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It is always a rare sight to see teams work in such a cohesive manner that one would think of them as extensions of some collective will. These sorts of teams are often the ones that raise the bar for most of the employees within the company, and it is rather unsurprising that these teams also often have the most capable of members, but there is a question to be asked: what is it that allows that turns team members from being individually capable to becoming a part of something much higher than themselves? The answer to this is teamwork. Through teamwork and collaboration, teams are able to raise the bar and achieve things that each member would take twice or even thrice the amount of time and ability to complete. This sort of skill can be rather challenging to acquire, however, as there are various obstacles that can definitely hamper a team’s capacity to connect with each other, let alone work with each other. It is therefore very important to focus on areas that require the most eloquent and interactive assistance, such as time management, task delegation, effective communication and how to deal with negative behaviour as a team. Through our interactive discussions and activities, participants will be able to learn these things effortlessly.

There is no doubt that working on a big project can be difficult. The sheer weight of the responsibility often falls upon the individual team members without them even realising the actual weight of their work. There is therefore a need to inspire confidence by teaching them skills that would help them go a long way, such as proper time management, playing into your team’s strengths through task delegation, stress and anger management and effective communication techniques. Further still, there are other ways for employees to improve through our vast library of training courses, each of which can be combined to create your own customised training session that addresses your team’s needs with pinpoint accuracy. Should you feel the need to ask for more information, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you out!

Employee Collaboration Training Outline

Time Management

Time management is something that is often seen as individual effort, but teams that work on singular projects need to be able to practice team-based time management, while not neglecting the individual aspect of it for maximum results. The discussion, therefore, begins with personal time management, how individuals often try to do it, and how it should actually be done. See, time management is actually a science unto its own: you formulate hypotheses and evaluate them based on steps that are shown to work, and discard the ideas that don’t work. One of which, although rather peculiar, is workplace cleanliness, which can sound rather counter-intuitive as cleaning the workplace is often the last thing on anyone’s mind when responsibilities cast their shadows over them, but it is shown to work because of the amount of time that you actually save by preventing minor mistakes from accumulating and becoming a major loss of time, such as lost pencils, etc. Once all of the facts are covered, teams will be taught how to manage time.. as a team; by making organised checklists and other things that can help them reduce the amount of time they work. Clever use of both aspects will allow participants to greatly reduce the time– and effort– a big project requires.

Task Delegation

Task delegation is also a very important skill. Simply put, it begins with the individual team members’ ability to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of their teammates and nearby resources; this is because teammates often have quirks and diverse experiences resulting in them concentrating on specific areas, allowing them to become stronger in certain aspects and weaker in others. Some teammates may not be so inclined to write, but they may be able to deliver striking PowerPoint presentations or even make them! Some can be also better conversationalists, making them great at ensuring that every customer or client is kept pleased as projects are ongoing. Some resources may also be quicker and more versatile than others; certainly a printer that prints faster and uses up more kinds of ink are more useful in group-based projects. There are many more of these examples to mention, but we shall leave the discussion until after you’ve booked in; you can bet there will be more substantial learning points for you, your company and your team.

Effective Communication

One thing that is connected with time management is effective communication. This means, in terms of objectives, being able to accurately, succinctly, politely and authoritatively relay orders. Accuracy is achieved when you are able to cite your most basic goals and provide other information that your fellow colleagues may need to know to get the job done. Being succinct is also connected to this, in that you need to be able to relay information in the most accessible manner possible. By this, we mean this literally isn’t rocket science. Politeness, as one would have already guessed by now, is simply how sensitive the writer or speaker is in their delivery. They are able to use pointed words that take into account the various sensibilities of other people and they genuinely care for the diversity of these people, such that they are able to befriend them on account of their own eloquence. Authoritativeness, lastly, is all about being able to relay your orders with a sense of urgency. All of these can be achieved through enlightened and eloquent communication, and we intend to hone these skills through interactive and lighthearted discussions.

Stress Management

The stress of working on a big project can often weight heavily on most team members. Worse, if this is not managed, it might actually turn into actual conflict, resulting in a loss of productivity or even worse, attrition. Being able to deal with stress, therefore, is integral if employees are to work together. There are various techniques for dealing with this, such as breathing exercises, proper dialogue and questioning techniques and other more specific methods such as those that deal with anger management. For maximum efficiency, we intend to go over each of these in turn.

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

The training manual is the backbone of any training course, and you can now bring your own improvements upon it with our content customisation service. Through it, we can, without any cost on your part, bring modifications on critical parts of the manual such as its manner of delivery, the workbook style, and the corresponding activities to focus on certain required competencies. We will also coordinate with you to create a thorough needs assessment to help figure out what sort of learning processes your teammates have an affinity for. Now, you can assure awesome training with your own input!

In-House Customised training benefits:

  • Flexible length – You choose the length of the session
  • Highly Effective Team/Industry Specific
  • Certificate of Completion (Professional Grade)
  • Create a Team Building environment
  • Cost effective – Group rate discount
  • Printed courseware (No need to download or use an App to read)

Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Content creation is yet another way to lay down the groundwork for a more wholesome training session. Per your instructions, we will add key details including the company logo and colour, plus research materials including case studies, technical data, and even other languages to complete your desired training manual. More than that, you can own the material and courseware so you can retrain or use for future training sessions. Contact us for more details and pricing.

Instructor Led Online

Download Certificate of Completion $495 inc GST
Printed and Posted Certificate of Completion $515 inc GST

Have one of our professional trainers work with you through a course of your choosing via online video feed with this online assisted training option. All of our courses can be conducted with this service from the comfort of your own home! Book in your session now and gain the skills and knowledge you have always wanted!

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