Building winning teams

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Building winning teams


Working with teams, building teams and managing teams of different sizes, skills sets and purposes. These experiences taught me many valuable lessons. When I look at the winning teams’ qualities, I see that there are certain areas that are not negotiable in order for them to win.

Employees want to feel part of a winning team and that the company is on the right track.

Five keys to building winning teams


Without vision, a team has no purpose. They don’t know where to go and are easily distracted when there are problems. Without wise leadership, no matter how talented your team members are, they will not last very long. The best leaders project a positive image in front of their team. Images of victory. Visionary people are more willing to work harder, endure longer, and have greater vision.

2. Action

Action without vision is fantasy. Action without vision is just that, random activity. Vision and action must go hand-in-hand. Your team must not only grasp the vision but also have to take action to realise it. Encourage action, reward improvements, and acknowledge efforts.

3.  Commitment

Your team’s character is important. People who lack commitment will not be able to do their job or find someone else to do it. Both of these scenarios can be detrimental to the team. The key to building a winning team is having the right people. This means removing the wrong people.

4. Adding value

There is no “I” in a team. A winning team knows that to achieve the best results, they must support one another. They must see the value of others and be willing sacrifice their own agendas to help the team. This applies to any team, regardless of whether they are discussing projects, family, or sports.

5. Appreciation

When it comes to building a winning group, a simple thank you can go a long way. You must create an environment that rewards effort, results, and encourages people to feel safe and supported. Your team should be motivated to improve, perform and win. Ask them about what they’ve noticed and tell them how proud of you are to work with them. Your results will be theirs, and vice versa.

Here’s the key: Focus on what you can influence and change. You may need guidance, support or advice but you are still in control.

Team Norms

First, the norms must create psychological safety within the team. If people are afraid or guarded, they won’t be able to function at their best. They will withhold information and waste a lot of time trying to protect themselves and survive. This will not help you be a winning team. Second, everyone should be able to contribute equally and have the opportunity to be heard and listened to.

By modeling vulnerability, managers can encourage psychological safety. Leaders can promote psychological safety by modeling vulnerability and admitting to making mistakes.

They all rally around the same goals.

Managers are naturally at the heart of this. It is their responsibility to challenge and encourage their employees to practice these values. The better their team’s performance will be if managers are more attentive to their employees, giving them just-in time feedback, and having regular conversations about coaching and development.

There is no secret formula to winning teams. They are constructed over time and built from the ground up. Managers can create something lasting with the right tools and a focus on safety, strengths, and communication.

9 Tips to Help You Build a Successful Team

1. Let everyone shine.

2. Meet each member of the team where they are.

3. Assume a protective role.

4. Encourage team members to be spontaneous.

5. Give them space.

7. Expect them to “know” what you are talking about.

8. Reduce confusion

9. Recognise your team.


The success of your team must be shared by you, as the manager. Your team members must feel that they are contributing to the success of the group. To increase individual capabilities, team members should be allowed to lead. They must be reminded of their importance, individually and collectively. Learn more about managing a team through one of our courses or a tailored training package.

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