X- Factor Team Training

The X-Factor Training

Does your team have the X-Factor to take your business to new heights? Join us for a special training session and give them the extra skills they need! Transform mediocre staff into super performers with tips, tricks, and interactive techniques that will increase motivation, improve communication – all while boosting productivity. Harness their potential so you can achieve outstanding results quickly & effectively.

Are you looking for the secrets to success in team building? Look no further! Join us today at this special training session and discover how your organisation can unlock its full potential – from teaching problem solving techniques, to developing self-motivation methods. Learn about each of your teammate’s strengths and weaknesses so that any issues or obstacles are addressed quickly with efficient solutions. Take advantage of these powerful tools now as a united team working harmoniously towards one common goal: achieving great results!

Through a series of energising and engaging games, activities, and team building events, this session will help your organisation reach new heights of productivity! With interactive experiences tailored to heighten the impact on learner’s knowledge retention; participants are sure to take away valuable lessons that they can immediately apply in their job – achieving peak performance while proactively identifying areas for improvement.

X-Factor Objectives

Learn how you can create motivation. We provide techniques to participants that will enable them to personally create motivation whenever they feel their motivation levels may be depleted.

Communication techniques are not only used to help other people understand what we need. Communication techniques can assist with creating solutions and enable teams to control outcomes and become more effective. If you would like to improve on your performance this session will provide advanced skills in communication for your team.

Learning how to be able to improve or change emotion with the use of body language can be an impressive skill. Emotion is important in problem solving, communication and delivery of presentations etc. We discuss how Body language can assist a team in working together also.

Time is Money. You may have heard this saying many times before and we all know that good time management skills will help a team to become more productive and effective. Our trainer will help participants learn more about simple time management systems to help keep on track and reach the goals in the timeframe provided.

In all teams, there are difficulties that rise from time to time. We all have different personalities, values, opinions and viewpoints which can put pressure on a team. Our trainer will provide information for participants on how to deal with common issues and problems within teams.

We add this section to the training session to help participants become more active and motivated on problem solving.

Tailor Your X-Factor

We have a wide array of other team building training that can be specially designed to suit the standards of your company and the field of business that it is in. If you do not feel that your objectives have been covered above, please feel free to call us for a free custom outline to discover how we can meet your training needs. Contact us today to book a training session in all major cities including Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, and Parramatta.

The X-Factor Training Outline

Course Overview

Participants will embark on a journey of self-discovery, as we explore and discuss the purpose for our workshop together! As part of this process, each individual will be asked to identify their own learning goals – giving us all an insight into what we can expect over the duration.

Topics covered in this course

Staying Motivated 24/7

In this session, you will unlock the power to motivate yourself! With our inclusive techniques and tools, we’ll help show participants how they can generate motivation whenever their enthusiasm is running low. Discover your own potential in creating a lasting source of inspiration within yourself!

Using communication techniques to find solutions easier

Through this session, participants will gain invaluable knowledge and techniques to take their communication abilities to the next level. Unlock your potential by learning how to express yourself more effectively!

Body Language and Its Positives (changing emotion)

Learn how body language can unlock the power to transform and improve emotions – from problem-solving, communication skills and effective presentations! Not only does it enrich your emotional life – discover its ability to help teams work together in harmony.

Time Management Tricks

Through this session, participants will gain the skills to ensure their goals are achieved in a timely manner! Our trainer has an effective time management system that they’ll be sharing with everyone so you can reach your ambitions quickly and efficiently.

Human Error and Relationship Problem Solving

Our trainer is here to share valuable tips and strategies on how you can cultivate successful teamwork and overcome common obstacles. Together, we’ll arm ourselves with the tools needed to build strong teams!

Problem Solving Toolkit

During this training session, we’ll be inspiring participants to really think outside the box and become creative problem solvers. Let’s get those ideas flowing!

Workshop Wrap-Up

Upon completion of the course, learners can take advantage of a valuable Q&A session and construct an individualised action plan to reach their goals.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Streamline your training process with a manual tailored specifically to the needs of you and your team. Our content customisation service takes care of everything, from modifying certificate coloring or workbook styles right through to creating interactive activities. Take charge today by crafting an ideal blueprint for success – all at no cost!

In-House Customised training benefits:
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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Let our team be your secret weapon to level-up training and provide maximum engagement. With custom courseware from us, you can supercharge creativity and innovation while also taking learning areas even further than before! Plus, we’ll spice it up with visual aids like images as well as research material that is tailored just for you – whether it’s in the form of case studies or statistics. Get ready to transform run-of-the mill training into a truly memorable experience by working together with us today!

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Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Become an expert in your field by booking one of our specialised trainers! We’ll customise a course just for you – no need to delay, as we have flexible dates available. Get real-time feedback and guidance through interactive online sessions with Zoom lasting up to 6 hours.

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Our expert trainers have the answers to your professional questions! Learn something new and stay sharp during downtime with an online session. In just one hour, you can get invaluable insight into any module, course or workplace skill – right from the comfort of your home. Unlock unlimited potential through Zoom today!

Self Directed Online Course

Let your learning journey take you anywhere! With our self-paced courses, experience interactive activities, quizzes and videos to enhance your knowledge base. Take the time to go at the speed that best suits you – no rush necessary.

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