Analytical and Strategic Thinking Training

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Strategy is all about planning, all about vision and decision-making. It is crucial in the scope of businesses and companies; it guides actions to help the business and succeed and helps solve problems that prove to be obstacles to the company. It is typically thought that only executives and higher level administrators need to be capable of strategic thought in the company, but this is proven to be more and more untrue; a team comprised of a lot of basic employees capable of strategic thought is just as capable of making good strategies. This training course is therefore set to train your team members to gain skills in strategic thinking.

Foresight and careful analysis can make even a basic employee a powerful force in the company. The value of strategic thinking in a company cannot be emphasised enough. It builds bridges, prevents fires, and pushes the company forward towards more and more success, and all it will take is a little prediction, and thinking about certain things happening around us. These methods will train your team members to get information flowing, think carefully before they act or speak, and prepare for the worst-case scenario. This training course is essential in crafting both leaders and employees capable of analytical and strategic thought for the benefit of the company. This pairs well with sessions about leadership, critical thought, and decision-making. If you wish to know about our other training courses and services, please contact us. We’re helping teams and companies become their very best selves, and your team could be next. Book in today.

Analytical and Strategic Thinking Training Outline

Gather Intel

We show participants how to gather information correctly. Information is the crux of decision making and planning. Knowing the right things can lead to a much more informed decision or plan, and therefore, much better results. Listen carefully in meetings, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you need some more information. Remember that information is power, and you can’t always get it by being quiet and taking only what you heard; ask if there’s something that you don’t understand. For example, you can gather information about the company product, and start thinking about the information you have. What features, advantages and disadvantages can you note? Is there anything you can do to improve the product and its sale strategy? It is much easier to think strategically in a company when information flows freely, and people are constantly encouraging use of this information to better the company, because that means people are thinking of exactly how to do certain things; that is exactly how strategy works.

Think, Don’t React

Just because you take action against a certain problem in the company, it does not mean it was the best action to take or plan to follow. Strategic thought flourishes in the company that rewards well-thought out plans that play for long-term benefit, instead of short-term gains. A primary thought to keep in mind that successful companies don’t explosively gain wealth in a short amount of time. Successful companies run marathons, not sprints, and play the endurance game; the question is, who can last the longest, and produce the most long-term benefit? Remember that the point is to get the most concrete results over time, with as little threat to it as possible. That’s how battles are fought, and success in them gauged. The general who wins the fight with fewer casualties is more successful than the one who won, but lost his whole army. For example, Opal’s company is about to enter financial danger, and they’re thinking of cashing in their various investments now to save themselves. However, Opal gathered intelligence on their investments and realised that these investments are fresh, and wouldn’t yield enough money to save the company. Instead of doing that, she suggests that they change tactics in their marketing and sales to get more income, and continue that pattern for a while if it succeeds. If it doesn’t, at least they spent a little more time for the investments to grow, and it might just give them the money they need then. This is an example of an employee thinking, instead of reacting and giving a short-term solution. She thought of what might happen if they did the first thing that came to mind, and realised it was more dangerous than taking the risk of changing marketing tactics. This is strategy at work, and it’s all about thinking about the elements at play and responding to them appropriately instead of reacting to them. We show participants just how to do this.

Plan Within Your Plans

Oftentimes, your company will devise certain strategies to deal with foreseen problems, but what happens when your prefabricated strategy and response suddenly doesn’t work? This is where flexibility in strategy and foresight come into play. Murphy’s Law dictates that if something can go wrong with a plan, assume that it will. It sounds pessimistic, but with that in consideration, this motivates one to devise countermeasures to every eventuality and possibility conceivable, or at least, within the resources provided. You may have a plan, but it is almost always a good thing to have a backup plan. Backup plans require a deeper level of foresight. Basic foresight is when you can see a problem ahead of time, and devise a well-reasoned response to it. This is the most basic skill of problem solving and strategic thinking. However, advanced strategic thinking means thinking deeper than the first response to a problem. It means having a second, third, and even fourth possible response when the first one fails. Successfully creating backup plans requires logical analysis of the problem, and what can possibly go wrong with certain responses to it, then devising a response for that eventuality. For example, Nick may plan for his company to be selling burgers that day, a new item on the menu. However, he think that something can go wrong with this, and prepares a supply of his company’s basic menu just in case. Later, he is vindicated and the burgers don’t arrive. It could have been a situation where he didn’t have any food to serve at all, but he thought ahead, and planned within his plan. We go through many more examples.

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Content customisation is very easy and fun to do, and we recommend it as you’ll have the ability to make training sessions even more team oriented. We coordinate with you to find out what skills your team need to hone as well as their preferred methods of learning. From there, you get to make your tweaks. Modify everything including page designs, delivery style, workbook colour, certificate colour and even the kinds of activities. All the modifications you make will cost you nothing; we’re simply all too excited to work with you to worry about that! We look forward to modify content with you.


In-House Customised training benefits:

  • Flexible length – You choose the length of the session
  • Highly Effective Team/Industry Specific
  • Certificate of Completion (Professional Grade)
  • Create a Team Building environment
  • Cost effective – Group rate discount
  • Printed courseware (No need to download or use an App to read)

Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

As with content customisation, you’ll find the same level of satisfaction in our content creation system. Here, you’ll enjoy total control over the creation process as you get to add everything from your company logo to other personalised designs and fonts. You can also add case studies, statistical data, research and other scholarly work to help develop your training manual’s effectiveness. All of these and more will be completely under your control, and we’re only willing to help you make the ideal training experience a reality, so do tell us what needs doing! We can quote you for your specific needs. Call us today.

Instructor Led Online

Download Certificate of Completion $495 inc GST
Printed and Posted Certificate of Completion $515 inc GST

We provide this course as an online assisted course. You provide the date and time, we provide the trainer and material. Great for regional business or employees that are at multiple premises. The benefits of booking an online assisted or instructed led training session is you don’t have to wait for a specific date or course to come up. We book in a time available to you. Same course as a workshop but just for you and online instead.

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