Sales Objection Training

Sales Objection Training

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Selling is a challenge: it takes time, skill and the right attitude to successfully bring customers on-board. We understand how daunting objections can be – they can make you feel overwhelmed, leading you to doubt your own abilities as a salesperson. That’s why we created this training session – designed specifically for honing selling skills and helping overcome those pesky customer objections so that both products AND yourself shine in any given sale!

As a salesperson, there are always challenges that come with the job. While customer objections may be intimidating at times, this specialised training session can help transform you into an extremely successful and influential salesperson. By taking advantage of our combined sessions to focus on handling these objections confidently and effectively, your skillset will go from good-to-great in no time!

By honing your skills, you can make even the most demanding customers feel right at home. Not to mention that mastering such a challenge can be fun and exciting! Reach out today for more information on how we can help develop this essential ability in your sales force.

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Credibility can be built. In the first part of this session we discuss the issue of credibility and find out exactly how individuals define credibility. Our trainer will provide some assistance to all staff to help them be able to build the credibility needed to succeed at sales.

We discuss with participants the common objectives they encounter. As we train professionals in many different areas, we are able to provide real solutions that work. The trainer provides 10 basic strategies in use today that help identify objections.

By bringing up the objection the way you wish, you also have the opportunity of removing it from the sales process. The real issues come up when the client brings up the objection. If you are unable to rectify it still stands on the table. Our trainer shows the sales team how to bring up their own objection effectively to then be able to remove them when needed.

There will be curve balls all through the objection and negotiation stages of a sale. Learn how to deal with these curve balls and also enjoy knowing you have some scripted responses that will help solve these issues when they occur.

10 objection handling strategies that the professionals use all the time. Try and stump our trainer with an objection to see the 10 objection handling techniques in action. Highly interactive and enjoyable activity.

Disarming objections will help you keep your sales process on track. Do not ignore as these objections may stop you from enjoying the results of a sale. Disarming objections will help increase the results as you work through one by one.

Reading the signals is as important as learning the sales process. Many sales people will fail to see the signals and keep on going through their spiel or script and the sales process. Our trainer will help participants identify the key signals that customers/clients will send to you through the sales process.

Your sales team can help you also. Working together can assist you and your team to get better results. We develop participants to learn just how their co-workers contribute to their success.

Sales Objection Training Outline

Course Overview

In this event participants will have the opportunity to explore and define their learning objectives. The agenda, for the day is designed to assist attendees in discovering the tools to achieve these goals.

Topics covered in this course

Establishing Credibility

During this session participants will acquire the skills to present their selves and become more relatable in our evolving world. Packed with advice on making a first impression determining your best appearance that aligns with your values creating impactful presentations and delivering effective testimonials – this experience will undoubtedly prove invaluable.

Understanding Your Competitors

Get ready to stay of the competition in sales through a session! By analysing what your rivals offer you can gain insights. Maximise your chances of success. Don’t miss out on this game changing opportunity!

Essential Communication Skills

At this event attendees will uncover the secrets of communication by learning how to ask thought provoking questions and actively listen. These crucial skills are vital, for handling objections.

Observation Skills

Being mindful of your surroundings and having the ability to interpret them can significantly impact understanding concepts.
Building connections, between aspects is something that participants will have the opportunity to explore during this session!

Dealing with Customer Concerns

In this session we will analyse how transforming customer complaints into solutions and opportunities can enhance your sales abilities. Apply the skills you acquire here to improve your performance in any situation!

Addressing Objections

Participants will progress from mastering skills and concepts to understanding the nature of objections. Through engaging in group exercises they will identify their common objections while also learning effective techniques for overcoming them.

Managing Objections

Participants will be equipped with approaches for handling objections including the Identify. Validate. Resolve strategy. Additionally they will gain access to nine techniques for addressing complaints – ranging from using a Boomerang approach to employing FFF methods and Show Your Hand tactics!

Handling Pricing Concerns

During this session we will explore strategies that enable you to address and overcome the obstacle – cost – thereby increasing your ability to close more deals.

The Power of Teamwork

Are you facing challenges in sales? In this session you will learn how teamwork can serve as a tool, for success. Develop strategies that empower your team members and foster collaboration thus maximising your potential in the art of selling!

Recognising Buying Signals

In this workshop participants will have the chance to develop a skill; recognising when a potential buyer is ready to make their purchase. You’ll gain insights into the indicators that signal someones readiness to close the deal and maximise your sales potential!

Sealing the Deal

During this session you’ll explore closing techniques and actions that can help you become an expert, at securing sales. Discover the fifteen successful approaches for confidently finalising your purchase.

Wrapping Up the Course

Towards the end of this enlightening experience students will get an opportunity to reflect on what they’ve learned through a Q&A session. They can then consolidate these insights into points, for their future endeavours.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Create the most impactful learning experience for your team with our training course content customisation service! At no extra cost, we can modify educational tools like activity booklets and specialised equipment to suit specific requirements. Our tailored approach offers an engaging wayfor employees to connect more deeply with material in their workbooks — transforming ordinary lessons into unforgettable experiences.

In-House Customised training benefits:
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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

We take pride in delivering exceptional and tailored training solutions to all our clients. As part of this commitment, we provide an extensive range of off-the-shelf courses that cover a wide variety of topics – however, if you can’t find what you’re looking for then get in touch as we are able to develop custom courseware at your request. When it comes time for us to create something new just for you, rest assured that complete ownership will be transferred over after completion so the content is fully yours forevermore! Contact us today to discuss how our team can craft bespoke workbooks and courseware based on any subject matter desired.

Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Take your learning to the next level with a personalised virtual course tailored specifically for you. Book in today and join one of our experienced trainers – no need to wait around; choose from available dates that fit into your schedule! Complete this online training using Zoom, lasting between 4-6 hours so you can start making progress right away.

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Make this the perfect opportunity to increase your knowledge and sharpen those workplace skills. Our expert trainers are available for a 1 hour Zoom meeting where you can talk about any module, course or skill of your choice. Take advantage of your downtime at work by upskilling today!

Self Directed Online Course

Our courses are tailored to fit your schedule with on-demand activities, assessments, and learning videos so that you can learn at a pace made just for you.

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