Call Centre Agent Training

Call Centre Agent Training

Call Centre telephone skills training helps your agents become more effective and efficient in their day-to-day tasks. The course focuses on teaching your call center agents to make an impact with their clients on a personal level.

This training was designed by professionals in the call center industry. It will help you set up an efficient and effective call center experience. You will learn a complete system for using new technologies and the latest techniques to increase efficiency. The course also focuses on developing an open communication process between clients, agents, and executives to promote smooth interaction between all three. If you are a business owner, you can expect the skill level of your staff to improve to that of a professional and skilled call center agent upon the completion of this training program.

This Call Centre Training session can include a sales training session and a customer training session that will help call center agents learn how to make the most of their telephone-based work. This will include understanding the best ways to listen and be heard. Because each phone interaction will naturally require the elements of sales and customer service skills, our trainers will go into in-depth detail during this training session. Upon the completion of this training session, you should be able to have your team improve in the overall quality and professionalism in the field of sales and customer service.

Outcomes and Objectives:

Body language can assist the telemarketer. Many call operators miss the opportunity in becoming better communicators over the telephone using body language. Our trainer assists with professional advice on using it more effectively over the phone.

It is important to understand how these areas will change the way you sound on the phone. Becoming an effective telemarketer requires professional phone manner. Learn more about these techniques in this session.

Many people may not know the potential of using questions and listening skills at an advanced level. We discuss how to use these two areas more effectively.

Delivering bad news, or saying “No” can be difficult for some. We provide more tips and scripts in this area to provide participants with more ability to word everything in a professional manner.

Being able to negotiate your way around on a call will enable you to increase your results. We discuss negotiation skills in more detail and provide individual assistance with activities designed to create more effective negotiators.

Successful telemarketers will create and deliver meaningful messages. There is no point to taking up your customers time, or speak on the phone without purpose. Learn how you can create and design your script to become more meaningful.

If you or your team are experiencing issues with communicating on the telephone, this session here will assist. Our trainer relates skills that are used by high performing call centers and teams. Learn here how to become a professional call operator who facilitates communication.

Give your customers and interations more of the personal touch over the telephone. Seven steps to creating a relationship over the phone and leaving your customers with a great lasting impression.

We may be great call operators in our speech and communication, however there are always new skills and tools to improve. Learn here more about the latest vocal and speech techniques that will have you sounding the very best.

The ability to manage stress can assist a call agent operator with increased performance, satisfaction and motivation. Learn some easy techniques to become better at managing stress and become free of the call center environment issues.

What’s Missing in Telephone Communication?

To start, participants will investigate Albert Mehrabian’s study on communication and the way it effects phone communication. Participants will also study the function that body language plays in phone communication.

Verbal Communication

This session will cover the four E’s of a powerful phone voice and the way you may use them all to encourage a service picture.

Who are Your Customers?

Within this session, participants will learn about what a customer is, and they’ll identify some of their particular customers.

To Function and Please

This session will give everyone a chance to learn powerful, helpful phrases for helping customers.

Listening Skills

In this session, your team will learn techniques for active listening and remaining focused.

Asking the Proper Questions

Within this session, employees will learn about open and closed questioning tactics, also going through the probing styles of questioning.

Saying No

Delivering bad news and saying “no” can be two of the most difficult facets of the call center representative’s job. This session will give your team techniques and practice in these two key skill areas.

Sales by Telephone

This session will discuss the way to use information delivery and connection building to help participants sell over the telephone.

Taking Messages

In this session, employees will examine some crucial components of taking messages. Then, they’ll produce a fast reference sheet they could keep by their own desk.

Staying Out of Voice Mail Jail

Voice mail is a great tool, but it can also be frustrating. Within this session, participants will discuss some hints for leaving messages and have a chance to practice and fine tune those techniques.

Closing Down the Voice

This session will give participants an opportunity to practice some vocal exercises.

Cold and Warm Calls

In this session, employees will learn about both of these kinds of calls and the manner to increase efficacy in each.

Having a Script

Scripts can be a powerful tool, especially for cold calls. This session will give employees the opportunity to lay out the framework for their script.

Perfecting the Script

Next, participants will learn methods to customise their scripts. We are also going to look at FAQ sheets as well as how they really can help participants on a daily basis.

Going Above and Beyond

This session will give participants 15 techniques for success and a few means to customise their service to greatly improve the customers experience.

Handling Objections

In this session, participants will learn different methods to address objections.

Closing the Sale

Next, participants will develop good question techniques which may help them close a deal.


In this session, participants will work in pairs to rewrite statements to show empathy for their clients in certain situations.

Customer Transitions

This session will investigate some means that customers have changed through the previous twenty years.


Discussion is a crucial ability for call center success. In this session, participants will learn four skills to become better negotiators over the phone.

It is Much More Than Just a Stage

Next, participants will acquire information about the four stages of negotiation and a few distinct kinds of negotiation.

High Impact Moments

This session will investigate some scenarios where you come into contact with a client or customer at a time you have a tremendous impact on them.

Suggestions for Chatty Callers

In this session, participants will learn some means to deal with various caller types.

Phone Tag and Getting the Call Back

While today’s technology could ensure it is difficult to reach a decision maker, additionally, it provides opportunities. This session will give participants some ways to deal with phone tag.

Coping with Difficult Customers

This session will give participants nine simple methods for managing difficult customers. We are also going to look at how exactly to handle angry customers.

Stress Busting

We all need techniques for managing the anxiety within our own lives. This session will support participants to develop some personalised methods to manage anxiety.

News from Within

In this session, we’ll take short look in the inside workings of the call center as well as how they’re managed.

Wrapping Up

While the class comes to a close, participants will work in small groups to produce a review action for each other. We will also go through a review of vocal exercises and techniques.

Tailor Your Session

We can add or remove aspects to customise the material to suit your needs. We can even create content if there are modules or content your team need. Talk to our team for more information or for sample material. We are here to help. This training program is available to all major cities such as Melbourne, Canberra, Parramatta, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Darwin. Australia wide training. We also conduct webinar workshops for regional areas.

Call Centre Training Outline

Course Introduction

In the part of the day we will spend time getting acquainted with the participants and discussing what will be covered in the workshop. Additionally students will have an opportunity to identify their learning objectives.

Topics covered in this course

The Importance of Effective Telephone Communication

To start off participants will explore Albert Mehrabians research on communication and its impact on telephone conversations. They will also learn about the significance of body language in telephone communication.

Techniques for Verbal Communication

This session will focus on understanding. Implementing the four Es of an effective telephone voice, which can be used to create a positive service image.

Providing Excellent Customer Service

During this session participants will have the chance to develop phrases that can assist customers effectively.

Active Listening Skills

In this session attendees will acquire techniques, for listening and maintaining focus during interactions.

Asking Appropriate Questions

Participants will uncover the power of asking questions. Both ended and closed ones! They’ll also explore probing techniques that can help them gain insights. Armed with these skills they’ll be equipped to engage their audience and achieve outcomes.

Say No

In this session we will delve into the distinctions, between ended and closed ended questions to gain a better understanding of effective techniques for probing. Through discussions we will discover ways to ensure smooth and engaging conversations!

Phone Sales

Join us in this session to learn techniques for establishing connections with your customers and closing sales over the phone! We will explore strategies that leave a lasting impact on every call.

Message Taking

In this session we will examine elements of taking messages. Participants will also have the opportunity to create a reference sheet they can keep at their desk.

Avoiding Voice Mail Jail

Explore a range of techniques for leaving voice mail messages in this session. Learn tips and tricks from experts. Put your new skills into practice through hands on exercises.

Mastering Your Voice

Sharpen your skills through engaging exercises in this session offering participants an opportunity to enhance their communication abilities.

Cold Calls and Warm Calls

Expand your knowledge on both calls and warm calls during this session. Discover strategies that optimize performance, within each type of call.

Crafting a Script

In this session you’ll have the chance to create a crafted script to enhance your cold calling efforts. Using scripts can significantly boost your sales success!

Perfecting Your Script

Discover how to customise scripts to suit your needs and gain insights into leveraging FAQ sheets in various situations.

Going the Extra Mile

Uncover tactics that will help you soar to heights of success. Learn ways to tailor your services for impact. Are you ready to take your performance up a notch?

Handling Objections

Equip yourself, with tools and strategies at this event. Gain mastery in handling objections by attending and emerging fully prepared!

Closing the Deal

With the questions in hand you’ll be ready to put your sales skills into action and successfully close deals.

Empathy Matters

During this session teams will collaborate on crafting statements that demonstrate empathy and understanding, towards customers.
By doing this participants can create a captivating experience as they connect with customers on a level!

Customer Evolution

In this session we will explore how customer demands and expectations have evolved over the past two decades. We will delve into strategies to keep up with their changing needs!

Mastering Negotiation Skills Techniques

In this part of the session,  call center professionals will gain tools to enhance their negotiation skills and achieve greater success. Discover four strategies that can make you an effective negotiator!

Beyond a Phase

Participants will gain an understanding of how the dynamics involved in successful negotiations. Participants will also explore the four phases. Unique approaches, to this important practice.

Creating Memorable Moments

On this session, Participants will learn strategies for leaving a lasting impact during interactions with clients and customers in this session. Participants will also explore how an engagement can have an influence on their experience!

Tips for Handling Challenging Callers

Participants of this session will acquire techniques for managing various customer interactions. So, Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unlock strategies for communication with callers!

Managing Difficult Customers

Participants! Don’t let difficult customers get the best of you! In this session you will gain practical tips, on handling challenging customer situations. Join us for a session where you can learn nine techniques that will provide you with the skills to handle challenging interactions, with customers. Additionally discover how professionals respond when faced with language and behaviour.

Phone Tag and Getting the Call Back

Navigating todays office can be quite tricky. However, thanks to advancements in technology we now have opportunities to effectively communicate with decision makers. This session will help participants with a methods to ensure that their messages are heard loud and clear eliminating the hassle of playing phone tag.

This is My Mentor

Participants will have an opportunity to apply these skills into action through a case study experience. Participants will immerse there self in a real life situation. Refine your abilities!

Stress Busting

Experience the effectiveness of stress management. This session participants were encouraged to develop their tailored coping strategies. See how they can effectively manage and reduce life stresses!

News from Within

In this session we will explore into the intricate inner workings of a call center and explore, how they are managed to ensure optimal performance.

Workshop Wrapping Up

To conclude the workshop participants will form groups. Participants will create engaging review activities, for one another.
We will make sure to review and reinforce all the exercises we learned during the experience before we say goodbye.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Our training service provides comprehensive customisation, tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. Our dedicated Training Overseers will work with you every step of the way – from content creation to delivery presentations – crafting a unique and individualised session that is relevant for both your industry and day-to-day business operations. Don’t wait any longer; book your bespoke training experience today!

In-House Customised training benefits:

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If you’re looking for something custom-built, our professional team of content writers and editors can help. We’ll work with you to develop a unique course tailored specifically to your industry’s needs, helping address any challenges in an enjoyable yet informative way! Put us on the job today – and let us create something extraordinary together.

Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Our expert trainers are here to help you take your skills up a notch! Book in for an online course, customised specifically around your schedule – no need to wait any longer. Enhance yourself with 4-6 hours of training that could change the trajectory of your future.

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Self Directed Online Course

Our courses offer a variety of engaging activities, assessments and videos; allowing you to learn at your own speed.

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