Questioning for Call Handlers

Effective Questioning for Call Handlers Training

The way an organisation handles telephone calls can directly impact its success. A poorly handled call could mean that there is not enough information to provide the customer with the service they need, or even cause safety concerns.  Then there are the skills of de-escalation, conflict resolution, rapport building and time management. Learning how to use questioning techniques for control and call effectiveness will make your call handlers more efficient and productive. 

This one-day course will teach you how to assess the way call handlers ask questions. Examine the effects of different questions and how they affect call outcomes. The role of technology in telephone call handling and communication will be examined. 

Effective Questioning for Call Handlers Training Outline

Course Overview

We will spend the first part of the session getting to know participants and discussing what will take place during the workshop. Students will also have an opportunity to identify their personal learning objectives.

Topics covered in this course

Understanding Customers

To begin the session, participants will first learn how understanding customers can help you know when to use which questioning technique.

Questioning Skills

Knowing customer service questioning techniques is a great start. In this session, participants will also need specific customer service skills to accompany this knowledge.

In this session participants will fully understand how schedule adherence impacts the call center.

Workshops and More

Questioning Techniques

Asking the right questions gives us the information we need when we need it. In this session, participants will learn the effective questioning techniques for call handling.

Using technology to communicate over the phone

This session participants will understand the role of technology in shaping question-style in call handling interactions

Workshop Wrap-Up

At the end of the day, students will have an opportunity to ask questions and fill out an action plan.

Learning Outcomes

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