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Professional Supervisor Training

What makes a Supervisor become a Professional Supervisor? This session is design to help those looking to take the lead. We help identify how to lead a team and communicate effectively to everyone. Professionalism and Supervisory skills can be taught and although many Supervisors may have a foundation of the skills required, there are additional skills that can create a super performer and a professional supervisor.

Supervising any team large or small can be a challenging task for anyone. This one day course is designed to give you effective strategies and techniques for team building and prioritising skills. A supervisor is faced with many tasks and priorities, so being able to manage them and look after employees can be a challenging task. This session will teach employees how to effectively manage a workforce and complete tasks.

Professional Supervisor Outcomes

By defining the role and scope of the supervisory role, supervisors are able to understand what creates a great supervisor stand out in the workplace.

There are often challenges that only supervisors will need to deal with. We provide creative and positive ideas to solve some of the common issues supervisors have in the workplace.

We build the responsibilities by illustrating how important their role is within their team or organisation. We discuss with participants their viewpoints and help individuals to take responsibility.

If you prioritise effectively and learn how to plan correctly, many of the simple errors that you come across may disappear. Planning and prioritising will help you reach your goals effectively and save time and resources.

Becoming a supervisor is more than just supervising. There are several skills that you may need to juggle accordingly to solve issues and assist your team. We develop the attributes that great supervisors have, showing participants how they can gain these skills.

Feedback, conflict resolution and motivating your employees will provide you an avenue for a strong bond and a high performing team.In this training session you will learn more skills in these areas.

Tailored For Supervisor Teams

Are your objectives not included here? Let us know exactly what you are looking for and our team will do all the work. We have a large library of information, modules and specific outcomes. We can also create anything on any topic you need with our content and editing team. Let us focus on delivering a fantastic training package to your team and increase your business performance with our training methods.

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Professional Supervisor Training​ Outline

Course Overview

We will spend the first part of the day getting to know participants and discussing what will take place during the workshop. Students will also have an opportunity to identify their personal learning objectives.

Topics covered in this course

Adjusting to Your Role

This session shares methods to help participants deal with the transition to a supervisory role. They will also review the pre-assignment.

A Supervisor’s Responsibilities

A supervisor has responsibilities to employees, management, and themselves. This session discusses those areas of a supervisor’s role.

Action-Centered Leadership

This session deals with how to balance priorities in a supervisory role using the action-centered model developed by John Adair.

Making Plans

Planning is a vital part of a successful supervisor’s role. Rather than being adrift on a sea of indecision, planning can help a supervisor to success. This session looks at ideas regarding plans, how to use the Urgent-Important Matrix to help develop a plan, a planning case study, the elements of planning, and planning tools.

Setting Goals

We all have dreams but turning those dreams into reality takes more than just hoping and wishing. You need to use a goal setting method to realize those dreams. This session looks at goal setting and using SPIRIT.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Defining Leadership

This session looks at different facets of leadership through a history of various leadership studies. Then, participants will explore the theory of leadership styles. The session wraps up with a look at some case studies and a debrief.

The Situational Leadership Model

The second day of this workshop kicks off with a continuing look at Situational Leadership and styles of leadership. It also checks into our comfort zones as leaders.

What’s Your Type? How About Mine?

In this session, participants will complete a self-assessment to help them identify their leadership style.

Team Building Tips

In this session, participants will complete an exercise to show synergy in practice in a team situation. Then, they will explore what a team is and the advantages and disadvantages of teams. To wrap up the session, they will complete the Square Rope exercise to illustrate the aspects of a team in action.

Developing a High-Performing Team

This session includes a look at the stages of team development, moving a team through those stages, team problem solving, and team leadership.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are important for any successful supervisor. In this session, students will define communication and communication barriers. They will also learn about listening and questioning skills. The session wraps up with information on probing techniques and the communication process itself.

Motivating Employees

Motivating employees often falls upon on the shoulders of their supervisor. This session discusses different motivation techniques that students may apply in their workplace.

Orientation and Onboarding

This session looks at orientation and onboarding and the differences between the two. This session also asks students to consider the orientation they received on their jobs and takes them through a rating exercise on that orientation.

Training Tips and Tricks

Supervisors often are tasked with training new employees in their roles. The skills needed by a supervisor who has to act as a trainer are discussed here. Students are also given some successful training guidelines.

Providing Feedback

Supervisors often are tasked with training new employees in their roles. The skills needed by a supervisor who has to act as a trainer are discussed here. Students are also given some successful training guidelines.

Doing Delegation Right

Delegation is more than just unloading tasks you don’t want to do as a supervisor. In this session, participants will define what delegation is and complete a delegation role play.

Dealing with Conflict

This session looks at the conflict resolution process and the problem-solving process. The Conference exercise provides a chance for students to resolve conflict and debrief in a controlled setting.

Managing Disciplinary Issues

The workshop concludes with a study of disciplinary issues from a supervisor’s point of view, including what is discipline, meeting with an employee for a disciplinary purpose, and a sample discipline checklist.

Workshop Wrap-Up

At the end of the course, students will have an opportunity to ask questions and fill out an action plan.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

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In-House Customised training benefits:

Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

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Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Choose your course and book in with one of our expert trainers. 4-6 hrs on a date specific to you. No need to wait for a date. Conducted online with Zoom. Duration 4-6hrs

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Meet with one of our expert trainers and discuss any module, course or workplace skill. Great to upskill and for downtime at work. Conducted online with Zoom. Duration 1 hr.

Self Directed Online Course

These courses are prerecorded with multiple activities, assessments and learning videos. Can be completed at your own pace.

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