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Idea Creation (Brainstorming) Training

Working alongside co-workers can often be a source of infinite possibilities. Tapping into the collective knowledge, skills and experiences from many different individuals creates an environment where even the most complex problems are solvable. It is through this collaborative effort that customer satisfaction remains strong as well as ensuring workplace efficiency. Our workplace, composed of a diverse range of individuals, provides us with an unparalleled ability to address any issue effectively. The odds are in our favor that someone will have the answers necessary for success – but this potential lies only within organised problem-solving strategies and well thought out plans for implementation.

With the heightened competition in today’s workplace, it can be challenging to achieve cooperative and empowering environments. This difficulty is compounded when several members are all vying for their solutions to take priority over others. To maintain harmony while still meeting demands requires a systematic approach that allows both timely presentations as well as actionable strategies which remain within practical business constraints. By leveraging collective insight from everyone involved, potential issues can be addressed with clarity and success.

In order to ignite workplace creativity, we have designed Idea Creation Training – an offering that will stimulate and empower participants with a unique set of skillsets. They are ready and equipped to identify solutions for any type of conflict or problem encountered in the workplace. The appropriate systems as well as state-of-mind create vast possibilities towards discovering novel ideas – ultimately elevating organisational values through creative problem solving challenges! For those interested, sessions are offered across Australia: Perth, Adelaide, Darwin Melbourne Geelong Gold Coast Brisbane Sydney Canberra etc..

Idea Creation (Brainstorming) Training Outline

Course Overview

To ensure a workshop our first session will focus on getting to know each participant and discussing what they can expect from this experience. It’s also an opportunity for students to set growth goals they hope to achieve by completing the course.

Topics covered in this course

Define The Problem Or Challenge Presented

During this session, we encourage participants to break down challenges, into tasks and address them one by one. This approach allows for victories that can ultimately lead to success!

Step-By-Step Solution For This Problem

Participants will be provided with a strong foundation for developing their problem solving skills. They will learn techniques for constructing creative and effective solution systems that can be applied in situations.

Individual Problem-Solving

Through this program participants will discover the advantages of having an skilled team when it comes to problem solving. They will have access to perspectives, ideas, experiences and areas of expertise that can be strategically assigned based on qualifications or familiarity, with issues.

Moreover, we highly encourage each individuals creativity by granting them the freedom to solve problems independently. Later we provide feedback when they participate in others creative processes, which’s incredibly valuable, for fostering successful solutions.

Implementation Of Possible Solutions

During this session participants will play a role in guiding their peers on how to use the proposed solution and track progress. They need to be observers to ensure implementation while also being mindful of addressing any needs that may arise along the way.

Robust Idea Creation And Implementation System

Discover effective strategies for promoting problem solving in the workplace when you can’t be physically present. Learn how to empower your team and create an environment to fostering innovation.

Adaptation And Dynamism In Problem-Solving

Through actively seeking out solutions to existing issues and generating approaches for others participants will develop a mindset vital for finding sustainable answers, over the long term.


After a day of learning participants will have the opportunity to actively engage by submitting questions and creating an action plan.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

At Paramount Training, we know that one-size fits all courses often don’t fulfil a company’s unique training needs. Our team of experts create custom tailored programs to make sure you’re getting the best out of your staff with specifically designed curriculum and manuals. Experience our commitment to performance today – try us now and see why Paramount is the go-to for personalised professional development!

In-House Customised training benefits:
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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Don’t see the training your team requires? Take advantage of our bespoke content creation service and have a custom-made manual tailored to meet your needs. We’ll take care of all the details–all you need provide are some pointers on topics that should be covered, as well as desired skillsets. Upon completion, we can either lead an interactive session for you or hand over full rights so it may be rolled out across multiple teams!

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Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

With our expert trainers, you can now choose a course and receive training tailored for your specific needs. Say goodbye to waiting with dates available on-demand! Enjoy an interactive experience delivered via Zoom over 4-6 hours – no matter how busy or unpredictable life may be.

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Our expert trainers offer the perfect opportunity to upgrade your skillset and expand upon workplace knowledge. Learn in a one hour online session through Zoom, tailored specifically for you on any module or course of choice – perfect for optimising productivity during work hours!

Self Directed Online Course

Through our flexible, pre-recorded courses, you can take your learning journey into your own hands. Access a wealth of activities and videos that will help you grow at the pace which suits all types of learners best!

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