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Problem Solving & Decision Making Training

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Does your organisation require further problem solving and decision making skills for their staff? Our Problem Solving and Decision Making Training is designed to provide the necessary expertise. We cover all aspects of identifying problems, increasing productivity through strategic thinking, as well as teaching participants how to make effective decisions which reflect real world scenarios. Plus, with multiple delivery styles available plus customisable material we can tailor a unique solution that caters directly to you!

In the ever-evolving world of work, it’s more important than ever that employees have strong problem-solving skills. This session will give them an edge by providing a set of techniques they can use to make informed decisions and tackle challenging situations head on. With these tools in hand, their vision for tackling workplace obstacles will become sharper – giving them the ability to confidently be ready for anything!

Through our training session, participants can equip themselves with the skills and knowledge to become experts in problem solving. We provide comprehensive guidance on how individuals can acquire rational thinking systems and methods that will allow them to make informed decisions for their business’ growth. Creating creativity and innovativeness are key elements for success – so join us now to unlock this advantage!

Problem Solving Outcomes

By increasing awareness to the steps of problem solving participants are more effective in using the problem solving tools and more effective in finding solutions.

Many people think a symptom is a problem however on deeper inspection it could be a root cause that is causing the issue. By providing participants with information on the difference between symptoms and causes, we can help you solve issues more effectively.

Your problem solving style could be a huge advantage and skill. We provide participants with their very own problem solving styles and an explanation on how they would use it.

Creative thinking can assist in solving problems and making effective decisions. What makes a good decision better than another? Learn more about the skills in this session for more creative solutions.

There are some rules to make good decisions. In this session we go through the top ten rules and help your team become better at problem solving and decision making.

Assessing alternatives
Recognise the need to achieve a long term solution and achieve a win-win-win
The value of management decision making
Recognise the top ten rules of good decision making.
Differentiate root causes from symptoms to identify the right option for the right difficulty.
Obstacles to creativity
Measures to effective, open dialogue and conflict resolution
Learn how to develop and maintain open communications
Three components of creativity
Develop a strategy for following up on decisions, evaluating, and implementing
Identifying alternative solutions
Better use problem-solving measures and problem-solving tools.
Analyse advice to describe difficulties
Tools for understanding complex scenarios
Think creatively and work towards creative options.
Principles for good decision making
Efficiently listening to understand the real issue
Understand methods for decision making that is successful for assembling facts
Considering the impact of decisions and the big picture
The best way to set the tone for a successful problem solving session
Select the best approach for making determinations
Use problem solving toolkit and model
Apply problem solving tools and steps
Strategies for building up your problem solving toolbox
Handling tough issues and managing an ultimatum
Improve difficulty-solving and decision-making skills by identifying individual problem-solving styles.
Acquire skills that will enable you to lead creative brainstorming sessions
Make decisions that are timely and right
Alternate styles of decision making
Learn how to isolate and assess options for solving problems
Prevent common decision-making mistakes
Step by step handling of decision making
Use swot analysis
Comprehending the essential barriers to open conversation
Learn the best way to maintain poise during the development of a trouble
Identifying underlying issues and motivations behind difficulties
Evaluating options
Learn to inspire ideas and creatively brainstorm and solutions
Learn to identify optimal solutions through rating and scoring options
Executing solutions while maintaining open communications and originality
Gathering tips
Inherent personal traps
Learn to present your thoughts in a fashion that is clear and persuasive
Plan and organise
Think and be a contributing member of problem
Measures and considerations for effective decision making
Setting targets
Understand problem solving
Selecting the best alternatives
Learn the importance of making decisions that are good as well as the long-term impact
Collecting all tips (from all sources and facts)
Conceptual blocks to imagination
Variables which help successful decision making
Understand the best way to handle tough situations via alternative alternatives and understanding optimal
Securing a win-win-win solution (short and long-term conclusions and options)
Preserving open communications during the decision making procedure
Identify solutions that are appropriate
Types of thinking blocks
Learn the value of efficient listening during the decision making procedure
Make good group conclusions
Understand various styles for handling decision making
Picking the best choice
Comprehension when action is required (difficulty versus no problem)
Present your ideas persuasively
Analyse and choose options
5 c’s of decision making

Introduction and Course Review

In this session we spend the first portion of the day getting to know participants and discussing what is going to take place during the training. Employees will even have the opportunity to identify their personal learning objectives and gain personal skills as we work through the session.

Six Ways to Approach a Verdict

In this part of the training, participants are going to learn about the six thinking hats, and they will practice using the hats during a problem solving dialogue. DeBono is well known for the development of this thinking process and is used in organisations across the world today.

Decision Making Case Study

The next step of the training will be spent working on problems with the Peerless Data Corp. Participants will work in small groups to solve five different difficulties, and will be rewarded based on the quality of their judgments. This is an interactive activity helping participants to use many of the skills discussed.

What’s Problem Solving?

Participants will investigate precisely what decision making and problem solving means. We’ll also look at the difference between data and facts, various kinds of conclusions, and common decision making snares. We also empower employees to be more creative and work towards creative options.

Thinking Outside the Box

Participants will discuss methods to support creative thinking, including the random word technique and brainstorming. We provide new strategies for thinking outside the box. Participants can practice using some of the skills with further activities.


This exercise will ask participants to imagine that they’re in a disaster situation. It’ll give them a framework to solve the issue and also make determinations. As we do this activity in small groups we come back together and compare outcomes to the activity, increasing the effectiveness of the problem solving activity.

The Problem Solving Toolkit

This session will look at eleven basic problem solving tools and two complex tools (the gradients of agreement and fish-bone analysis). Subsequently, participants will apply these tools to a case study in a group discussion with the whole team. We raise knowledge of problem solving steps and problem solving tools.

The Problem Solving Model

During this session, participants will learn about a three-stage model that they’ll apply to most issues. They will also have a chance to use the model to two scenarios. We are able to help participants also differentiate root causes from symptoms to identify the proper solution for the problem that is right.

Problem Solving Styles

Participants will work in small groups how to make use of that knowledge to become better problem solvers, and to identify their strengths and weaknesses. By identifying individual problem solving styles, we enhance problem solving and decision making skills.

Training Session Wrap-Up

Recognise the top ten rules of good decision-making. At the conclusion of the day, employees will have an opportunity to ask questions and fill out an action plan.

Tailor Made Problem Solving

Paramount Training and Development delivers unparalleled training experiences, tailored to meet the needs of your team. Our Impact System guarantees a magnificent journey towards successful outcomes – supported by our innovative methods that have established us as worldwide leaders in the field of corporate education.

For more details and other requests, feel free to contact us on 1300 810 725.

Problem Solving & Decision Making Training Outline

Course Overview

In this course we will have discussions to explore areas of focus and help participants define their specific learning objectives. It’s an opportunity to ensure that everyone benefits from this experience and achieves outcomes!

Topics covered in this course


Through a workshop participants will embark on a journey of self discovery. They will explore the essence of problem solving and decision making by breaking down the elements involved in defining a challenge. These theories will then be applied to real life scenarios through a practical case study.

Making Decisions

In the phase participants can delve deeper into the realm of decision making by examining types of decisions. They will learn how to differentiate between facts and data as part of their analysis process while mastering used frameworks for making informed choices.

Getting Real

Participants will gain insights, into their approach, to problem solving by reviewing the pre assignment. This exercise allows them to assess and refine their strategies when faced with challenges.

The Problem Solving Model

During this session participants will learn about a three phase model that can be applied to resolve issues effectively. To reinforce understanding they will have the opportunity to test out this model through crafted case studies that bring it all together seamlessly!

The Problem Solving Toolkit

In this session we will take a dive into seven tools for problem solving. These tools are designed to help you overcome the challenging obstacles. We will explore two approaches; levels of service and fishbone analysis. Additionally we’ll delve into thinking techniques such as brainstorming and brain writing. Get ready for some insights!


Now that participants have an understanding of the concepts covered in this course they will engage in a case study to demonstrate application.

Swotting Up

This session aims to equip participants with the resources to effectively address business challenges using SWOT analysis within their organisations. Discover how employing this method can create an lasting impact!

Making Good Group Decisions

Participants will receive an in depth exploration of the fundamentals, behind group problem solving enabling them to tackle any issue as a team.

Analysing and Selecting Solutions

In this workshop we will explore the heart of problem solving; how to make decisions. Join us as we delve deeper into this model and uncover tools for achieving success!

Planning and Organising

This course offers participants an opportunity to explore and enhance their problem solving abilities.

You can expect to gain insights, on organisation, planning and follow up strategies as well as analysing outcomes adapting to changes and celebrating achievements!

Course Wrap-Up

This course has been developed to provide students, with the skills and knowledge needed for success. Towards the end of the program you will have an opportunity to engage directly with our facilitators by asking questions and finalising an action plan.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

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