less and less of it. Paramount Training and Development has developed this Corporate Communication Skills Training course to meet the demands of organisations in need of better workers and workers that desire to better integrate themselves into the workplace environment.

Corporate Communication Skills Training

Identify and differentiate office behaviors

The first step in Corporate Communication Skills training is a deceptively simple one; to identify acceptable and unacceptable behaviors within the social context of the workplace; deceptive, as some learners will be unaware that one or the other is good or bad within the context of the workplace until it is handily pointed out by our highly professional proctors and experts. Once this is done, participants will be shown the hows and whys of these behaviors using a mix of simple discussions and demonstrations to help illustrate the benefits or potential for disruption these behaviors present.

Develop methods to improve Professionalism in the workplace

Professionalism isn’t just carefully studied behaviors and attitudes that one has toward the workplace at large – though admittedly that plays a critical role in the proceedings as well – but is also a philosophy, an attitude, a frame of mind where the individual knows of and is aware of how they are part of a company, machine, or organisation much larger than themselves and thus are behooved to operate within the bounds of that organisation to the best of their ability as in doing so would only further themselves as indispensable assets within the workplace and improve the workplace around them with their mere presence. Learners undertaking Corporate Communication Skills training will be taught this ‘part of something great’ way of looking at their employment and is hoped will foster a positive and professional attitude with them that they can take back to their workplace and improve upon once their training is complete.

Re-examine the fundamentals of communication

What is communication? Why is it frequently used? What needs to be present within an utter to make it a form of communication? Why is context important? Along with these questions comes the demand for a short review of linguistics; the hows and whys of the language and all the other minute details that most people utilize everyday but rarely stop to think about. In Corporate Communication Skills Training we feel that it is vital that our learners rediscover their roots by examining the fundamentals of language and communication as this will serve as their backbone and framework for all their future endevours in this course going forward.

Identify and overcome different barriers of social interaction

Many barriers exist that can impede and halt any attempts to interact with others. They vary wildly and greatly in scope, severity, and even what these barriers are. They could be physical such as the medium used to interact with one another such as faulty internet connections, socio-cultural differences such as being from different countries thus having different customs, traditions, and varying forms of etiquette, to more conceptual differences such as conflicting philosophies and biases. Learners taking up the Corporate Communication Skills Training course are taught how to recognise these differences in communication and are shown how to develop strategies and workarounds to these potential barriers by deriving from sturdy and reliable research materials from relevant fields.

Become sensitive to the demands of context

As with language as a whole, statements, utterances, and the like are all subjected to the rigors of context. Part of the environment, the person you’re speaking to, and the task at hand can all change the intended meaning. This adds an extra layer of tenuousness, as it ends up adding an additional later of material that one needs to process. A more concrete example would be how one communicates between a coworker and a superior, where one form of language is acceptable to one, and can lead to an employee’s immediate expulsion for the other.
This is vital, especially in the workplace, where context can completely change the meaning of a statement. Learners of Corporate Communication Skills will be well-informed and equipped to properly interpret statements with context in mind.

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Have you ever had a training solution that didn’t hit the mark? Was it the presenters fault or was the material too generic? Paramount wants to help you with that; we offer customisation services for all our content, both new and old.  We let you choose the modules from our library and help build a custom session. Don’t like the font on the communication course? We’ll happily change it for you and style the workbook for you.  We make sure you are the first priority. You know your employees better than we do, let us know what we can do to customise the training and we will help deliver and effective session.

In-House Customised training benefits:

  • Flexible length – You choose the length of the session
  • Highly Effective Team/Industry Specific
  • Certificate of Completion (Professional Grade)
  • Create a Team Building environment
  • Cost effective – Group rate discount
  • Printed courseware (No need to download or use an App to read)

Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Paramount specialises in providing other companies with training courses that actually suit their training needs. Often, when people browse our large library of courses, they may not always find what they are looking for. We know this and that’s why we created the Workbook or Content Creation service. Our team seeks to rectify any lack of content or module by offering a content creation service. That’s right, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, Paramount accepts requests from you to make that training content. Don’t be afraid to ask us to write up any training courses you or your company needs. We can also create your very own workbook so you become the owner and can use it in future training sessions. Designed and developed to suit you. Contact us for more information or for pricing on content writing and creation service.

Instructor Led Online

Download Certificate of Completion $495 inc GST
Printed and Posted Certificate of Completion $515 inc GST

Another way you can control the pace of your training is with our new online trainer-assisted training program. With this, you’ll be able to gain access to our trainers and materials by simply asking us to start training at your preferred date and time. This is one-on-one, real time training, so you don’t have to get out your car keys or even compete for empty slots. You’ll learn with our trainers and can freely ask feedback to pave the way for even greater improvement!

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