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Team Development Techniques

Team Development Techniques To achieve your goals, your team must have the necessary skills and competencies. This can be done by creating a skills matrix. The matrix can be used to assess your team members’ capabilities and training needs and to match their skills with specific roles. A stronger team can be created by enhancing their skills …

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Ideas for Team Activities

Ideas for Team Activities Since childhood, we have been taught to work well together, share the burden, celebrate when we achieve something as a group. If you have ever managed a team, then you know how important collaboration and teamwork are. Managers have to ensure that their team members are on the same page. Sometimes …

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Leading Teams

How to lead a team effectively It starts with being able to attract the right people to help you lead your team. You must inspire compassion, understanding, and confidence as a leader. This will encourage others to be more confident in following your lead. Communicate clearly your goals and explain why you believe your direction …

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Gamification At Work

What is Gamification? Gamification elements have found a place in our daily lives. One simple example is the reward that customers receive when they earn (loyalty points). Gamification is a fast-growing method for motivating employees and managing them. Gamification refers to the incorporation of design elements from games into different contexts. Modern computing allows organisations …

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