Lean Process Improvement

Lean Process Improvement Training

This Lean Process Improvement Training is designed to give your employees the essential knowledge and skills necessary for transforming key processes into efficient, value-adding systems. Through interactive instruction on Toyota’s precepts and five fundamental improvement concepts – Value; Waste Reduction; Variation Control; Complexity Mitigation and Continuous Improvements – participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to implement effective Lean process tools in the workplace. With this new found expertise at their disposal, you can expect significant improvements in productivity as soon as implementation begins!

Tap into the success of major companies worldwide by learning how Lean Process Improvements have helped them get to where they are. In this training session, you’ll gain firsthand knowledge on what it takes for a company’s continued development and flourishing. Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of something bigger – contact us now for more information!

Lean Process Outcomes:

Defining Lean and its terms are the first step in learning more about Lean Process Improvement. We provide all the terms and information about Lean at the beginning of this session.

We explain more about history of Lean and more about the Lean philosophy

Our trainers assist your participants to better understand and describe the five critical improvement concepts for Lean Process Improvement.

We discuss how to understand value in the Kano Model, we discuss customer expectations and categorise them to be basic, performance characteristics or value added aspects.

Reducing waste and being able to identify areas where improvement may be needed is important for a business to succeed. We deliver an informative session and a new skill set for participants in this area.

We help participants create a plan within their organisation or an example to help action the skills learnt within the session so far.

We then plan to execute and evaluate the Lean changes that we have created.

We go through all the different frameworks needed to fulfil Lean process Improvement.

The principles for achieving and maintaining an effective workplace: Seiri, Seiketsu, Seiso, Seiton, and Shitsuke are discussed.

We describe and assist your participants to understand the elements here in a small discussion.

With many complex frameworks and elements, we provide assistance in the area to interpret the data collected using flow charts.

We then provide all the tools to the team to be able to go back to their organisation to be able to provide a Lean Process Improvement system within the workplace.

Cause Prevention and Cause Evaluation
Concentrate your actions on customer conditions
Capturing Lean Actions
Finding and assessing the bottlenecks that make your internal procedures cumbersome and costly
Enhance the efficiency of a broken, cumbersome process
Gain business growth and boost profitability.
Lean Six Sigma Execution
Differentiate between value and non -value-adding activities
Discerning the connection between Lean and Six Sigma
Learn how to reduce mistakes and time taken on jobs.
Grasping the 7 types of waste
Executing process waste to be decreased by Lean tools
Enhance customer satisfaction due to improved quality and service.
Re-measure the efficiency of an improved procedure
Deliver better results faster with fewer resources
Mapping the customer value stream
Quantify and analyse the efficiency of an existing process
Lean Processes
Identifying Lean metrics
Understanding Lean methodology notions
Improve communication and teamwork through sharing of thoughts, issues, successes, and failures.
Recognising the aspects of constant development
Lean Concepts
Create a common set of techniques and tools with a methodology that may be used by anyone in the organisation.
Lean Introduction
Organisational Process Risk Identification
Customize a Lean tool you can use right away

Tailor Made Process

Our experienced team is always available to build a tailored training experience specifically designed for your organisation’s needs. Whether you need modifications, additions or deletions from our existing module content, we have the ability to customise it all so that each session maximises its potential and perfectly meets your requirements.

Our training program is accessible Australia-wide, including the vibrant cities of Canberra, Gold Coast, Sydney and Brisbane as well as popular destinations such Parramatta and Melbourne. Adelaideans can also take advantage of our sessions along with residents from Darwin or Perth – all in one comprehensive offering.

Lean Process Improvement Outline

Course Introduction

To start our session lets take a moment to get to know each other and discuss what we will be covering in this workshop. We will also spend some time understanding the individual learning goals of each participant so that everyone can make the most of their experience today.

Topics covered in this course

Understanding Lean Principles

During this session we will introduce participants to the core principles of Lean. Explore its context. We will delve into concepts such as the Toyoda Precepts. Compare them with Six Sigma philosophies. By the end of this session attendees will have a grasp on terminology associated with Lean strategies for successful implementation.

The Toyota Production System

Next we will provide an understanding of the Toyota Production System through insights from renowned expert Jeffery Liker. Prepare to unlock knowledge and gain insights to enhance your production processes.

The Toyota Production System House

In this session attendees can broaden their understanding of the Toyota Production System by gaining a perspective.

The Five Essential Improvement Concepts

Lean process improvement is a tool for businesses. Throughout our discussion we will explore five concepts that form the foundation of value creation; eliminating waste and reducing variability; effectively navigating complexity; as well as maintaining an ongoing focus, on continuous enhancement.

Exploring the Value of the Kano Model

Join us as we delve into the concepts of the Kano Model, where products and systems are categorized into three groups; basic, performance enhancing and value added. Discover how this innovative framework can bring benefits to your organisation!

Understanding Different Types of Waste

During this session participants will gain an understanding of waste management topics. We will explore the three types of waste (muda, muri and mura). Also delve into some innovative approaches, in this field.

Building an Efficient Organisation through Lean Principles

Discover how Lean principles can help you build a organisation. Uncover John Bichenos 20 key principles for creating an enterprise.

The PDSA Cycle; Plan, Do, Study, Act

Learn how organisations can effectively develop plans and take action steps towards creating changes using the PDSA cycle. Unlocking this system for improvement enables transformations within any organisation.

Enhancing Efficiency with the R DMAIC S Model

In this session we will explore the Recognise – Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control Sustain model. Frequently used in Six Sigma processes to maximise efficiency and ensure lasting results this model offers insights, for process improvement.

Lean Thinking Tools

Lets dive into the terminology used in Lean, where we’ll discuss tools, like the 5W 2H approach for problem solving. We’ll also explore Genchi Genduso, which emphasises gaining insights and facts by being present at the location before making decisions. Another tool we’ll cover is Gemba, which encourages reflection on workplace processes in their real world environment. Lastly we’ll look at the systematization method that promotes structure within a workspace.

Kaizen Events

Moving on to Kaizen Events we’ll explore the five stages of Kaizen with a focus on Level 3 known as the exciting ‘Kaizen blitz.’ This session will provide an understanding and valuable insights on how to make the most of this event!

A Plan to Take Home

In our session we will put your problem solving skills to the test by reflecting on your challenges in implementing lean. Together we will determine how to apply these lessons within your company. Additionally you will gain ideas for projects that can be executed with a framework for success!

Workshop Wrap-Up

As we wrap up our workshop you will have an opportunity to reflect on your progress and ask any questions you may have. Through this process you can develop a structured action plan, for success.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Transform your content to match the needs of you and your team with our customisation service. Our manual provides a range of activities, certificate colors and delivery methods so that you can easily tailor the training process. Best part yet – all modifications are free! Unlock greater learning potential without any extra costs when you get in touch or watch this short video for more information.

In-House Customised training benefits:
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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Our content creation service provides the power to transform your training manual concepts into top-notch educational material. We customise each session with research materials such as case studies, company stats and graphs, employee colors and logos – whatever it takes to make sure you get exactly what you need! Plus, we even offer bilingual manuals for teams looking to learn multiple languages. Get in touch today; let’s build a perfect program together!

Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Get your training on track with one of our experienced professionals! Schedule a date that works for you, without waiting in line. Our virtual sessions are designed to meet all needs and last between 4-6 hours via Zoom. Get ready to level up today!

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to access high-level expertise through a one hour virtual chat with our knowledgeable trainers. Refresh those workplace skills or dig into any course module – now you have the perfect chance! Unlock your potential today using our Zoom platform and join us for an enlightening experience.

Self Directed Online Course

Gain the freedom to learn on your own terms with our suite of pre-recorded educational resources. Access a range of activities, assessments and video tutorials that can be completed in your own time as you move through each course at an individual pace.

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