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Call Centre Techniques

coursedetailsIt is not difficult to coach call centre employees. Agents receive customer service training at onboarding. These sessions are usually group sessions that aim to improve or refresh skills, address goals for call centre performance, update agents about relevant policies, or promote new products. After the training sessions have ended, it is necessary to coach individual agents to ensure they master the techniques and procedures that were taught.

1. Define your performance standards

A key problem in contact centres is the lack of clarity among advisors about what they are expected to do. This can have a serious impact on the performance of contact centres.

2. Focus on intrinsic motivation

Motivation in contact centre can be difficult because it is hard to accurately scale your team assessments and evaluate each month’s performance.

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3. Share your best practices

Once a call has been made, hold a group meeting to let everyone listen. This will help you reinforce good behavior and assist other advisors in helping them to improve their performance.

4. Eliminate Repeat Calls

A regular team huddle is a great way to set a precedent for your team. This can be done by organising team leaders, team managers and call centre agents. These huddles, whether they are held online or in person, encourage everyone to feel like they are part of an organised group before they begin their day. To increase the effectiveness of your huddle, make sure to include all members of the team to achieve the common goal of improving the call centre performance.

5. Understanding Employee Empowerment

Employee empowerment is not a trendy term. Employee empowerment is not a buzzword. Instead, it’s a concept that gives employees significant control over what they do and how they do them. We can empower advisors and inspire them to improve their call centre performance by addressing each of these areas.

6. Increase Flexibility

Advisors will perform better if they work when they want. It is not easy to give them more control of their schedules.

7. Sanity check your tech

Understanding the theory and core functionality of each contact centre system is crucial to ensure that you are able to use it to your advantage, both now and in the future.

8. Check Your Key Performance Indicators.

Have you ever taken the time to review your KPIs lately? Is it important to measure things for a purpose?

It is possible that you are putting your time into activities that may not only be incongruent with other goals, but could also be unnecessary. These are crucial questions to ask yourself as you might be spending time on things that may not be necessary or in conflict with other goals.

9. Eliminate Repeat Calls

A call-avoidance program will allow you to analyze the reasons customers call and determine the root cause.

Call-avoidance systems are the way your company uses the data provided by the call centre to identify and eliminate root causes. This allows advisors to not have to respond to the same question repeatedly.

Customer complaints, advisor feedback, and speech analytics systems will all be important components of your system. Common root causes can signify many issues that are often beyond the control of the call centre.

10. Establish relationships with other departments

Get to know the people responsible for areas that are not under your control, but can have an impact on your ability manage your call centre efficiently.

11. Get personal

Although contact centres are good at personalising customer interactions, many people will argue that it is not enough to make a difference in customer experience.

Personalisation can be used to benefit call centre performance. We need to make it more systematic in our ability to recognise customers so that we can better deal with them.

To be able to deal with customers in a more intelligent way, we need to improve our ability to recognise them.

12. Test Your Customer Journeys

These results are concerning because managers who don’t understand the role of advisors in contact centres will likely not know how to help them improve their call centre performance.

Last Thoughts

Customers service is a complex task that requires great organisation. Agents need to be prepared to provide quality service with the minimum of effort. Explore all platforms and tools available to your company.

Confidence is the key to success, as you have probably heard this many times. Be confident and relaxed. Don’t let your opponent know you are a beginner. They might doubt your ability to solve their problem even though you are fully capable. Learn more at one of our training sessions and become confident in the call centre.

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