Secretary Definitions and Job Description

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What Does It Mean To Be A Secretary?

A secretary, administrative professional or personal assistant supports management, including executives. They use a variety project management communication organisation skills. This role is not to be confused with that of an executive secretary, which differs from that of a personal assistant.

Why Are Secretarial Skills Important

Secretarial skills are essential for any organisation. They help to manage important administrative and organisational tasks professionally. You can manage a variety of tasks, including scheduling meetings, taking notes and organising company files.

These skills are highly desirable by hiring managers and may be required for some positions. Employers are looking for someone who has a basic understanding of administrative work. This will help you stand out on your resume.

Here are some of the tasks

  • Schedule appointments and update event schedules
  • Visitors and clients can be helped to navigate the workplace
  • Management of customer files and other documents within the office
  • Implementing new procedures or administrative systems
  • Supervising and recruiting new employees.

What Skills Are Required By Secretaries?

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Attention to the Details

Clerical work requires you to pay attention to every day details in an office. This includes answering emails and tracking appointments, reviewing documents, and even keeping track of them. It is important that you pay attention to these details as a secretary or clerk and don’t let anything slip by. Clerks must review documents before they are sent out to stakeholders to check for typos and errors.


The communication skills required for a job as a clerical worker are strong. They are expected to answer phones, send emails and write memos. They need to be able communicate clearly and effectively in writing and speech, as well as understand the meaning of their messages. Secretaries and clerks interact with many people every day. Knowing how to communicate effectively with colleagues will make the difference between a short-term or long-term career.

Computer skills

Computer skills are essential for any clerical job in this digital age. Secretaries and Receptionists must be proficient typists. They will often be required to enter data, so they need to be proficient in Microsoft Excel and other data entry software. They should also have a working knowledge of other Microsoft Office software such as Word or PowerPoint. Additional computer skills such as the ability create or edit web pages would be a huge plus.

Problem Solving

Effectively addressing clerical issues and solving problems is crucial. You will need to solve customer issues, technical problems, and other issues depending on your job. You will get the best result every time if you do so quickly and remain calm under pressure.


Being able to adapt is a key skill for clerks in a fast-paced work environment. Your job will require you to be reliable and adaptable in times of change. You will need a variety of skills to do this effectively, including multitasking and critical thinking as well as open-mindedness. Sometimes your boss or superior may not be able to help you with troubleshooting. You will be a great employee if you are able to work independently and under pressure.

How To Become A Secretary

Executive secretaries can get experience working in administrative positions with less demanding responsibilities. Many administrative assistants and secretaries move up to administrative positions of higher rank.

While not mandatory, licensures, certifications, or registrations can be used to demonstrate competence to employers.

You can take any training course to learn the communication skills you need to become a secretary. You will feel more involved if you choose something that you are passionate about. Consider classes that offer writing opportunities and group projects, to learn more about how you can work with others.


The Secretary provides administrative support in a demanding and fast-paced environment. Secretary may provide support for entire teams or senior management. Secretaries can be relied on for managing the office’s diary, taking minutes, answering queries and maintaining its day-to-day operations.

Although you do not need formal qualifications to be a secretary, there are courses that can help you excel in your job. Contact our training team for a short course or tailored training for your staff.

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