Creative Problem-Solving Training

The workplace is essentially a network where companies, conglomerates, or other forms of organisations gather many specialists from many different fields of study with many differing specialties, ability levels, and skills come together in one place and employ their combined intelligence and prowess to operate the complex machinery that is their organisation. The sheer variance of these individuals’ skills, specialisations, and life experience allow them to collectively and creatively answer and resolve the ever-growing demands and problems faced by them and their respective organisations.

There is a minor disadvantage when it comes to this constant demand for problem-solving, particularly when the same or similar problems are constantly presented to employees within a company. Human nature dictates that the best option is to create a standarised solution for these problems. While this does promote efficiency and standardisation, it can however encourage a relaxed attitude and discourage creativity when seeking solutions to issues. This can be a hindrance at best, and a disaster waiting to happen at worst, as the demands of the workplace and the greater community they’re found in can radically shift with little to no warning; following a Darwinian model, changing conditions necessitate adaptation or change, and all participants must do so or face the reality of extinction – or at least collapse and failure in the world of business.

Here at Paramount Training and Development we see the needs for dynamism and creativity within both our participants and within our own organisation’s structure as we too must adapt to the changing demands of our clients. Occasionally the rigidity of some company’s employees, when it comes to finding new and creative solutions that their organisations face has become increasingly common. It was therefore with this very important that our new Creative Problem-Solving Training course was created.

The workplace is a field that demands adaptation and the ability to adjust one’s solutions when faced with its many and often overwhelming barrage of problems that need to be solved. One has to ascertain when to use a routine plan or create a maverick solution to solve their problems. These must be done within the regulations and policies of their workplace, and in the case of maverick problem-solving, must be built out of solid data and be able to withstand the rigors of its dynamic and problematic rival that it is seeking to resolve. However, there are means and resources to help with these from reliable data, to the many others that call the workplace home as much as the learner does. It is the hope of Paramount Training and Development that these and more will be taken in by learners of Creative Problem-Solving Training and be thoroughly implemented in the field once they leave our program, and that their lessons will serve them well in tackling the ever-shifting demands of the workplace.

Creative Problem-Solving Training Outline

Lesson One

Getting Started

  • Icebreaker
  • Housekeeping Items
  • Workshop Objectives

Lesson Two

The Problem Solving Method

  • What is a Problem?
  • What’s Creative Problem Solving?
  • What are the Steps in the Creative Solving Process?

Lesson Three

Information Gathering

  • Understanding Types of Info
  • Identifying Key Questions
  • Methods of Gathering Information

Lesson Four

Problem Definition

  • Defining the Problem
  • Determining Where the Problem Originated
  • Defining the Current State and the Desired State
  • Stating and Restating the Problem
  • Analysing the Problem
  • Writing the Problem Statement

Lesson Five

Preparing for Brainstorming

  • Identifying Mental Blocks
  • Eliminating Emotional Blocks
  • Stimulating Creativity

Lesson Six

Generating Solutions (I)

  • Brainstorming Basics
  • Brainwriting and Mind Mapping
  • Duncker Diagrams

Lesson Seven

Generating Solutions (II)

  • The Morphological Matrix
  • The Six Thinking Hats
  • The Blink Method

Lesson Eight

Analysing Solutions

  • Developing Criteria
  • Analysing Wants and Needs
  • Using Cost/Benefit Analysis

Lesson Nine

Selecting a Solution

  • Doing a Last Analysis
  • Paired Comparison Analysis
  • Analysing Potential Problems

Lesson Ten

Planning Your Next Steps

  • Identifying Tasks
  • Identifying Resources
  • Implementing, Assessing, and Adapting

Lesson Eleven

Recording Lessons Learned

  • Planning the Follow-Up Meeting
  • Celebrating Successes
  • Identifying Improvements

Lesson Twelve

Wrapping Up

  • Words From the smart
  • Lessons Learned
  • Completion Of Action Plans and Tests
Additional Modules and Sample Sections

Understand and properly implement the Creative Problem-Solving Process

Problem-solving in itself is a common part of everyday life within the workplace. For some specialists, it is literally a part of or can be inferred from their job titles. These problems can all range from mundane to complex, and even complex problems don’t necessarily need creative or complicated solutions to resolve them. With that in mind however, learners undertaking Creative Problem-Solving training need to be aware of not only how to do the process but also if and when, as creative problem-solving does have its drawbacks in implementation and resources used.

Identify and gather relevant information to be used

The brick from which solutions are built from in the Creative Problem-Solving Process is information. Participants will learn know how to gather data and relevant information, how to sift through it all and find all the relevant and usable data they can acquire from it, and how to implement the data they do manage to get out of it into the creation of their solution. This is a complex and sometimes tedious process, hoever, through different methods such as effective methods and strategies to assist them in the gathering, sorting, and implementation process can make the task much easier.

Brainstorm to generate ideas for solutions

No man is an island according to John Donne, and indeed no person in a workplace is ever as isolated as they think themselves to be. Learners undertaking Creative Problem-Solving training are made to realise the age old adage of two heads being better than one by encouraging them to brainstorm. This allows participants to utilize their peers’ differing and vast fields of knowledge and expertise to scour a problem with as many eyes, hands, and ears, as possible until a new way to solve the issue can be found.

Evaluate solutions based on a criteria system

As was shown to earlier, the Creative Problem-Solving method has its own drawbacks and issues that need to be considered before and while its proposed solution is being implemented in the field. This can include factors such as time, resources, and capacity to implement these solutions in an effective and meaningful manner. In an ideal world these wouldn’t be as important or necessary to consider, but in a world of finite time and resources learners undertaking the Creative Problem-Solving training course must and will learn to consider these factors when creating and these solutions.

Create and implement solutions in a live setting

Of course all this theorising and contingency planning is all well and good, however the true test of our learners’ mettle will come in the many exercises, scenarios, and demonstrations that our program will present to those undertaking the Creative Problem-Solving course. Thankfully, the Creative Problem Solving course will give them ample opportunities to observe live demonstrations as well as participate in anything from simulation to as near as real-life trials as we can give them, ensuring participants have plenty of opportunities to test, assess, and adjust their methods and strategies as well as their inner flexibility and adaptability according to the many and harsh demands of the various tests that will be presented to them.

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

We offer the service of customising any of the training courses our clients choose to use. This customisation can take any form as we work on a foundation from font and word choice to design and page layout. We believe in fully satisfying our customers, and we will customise the chosen training course until you are satisfied with the result. If there is anything our writers, editors, or researchers can do, we urge you to let us know. There’s no training course quite like a Paramount training course, as its customised and fit for your specific needs. No Cost for this service as we include it as standard with all our team training sessions.

In-House Customised training benefits:

  • Flexible length – You choose the length of the session
  • Highly Effective Team/Industry Specific
  • Certificate of Completion (Professional Grade)
  • Create a Team Building environment
  • Cost effective – Group rate discount
  • Printed courseware (No need to download or use an App to read)

Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

As we get requests from time to time to create new content, we keep a team of writers on hand; they are ready to construct any new training courses that our clients may request. We can also create manuals, workbooks and scripts that you can own and use for future employee training. Your company’s future is brighter with a team dedicated in writing your material and helping you design your training sessions to be trained in-house. Contact our editing team for details and pricing for Workbook and Manual Creation.

Instructor Led Online

Download Certificate of Completion $495 inc GST
Printed and Posted Certificate of Completion $515 inc GST

Your new range of training options doesn’t end there, as you also now have access to our new online trainer-assisted mode. Here, you can have our trainers teach you important skills and deliver meaningful discourse one-on-one, online and in real time. Our trainers are also really friendly, and are more than happy to assist! Best of all, there’s no need to move from your seat or even get a slot reserved. We’ll begin at your desired date and time, so just tell us when you want your training taken to your screen!

Online Self Paced

Download Certificate of Completion $69 Inc GST
Printed and Posted Certificate of Completion $89 Inc GST

Here at Paramount, you pick your own training course, and then you decide when you take it! This isn’t like school, where you had to be in a classroom at a certain time, and then you had to be tested for a certain level of proficiency. Paramount believes that you can learn at your best when you are learning in comfort. So you can always reschedule, or decide when you are free to take the online course with our professionally registered online assistants. Book in today, and take your course learning on your own time!

Creative Problem Solving

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