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Developing the ability to communicate effectively is essential for successful business operations. With this customisable Business Writing that Works Session, your team will gain the tactical skillset required to convey their messages clearly and efficiently – eliminating any chances of costly miscommunication or conflicts in future. Participants can expect personalised comprehensive materials such as pictures, questions and more tailored specifically towards meeting their individual needs and industry standards.

Want to learn how to be a master of the written word? Join us for this special training session, tailored specifically for professionals who want to improve their communication skills in writing. Increase your experience and technical expertise with our everyday tips on how you can turn mundane words into powerful persuasive statements. Don’t miss out – come get all the tools necessary so that you’ll always stick the landing!

Writing is a journey of exploration, and the end result represents both our hard work and creative expression. In this training session we will break down how to most effectively embark on that adventure; from useful tips for overcoming obstacles in your writing process to gaining insight into improving the quality of your output. Join us as we uncover all these important details!

Training Outcomes:

Becoming clear, concise, complete, and correct will help any professional writer become more effective in their message. Our trainer provides activities here to prove the points and demonstrate the four C’s of Writing.

Grammatical errors can make your message less professional. Learn how you can proof-read and find the common grammatical issues every time.

Different messages or writing may require a different approach or voice. Your voice within your message can be active or passive. Learn more about the informal and formal writing styles available.

We discuss many different forms of business communication. In this team session we can provide information and tips to your staff on the certain types of documents they write. In a workshop setting we go through each of the above and provide assistance in any area we find of need.

Each message or written communication will require you to have a structure. Learn more about how to create a positive structure that will have the flow required.

This is where we practice some of the skills we have gained so far in the training with some hands on activities. This helps to demonstrate the training points and reinforce the information.

Our trainers will provide example processes and tools to be more effective in gathering and formatting material correctly.

Does your place of business require a certain writing style? Do you have a personal writing style? This section is designed to help discuss the styles in writing and provide professional examples used by the experts.

Business Writing That Works Training Outline

Course Overview

To start off the workshop participants will introduce themselves share their objectives and create a learning environment. Throughout the day they will have the opportunity to focus on their growth goals.

Topics covered in this course

Understanding the Importance of Writing

Writing is a skill for everyone even though it may seem challenging. In this workshop participants will discover that writing is more than a burden; they’ll learn how to harness its potential through the power of words.

The Four Cs of Communication

Through engaging writing exercises participants will enhance their communication skills. They will learn how to achieve clarity for understanding conciseness for messages and completeness for accurate expression. This hands on practice will help them master written communication.

Word Agreement Mastery

In this session participants will deepen their understanding of word agreement, through lectures and writing exercises.

Passive Voice Usage

Many readers prefer voice in writing. Participants will explore both passive voice usage during this session.
In this session we will be exploring the distinctions, between voices. Discussing the most suitable situations for their usage.

Sentences and types of sentences

During this session we will delve into the aspects of writing examining how to construct paragraphs and sentences. Once we have explored these elements participants will have the opportunity to engage in an exercise that combines all their newfound knowledge!

Writing letters

This session will focus on honing participants skills in crafting business correspondence. We’ll start with three lectures that guide them through each step of writing an impactful letter. From determining the type of letter to structuring it participants will gain insights. Additionally they’ll have access to sample letters that exemplify excellence in order to enhance their writing!

Mastering effective email composition

Email has become a tool for communication in todays world. However, knowing how to manage and compose emails effectively can be challenging. In this session attendees will receive instruction on mastering emails, for both professional purposes.


Regardless of how meticulously written a piece may be simple spelling and grammar errors can undermine its quality.
During this workshop attendees will have the opportunity to enhance their abilities and ensure that every written piece is polished, to perfection!

Wrapping up the workshop

By the end of this session participants will gain insights and access to tools that can assist them in achieving their goals. Through Q&A sessions and personalised action plans all attendees are guaranteed to leave feeling inspired and ready, for success!

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Our commitment to personalisation ensures that our clients’ team training is tailored for them. We understand the nuances between businesses so we make it easy for customers to share specific aspects they would like us to modify, free of charge! Our service guarantees a bespoke manual specially designed with their business and needs in mind – no two manuals are ever exactly alike.

In-House Customised training benefits:

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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Put your trust in our talented team of writers to construct one-of-a kind training materials tailored to meet your unique needs. In no time at all, you’ll have a comprehensive outline and optional manual with activities, modules and question sections – plus the perfect cover design! Get in touch for an unbeatable quote on customised course content today.

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Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Take your future into your own hands and book one of our highly-qualified trainers to guide you through a personalised course. With the convenience of Zoom, these sessions can be completed at any date convenient for you – no waiting needed! Jumpstart yourself with this 4-6 hour intensive training experience today.

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Maximise your professional development with our expert trainers and focus on the skills that matter most. With one hour, you can explore any module or course while conveniently connecting online via Zoom – perfect for upskilling during downtime!

Self Directed Online Course

Our courses offer a self-paced way to learn, with engaging activities and videos that will assist you on your educational journey. Each course also includes assessments so that you can track your progress.

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