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Managing Personal Change Training

This training course is available throughout Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Parramatta, Geelong.

Embrace the inevitability of change in both your personal and professional life with a dynamic and innovative training course offered by Paramount Training and Development. Introducing “Managing Personal Change Training, ” a practical and interactive learning experience designed to equip you with game-changing solutions for addressing management challenges. Master the art of generating innovative policies, devising new strategies, and improving operations with this transformative course while fostering adaptability and success.

Embrace the dynamic nature of life and propel yourself to success with the Managing Personal Change Training. Delve into the adventure of self-discovery and transformation, targeting your true desires while navigating the evolving landscape of norms and behaviours. Achieve a harmonious fusion between personal growth and wise investments, unlocking the secret to seizing two opportunities with a single effort.

Venture beyond societal expectations, defy the status quo, and stand out in a competitive landscape – this requires unwavering determination and dauntless spirit. The power to make a difference lies within you. Our Managing Personal Change program is specifically designed to support organisations grappling with the quintessential management challenges. Contact us today, and let’s collaboratively harness these synergistic forces to propel your organisation to new heights.

Outcomes for Managing Personal Change:

Communicating with your employees is the first step with the change process. We discuss how this element here can solve many issues further down the track.

Do you remember when you first learnt how to drive? Were you nervous? How do you feel when you drive now? We teach how new behaviour can be difficult at first, however after a while it becomes second nature.

Techniques and tools to help reprogram and effectively make changes within our own mind.

Setting personal goals can help in becoming motivated to take on new changes. Learn how the personal goal setting session will help us become better at dealing with change.

Becoming resourceful will assist in our adaption. As we change, our ability to adapt is vital to assist with the process.

Approaches for soliciting varied responses, including conversations that are creative, stay ahead of the curve and find and to support initiation
Help employees transition through the change procedure
Empowering managers and supervisors
Guiding change management plans
How to develop strategies for taking personal responsibility for the facets of the change they can control
Develop healthy coping strategies.
The best way to recognise the negative and positive reaction patterns to riotous change in others and themselves
Understand the mental and societal elements that determine behaviour prior to, during and following disruptions to conventional team structures.
Diagnose employee resistance to transform
Use as a learning tool in teaching change management
Developing corrective actions
Use the four A’s technique to deal with stressful situations.
Demo poise and level-headed decision making in situations that are unpredictable.
Create a transition strategy within change management, for our
Techniques for improving your own ability to embrace and pilot change, both as a Manager or a Model Supervisor
Step-by-step systems to get ready for and navigate change on the organisational level
Direction plans
Be able to define what you have control over in the change event.
A list of variables you need to align among individuals to hasten flexibility and their strengths as a team
Ability to implement essential skills and behaviours
Measuring progress
A framework for change management teams to evaluate their change
Reinforcement to sustain the change
Progress during change
Making sense of change
A coaching program for supervisors and managers
Want to participate and support the change
Knowledge on how best to shift
Create a successful action plan for private and professional
Comprehend how you can be impacted by change.
Learn the personal habits that enable leaders to become change supervisors that are powerful — and the best way to underscore those abilities with your natural powers.
Comprehension of the need for change
Ways shift their focus to improvement from suffering and to empower individuals
Diagnosing differences
Create teams that weather turbulence and embrace change as an essential part of development.
To track improvement and comprehend differences to any present change system
How to characterize the foreseeable nature of private change

We discuss many more tools available depending on the needs of the participants within this session.

Our View of Change

We help employees view change not as something to be feared and resisted but as an essential element of the world to be accepted.
Our trainer helps to identify strategies for helping change be accepted and implemented in the workplace. Interactive discussion and involvement with staff members.

Managing Anger

Often changes makes people feel angry. We will look at some ways of dealing with our own anger and the anger of others through lecture and small group work. This session provides an activity to employees and we develop more understanding of the underlying reasons for anger. Advanced techniques for managing anger on a personal and professional level.

The Change Cycle

During this session, we will explore the three phases of William Bridges’ change cycle through discussion and a brief activity for the group.
Our trainer demonstrates how participants can view change as an opportunity for self-motivation and innovation. They also accept there are no normal or abnormal ways of reacting to change, but that we must start from where we are. This session is great to highlight the process and how we can benefit from understanding this cycle.

Managing Stress

With all changes, they can also make people feel stressed. During this session, we will look at some stress management and relaxation techniques. We provide techniques that are in use across Australian business teams. Learn how to maintain your composure and manage stress effectively and professionally.

Strategies for Dealing with Change

Now that we have looked at change using a number of models, we will look at five strategies that can help you deal with change.
We demonstrate the material and help participants notice that before we can embrace the way things will be, we must go through a process of grieving, and of letting go of the way things used to be.

The Pace of Change

We will look at how different people react to change in different ways and at different times through a discussion and a case study. We ask participants how they would have reacted and compare the case study to the reactions of those in the session. Our trainer will discuss with the team the findings and provide further advice.

The Pyramid Response to Change

We will examine how employees, middle management, and upper management are affected by change. Change will affect the departments differently. We discuss with the team how the response to change can impact the whole organisation.

The Human Reaction to Change

This session will look at Daryl Conner’s interpretation of the human response to change through discussion and small group work with the participants. Understand that complying to change is not technical but attitudinal. Change is not an intellectual issue but it is one that strikes at who you are. Our trainer will discuss the human elements and how we can use many to our benefit.

Adapting to Change

This session will discuss how to become strong to change through a discussion, personal case studies, and small group activities. Adapting is the key to survival. We illustrate many of the past failings of large organisations who decided not to change and ask participants where they are now. Our trainer will highlight the need for change and how to become more adaptable.

Dealing with Resistance

During this session, we will examine the three keys to successful change. We also look into the resistance that many will have towards change, the reasons behind it and how we can also become more inclined to change.

Tailor Made For Change

Experience transformational growth with our personalised team courses, uniquely crafted to align with your business needs and goals. Maximizing individual potential during transitional phases is our top priority. Delve deeper by requesting exclusive sample materials designed to fit your objectives. Collaborate with our expert team to curate a dynamic training session that exceeds your expectations.

Managing Personal Change Training​ Outline

Overview of the Course

Join us on an adventure! We’ll kick things off with a networking session where you can connect with participants. After that we’ll reveal the agenda for our stimulating workshop. Encourage you to set your personal goals for learning. Get ready to feel inspired!

Topics covered in this course

Our Perspective on Change

Embark on a journey where we reshape how you view change. Of fearing or resisting it we’ll help you see it as a driving force in todays fast paced world. Our experienced trainers will provide strategies to seamlessly integrate and promote change within your workplace.

Managing Anger

Discover the art of handling emotions during times of change! Dive into a session that explores techniques for dealing with anger both within yourself and in others. Through captivating lectures and interactive group work we’ll uncover the underlying triggers behind this emotion while participating in enlightening activities to enhance your understanding. Embrace a approach when facing changes!

The Process of Change

Join us as we embark on a journey, into William Bridges change cycle—a concept that sheds light on how people navigate through different stages of change. Get ready to dive into thought provoking conversations and participate in a group activity that will give you an understanding of the cycle and unlock the valuable benefits that come with comprehending its different phases. Don’t miss out on this chance to broaden your perspective, on change and embrace its transformative power.

Effective Stress Management

Embark on a captivating session where we reveal top notch relaxation techniques and stress management methods, embraced by business teams. Experience a journey towards calmness improved focus and enhanced resilience.

Strategies for Adapting to Change

After exploring change models lets now explore five strategies that will help you skillfully navigate through times of transformation.

The Speed of Change

Join us for an exploration of topics through intriguing conversations and an interesting case study. Our expert facilitator will delve into the findings alongside participants sharing insights and advice throughout this session.

The Pyramid Approach to Change

Come along as we delve into the dynamics of change and its impact on employees, middle management and upper management. Engage in stimulating discussions, about how the ripple effect of responding to change can bring shifts within an organisation.

"The Impact of Change, on Human Behaviour"

Join us for a session where we will delve into Daryl Conner’s unique insights into how humans react to change. Together through discussions and collaborative group activities we will explore the elements that can be harnessed to achieve positive outcomes.

Adapting to a Changing World

Experience a session with our expert trainer as they shed light on the importance of embracing change and mastering the skill of adaptability in order to thrive in todays world.

Navigating Resistance

Embark on an exploration, into the factors that contribute to success in times of change! Together we will dive into understanding resistance uncovering its underlying motivations and ultimately emerging with renewed enthusiasm to embrace a world of transformation.

Closing Workshop Activities

As the workshop draws to a close there will be a session allowing participants to satisfy their curiosity and develop an action plan.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

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