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Excellence In Customer Service Training

Who is this Customer Service Training for?
This Excellence in Customer Service Training is poised to give participants the knowledge and tools needed to reach new heights of customer service success. We analyse each business’s needs so that tailored strategies can be provided – ensuring a remarkable experience for every customer interaction. By equipping your team with refined skills, this training facilitates exceptional performance when it comes time to deliver WOW-inducing results.

Our training library can equip you with the skills and knowledge to successfully build strong teams, maintain customer relationships, and provide top-notch service. We understand that every business is unique; thus we offer tailored sessions for individual needs such as telephone etiquette, complaint handling strategies, or call quality analysis. Our comprehensive collection of modules from hundreds of tried-and tested past trainings will help boost your Customer Service proficiency—take advantage today!

Customer Service Excellence Outcomes:

As we develop the above point in the session, we also then move onto body language and how to utilise more effectively within communication.

We provide Psychological information on how people mirror naturally. We then discuss how we can use the mirroring technique to become more connected with the customer/client.

Unrealistic expectations can never be met. Some people may expect too much, or not be fully educated on your business system or policy. We can help with a quick technique to help clients realise their expectation may be too high or unrealistic.

How do you uncover expectations? How to you create expectations? We provide training here on how to implant correct expectations and to create new ones.

You may have met someone who has provided you great customer service, and the simplicity to their methods demonstrated that it wasn’t that hard. In this next part of the training we provide information on simple steps and skills that will make your customers say “wow”

Questions can be an effective communication tool. We demonstrate in this part of the session how to be more specific with questions and how to use them for motivating customers to act.

A quick checklist and tip list for providing a super friendly customer service every time.

End your meeting, customer interaction or call effectively with closing techniques the professional use.

We go through any requirements you may have for your team if this is conducted a as a team session. If this is a workshop session we discuss the requirements of most organisations.

We provide skills in this session the the professionals use. Become the best in your industry.

Creating conversation and bridging the gap between you and the customer at times may be difficult. We provide some great tools to be able to effectively communicate with your customers.

Confidently cope with unhappy clients and create a solution-centric approach to complaints.
Get serious about delivering excellent customer support.
Develop needs analysis methods to better address customer needs
Diffuse furious callers
To take negative comments
Breaking news: What today’s customers really expect–and the best way to deliver it
Master techniques for coping with difficult customers
How to build good will
Employ techniques to handle challenging customers
Extreme motivation: Strong methods to keep CSRs productive and pumped
Down with anxiety! Look and sound terrific–even on the worst days
Using exceptional customer service can generate return business
Invent techniques for service excellence over the phone
The best way to instruct workers to give 110%–and then some
Transfer/take accurate messages
Apply outstanding customer support techniques to generate return business
Demonstrate a customer care strategy
Stress reduction techniques
Deflecting the sting of put downs, criticism and attacks+
Recognise the approach of one changes service standards
Master approaches to develop and maintain a positive, customer-centered , approach
Screen and management calls efficiently.
For phone and face to face interactions
How customers affects
Understand when to scale an issue
Keep composure and remain positive
What customer service is
Make a choice to supply customer service
The best way to recognise and address the needs of your customers
Help! I need an emergency attitude makeover!
How to provide customer service over the phone
Understand how the behaviour of others affects
Communicate effectively with your customers via e-mail, telephone, and in person.
Acquire tools for regaining customers that are challenging
Practice techniques for developing good will through in person customer service
Define what amazing customer service is for others as well as yourself.
Demonstrate skill and trust as a problem solver
Place on/take off hold
Describe what customer service means in relation to external customers and amp; internal
Managing overbearing difficult and obnoxious customers
When the answer must be “no”–how you say it’s 99% of your success
Deliver bad news to customers in a favourable manner.
Project a professional image of your organisation
Confidently and interrupt the caller that is indecisive
Reply incoming calls
For dealing with external and internal customers
Negotiate assertively
Empower customers to take responsibility for their decisions
The best way to build connection–and acquire admiration
Understand the method by which the service-profit chain impacts your organisation.
Gain insight in connecting with customers online
Identify methods that meet your customers’ needs.

We can customise and create any module required for your next training session. Learn more about a custom training session for your team.

Presentation skills are an asset to any customer service professional. We show participants how to present in a professional manner and highlight any aspect of their call or service to the customer.

Tailored Customer Service Training

Offering training in Parramatta, Perth, Melbourne, Geelong, Canberra, Darwin, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast and many more places across Australia.

Customer Service can come in many shapes and forms, we do have other training sessions that maybe suitable, or have something designed just for you.  For more information on this training session and a free custom outline please call 1300 810 725 or contact us here.

Excellence In Customer Service Outline

Course Overview

We’ll begin the workshop by getting acquainted with our participants and setting forth what’s to be accomplished. Students will have a chance to articulate their individual goals for this learning experience.

Topics covered in this course

How to use questions effectively to draw information and convey ideas

Boosting communication can be accomplished by getting specific with questions. Learn how to use this essential tool for motivating customers in our upcoming session!

Customer Service Quick Techniques to improve anyone on the spot

Everyone has experienced exceptional service at some point, but it doesn’t have to be a mystery. In this session we uncover the strategies that make customers say “wow”. So let’s take a look and discover how easy delivering excellent customer experience really is!

Educating your customers on expectations

Setting expectations is an essential part of any role and our training helps you to do that effectively. We’ll show you how to identify existing expectations, as well as creating your own for those around you – so everyone knows what’s expected from them!

Resetting unrealistic expectations professionally

Unrealistic expectations can often be a recipe for failure. If clients are set up with unrealistic goals, it not only sets them up to disappointment but may also reflect poorly on your business system or policy. To help avoid this issue, we offer an effective technique that allows customers to recognise when their expectations exceed the possibilities of what you have available and adjust accordingly.

How to build rapport by mirroring

By gaining an understanding of our psychological mirroring tendencies, we create more meaningful relationships with customers and clients. Through this approach, both parties can gain a better connection based on mutual trust and respect.

Body Language signals: How to read your customer more effectively

Using body language in communication is key to ensure that your message comes across effectively and distinctly. During the session, we’ll be exploring how each individual can enhance their delivery through nonverbal cues.

The WOW effect (How to wow your customers every time)

Keeping your customers happy is essential to providing a successful business. Here are some key tips and tricks you can use to ensure that every customer service experience leaves them feeling satisfied, content, and delighted!

Closing techniques to help with the client ending process

Make a lasting impression on customers with effective closing techniques to ensure successful business conversations. End your meetings or interactions in the same manner as experienced professionals do!

Customer Service Excellence Skills to help excel above others in your industry

Improve your skillset and stand out from the competition. Our session provides professionals with an opportunity to master their craft, becoming true experts in their field.

Communication Skills for easy information conversation and assistance

Effective communication with customers is a key part of success. We understand how challenging it can be to bridge the gap between you and your customer, which is why we provide amazing tools to help craft meaningful conversations!

Presentation Skills (Both personal and professional presentation delivery)

Professional presentation skills are an invaluable asset for customer service professionals. Our participants learn how to preserve their professionalism while confidently highlighting the best aspects of the call or service they provide customers.

Workshop Wrap-Up

After a productive day of learning, participants can use the opportunity to ask any questions they might have and create an action plan for their future.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Working with your teams, we can provide tailored training to help them reach their highest potential. Gain a greater connection than ever before and deliver information in an impactful way with customisation options such as modules, questions and images—free of charge! Create the perfect workbook that meets all individual needs while remaining efficient – so you know every session will be successful. Speak to us today for more details!

In-House Customised training benefits:
video-placeholder Personal performance improvement Training Sydney Brisbane Melbourne Perth Adelaide Canberra geelong gold Coast Bondi Surfers Paradise

Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Customize your training experience and get the most out of it. Our courseware service empowers you to craft a tailored solution that meets all of your unique objectives. Unlock access to expert researchers, designers, content writers and workbook stylers who can create bespoke courses – enabling you to go beyond generic solutions or incomplete manuals. Talk with one of our team members today for more details on how we can bring this opportunity into reality!

Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

If you’re looking to invest in your development, why wait? Take the step now and book an exclusive tailored course with one of our experienced trainers. Our online classes via Zoom offer comprehensive support over 4-6 hours that can be scheduled at a date convenient for you – no more waiting around!

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Expand your skillset with a one-on-one session from our experienced trainers! Whether it’s honing in on essential modules, developing new courses or brushing up on workplace knowhow – you’ll be getting world class advice and support. Schedule an online Zoom consultation today to discover the techniques needed for true success.

Self Directed Online Course

With our courses, you’ll get to experience a wealth of interactive activities and video-based learning materials designed for your convenience. Explore at your own pace with access to prerecorded course modules!

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