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“Enhancing Your Business Writing” Course

Give your workforce the edge in writing! Advanced Writing Training will provide invaluable skills to those whose job requires excellent communication and documentation. There’s not just an online version of this course – you can also bring it directly into the workplace for a more structured approach. Help your employees master their written craft with our training today!

Take your writing to the next level with a professional one-day advanced writing skills course. This interactive workshop provides experienced writers an opportunity to improve their craft and take control of readability, credibility, and creativity in communications. Through instructor-led practice exercises tailored specifically for each participant’s current understanding of effective written communication techniques, students can expect improved results as they apply newly acquired knowledge directly into their work throughout the duration of this training session.

In this comprehensive training workshop, you’ll acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to craft professional compositions. Best of all, you will gain invaluable experience in avoiding grammar and punctuation mistakes while constructing more effective sentences that communicate your thoughts with clarity and precision. Plus, learn strategies for meeting tight writing deadlines!

Improve your writing skills and gain the respect of co-workers by articulating complex ideas clearly, concisely and convincingly in documents. Discover techniques that will attract attention with impressive presentations designed to maximise efficiency while producing a powerful argument. Put yourself on track for success with enhanced persuasive writing!

Make a lasting impression on your co-workers with improved writing acumen. Show off an impressive command of the written word and demonstrate aptitude, intelligence, and professionalism in each document or email you compose! Refining your writing skills is sure to have tangible results for both yourself and those around you.

Training and workshops available across Australia including Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Parramatta, Adelaide, Canberra

Advanced Writing Objectives:

Our trainers discuss with the participants writing challenges and identify areas where participants will be able to gain more assistance and skills for the session.

The three C’s. Learn more about how you can write in a clear, concise and correct manner to aid in your professional writing skills.

Your writing flow is important to the reader. This section helps participants improve their sentence construction, flow and development of paragraphs.

Writing does not have to be complicated, or your words don’t have to be at a high level. Writing is about communicating a message and we discuss how to make your writing simpler and easier to read to reach more audience.

The readability index is designed to gauge the readability of text and the readability level. Learn how to rate your writing and work out the Readability score of your message.

Learning how to write messages and business documents or letters for tough situations will assist your organisation. It could be bad news to a customer, a declined application or a notice required. Professional writing in these circumstances will assist you. Our trainers provide great advice from real situations.

Email etiquette can be the difference between a professional writer and one how lacks attention to their writing. Learning the proper Email etiquette will make sure you stay in the guidelines and always prepare a professional email. This section here discusses poor Email etiquette and some simple tips to increasing the professional level of your writing.

We continue with developing this section as we discuss how to create a writing style that will be perfect for letter formats, business cases and reporting. Our trainers will show examples and ask the participants to join in an activity to illustrate the need for writing styles.

We provide insight into some of the ways you can document material also.

Advanced Writing Skills Outline

Course Overview

We will kick off the workshop by introducing ourselves and laying out our plan for success to ensure students can reach their individual learning goals. Through fostering understanding, we’ll make sure everyone is on board with what’s happening during this exciting experience!

Topics covered in this course

The Cs of Writing

During this session, participants will explore four distinct qualities of effective writing: clarity, conciseness, completeness and correctness. Let’s dive in and get a better understanding of their importance!

Writing Mechanics

In this session, we’ll explore the critical characteristics of paragraph structures. Participants will assess what makes a great paragraph and how to create one; from length to content order—the tools for success are ready!

Dealing with Specific Requests

Writing a letter or responding to an enquiry can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Come learn the tips and tricks of crafting clear, informative messages. Get hands-on practice with writing letters of request so you’ll feel confidently prepared next time one is needed.

Online Business Communications

Uncover the essential elements of writing successful blog posts, navigating social media and properly citing sources to ensure your content is credible. Gain insights into crafting engaging messages that leave a lasting impression from this interactive session!

Editing Techniques

To wrap up the workshop, participants will have an opportunity to sharpen their skills by applying what they’ve learnt directly to their individual writing projects.

Workshop Wrap-Up

Students will have the chance to wrap up their day by querying instructors, and creating an individual plan of action.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your training needs are met with the utmost precision. For this reason, we offer a customisation service for our team training packages – allowing us to pull modules from other courses and tailor-make your manual based on individual requirements. Take advantage of this comprehensive solution today!

In-House Customised training benefits:
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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Let our experienced writing and editing experts create bespoke courseware and activities built upon your unique specifications. Our team will quickly provide you with a custom outline, followed by the full manual shortly thereafter – all tailored specifically to meet your needs! Get in touch for an individualised quote today.

Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Speak with one of our experienced instructors to select the right course and schedule an online Zoom session at a date that works for you. With no need to wait, your expert training can be completed within four to six hours.

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Refresh your skillset with a personalised one-on-one session from our expert trainers! Our online Zoom sessions can help you find the right module or course to upgrade and boost your competence in professional areas. Take advantage of this hour long opportunity – perfect for sprucing up anytime during work hours.

Self Directed Online Course

Gain knowledge and improve your skills at your own pace with our selection of self-paced courses. Our interactive approach to learning provides various activities, assessments and videos to ensure thorough understanding!

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