How to organise your workspace

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How to organise your workspace

coursedetailsIt has many benefits. You feel more in control, can focus on the areas you need to pay attention and have a clearer idea of what is important. A well-organised space can help you be more productive, eliminate distractions and position you for success.

1. Choose a desk layout that suits your natural flow. Clear the keyboard space so you can easily slide into your chair and start clicking away. Don’t assume that something is neat just because it looks nice. You should do what is best for you and your daily life.

2. A trash can should be placed near your desk. How often do you look at a piece or paper and think “I’ll throw it out when I get up?” Instead of ignoring it, clean it off your desk immediately by dropping it in the trash can. Although it may seem like a challenge, you will end up with some missed shots and crumpled papers on the floor from keeping a trash can.

3. You can keep cables organised by attaching a cable holder to the top of your desk using this binder clip hack. To keep track of your cords and chargers even when they are being borrowed to someone else, you can label them.

4. Keep a Document Storage system on your Desk. If you have any physical documents (because you are old-fashioned like that), then you will need a way to organise them. You can take five minutes to determine how many “inboxes”, and then bring in an accordion file, filing cabinet or simple desk organiser that has at least the same number of slots or folders. You can also designate an area on your desk where you can stack papers as they arrive.

5. If you have documents you need to look over, it’s a good idea to organise them so they are always at your fingertips. If you don’t have walls, place them in your desktop organiser. This will make it easier to complete tasks and save you time searching for the right sticky note.

istockphoto xHow to organise your workspace

1. Clean your office.

Start with nothing. Start by taking everything out of every drawer, bin, and cabinet. Every item should be taken off the desk and placed on the floor. Take a look around. Ground zero is where you are. Although it may seem overwhelming, it will get easier as it gets better.

2. Assess the mess.

Consider what is on your floor. Throw everything into two piles: “keep” and “throw-away/recycle”. This is where you can throw out all the useless and trashy paper you have accumulated over time. You can get rid of all your sticky notes and old legal pads. You don’t have to throw away all your paper items. You can get rid of all the junk so you only have to keep the most important items in your office.

3. Decide what you want to keep.

You should now be left with your “keep”, pile. Before you start putting things back together, however, it is important to create an organisational plan.

4. Tackle your “file” pile.

Hanging folders and color-coordinated tabs can organise your papers. Make labels with a label maker so that you can easily find everything without digging through your drawers. Label folders, bins drawers and binders. Take a scan of important documents to create a digital copy.

5. Re-assembly is required.

Next, place your computer or laptop back on your desk. You should do this so that the chords are not visible. Corral your cables! Visible chords can cause clutter and chaos on your desk.

6. Consider what you have in your “keep” pile.

Take out all loose papers, notes, and memos. You will need to create two piles. One is a “to do” pile, the other is a “file”. Place papers representing things you haven’t done yet in the “to do” pile. Grab your calendar and to-do lists and take that pile and make a new success list. Once you have all the papers transcribed, you can take that “success” pile and place it in a designated spot close to where you are sitting. The pile and your calendar will be visual reminders to start working on those tasks that you’ve avoided.

7. Storage solutions.

Cubes are becoming smaller. This is a frustrating truth but it’s what it is. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough storage space in your office, or at your cubicle. There are many solutions. To increase your organisation surface, you might consider purchasing baskets or desk stacking products. Ask your office manager to request additional shelving or a wheeled file cabinet.

8. Find natural beauty.

A higher level of satisfaction with their work, their family, and their lives overall is another productivity hack. However, this doesn’t solve the problems that many people face when they live in cities with no view.

Last Thoughts

Make your desk your desk if you want to organise things in your office. It will make you feel better. You can make your desk look more organised by purchasing a few attractive accessories that are efficient and pleasing to the eye. A cup for pens, small notebook holders, and a magazine holder are some of the accessories that can keep clutter off your desk. Learn more about organisation with our training courses and team. Enquire about a custom session for your organisational needs.

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