Telephone Skills Training

Telephone Skills Training

Companies are in dire need of employees who have the proper telephone skills. Without these, businesses that offer phone communication and telemarketing services can’t properly operate – making it essential to ensure your organisation is up-to-date with its training methods. Our “Telephone Skills Training” module provides a comprehensive course for those looking to sharpen their abilities in this vital field!

Struggling to muster the confidence necessary for successful phone conversations with clients? Our training session can help! We’ll provide valuable tips and insight on how you can take control of your communication, giving yourself that extra boost needed when talking remotely. Unlock newfound self-assurance in a matter of hours – get started today!

Businesses everywhere are seeing the benefit of this transformational training session. By equipping your team with vital telephone etiquette and communication skills through it, they will be able to engage customers more effectively – making a big impact on customer satisfaction as well as business success! If phone calls form an integral part of your company’s daily operations, investing in this module could prove invaluable for both you and them.

This module is designed to help participants use their vocal tone effectively and speak with confident fluency. Additionally, question techniques will be discussed that can bring conversations between customers and clients to the next level – by inspiring engaging dialogue beyond a simple sales pitch. Finally, strategies for effortlessly gathering information from customers are taught during this valuable training session.

Telephone Skills Training Outcomes

Did you know many people have a phone voice? Do you answer the phone differently to speaking with someone in person? Learn more about how you can also use your voice more effectively over the telephone which will impress your customers and improve your performance.

Information gathering is a fantastic skill to have. Learning how questions will help you gather information and also guide the mind into areas of discussion will provide you with added skills in information discovery. Our trainer will demonstrate how to use questions effectively and at a deeper level.

We provide 5 different techniques for information probing. Learn techniques that Police and professional investigators use.

Closing a conversation will assist with more effective delivery and impression at the end of a call or interaction. There are some simple skills to end a conversation more efficiently and professionally. Learn what they are in this section.

Want to know more about the telephone strategy that professionals use? This part of the session discusses how their is an actual strategy that you can follow so you get success every time.

Would you like your customers to agree with you more? Are you working in a role that you need a little more control over the telephone? Our trainer will explain how you can create more positive calls and remove the opportunity for the call to become negative.

Building a connection over the phone is a great skill and one that many call operators may have difficulty to do. Our trainer provides information here about how the human mind and body works, including the ability to mirror and connect with others. We also demonstrate the skills with activities proving to participants that we can connect quicker over the phone with just a few tweaks.

Difficult callers may provide call operators with a difficult tasks. Each situation and issue will be different in nature however there are some base skills that are effective in dealing and taking control of the call. We provide practical information and examples of how to tackle these difficult callers.

Words can change a situation from bad to good, they can resolve issues, and impact or persuade your customers. Our trainer will evaluate scripting and provide additional guidance on how to create the perfect word structure for high results over the phone.

There is a positive way to structure a call. We go through the process from start to finish so that participants learn which stage they are actively in on the call. Our trainer provides more information on how to create the perfect flow and feel on the telephone.

Taking Messages

One of the key areas to telephone communication is the ability to take effective messages. In this session, participants will look at some essential components of taking messages. Our trainer also will help participants to create a quick reference sheet that they can keep by their desk for a smoother call.

Phone Tag and Receiving the Call Back

We have all had those moments where we have called and tried reaching someone who has left a message for us also. While today’s technology can make it hard sometimes to reach a decision maker, there are some tips that can make the message more effective. This session will give participants some instruments to deal with phone tag and help the message get to the right person.

High Impact Seconds

This session will explore some those moments when you need to make sure every second counts. We provide participants with advanced skills to create impacts on the telephone and help increase their communication effectiveness.

It’s Much More Than Simply a Phase

In this part of the session participants learn about some of the different kinds of discussions over the phone and the four phases of dialogue.

Who are your Customers?

Would you like to know more about the person on the other end of the phone? In this session, participants are going to learn about the human element and we discuss more about the types of customers that participants will come across. As our trainer helps to identify common issues with customers over the phone, we also provide a range of solutions for those difficult situations.

To Please and Serve

This session will give participants the opportunity to develop strong, helpful phrases for helping customers. We provide some scripted responses and statements that many organisations use to assist a caller or customer.


We negotiate nearly every day. Dialogue is a key ability for call center success. During this session, participants will learn four things that they can do to become better negotiators. Advanced negotiation for those who need to negotiate over the phone.

Going Beyond and Above

We want to provide participants with advanced techniques for increasing customer service levels. This session will give participants 15 techniques for success and a number of ways to customise their service to help the customer feel great about the transaction.

Asking the Appropriate Questions

In this session, participants learn about the use of questioning techniques and how to probe effectively for gaining more information. Learn how to gather information quicker with a smoother telephone technique. Professional telephone support and call center techniques to impress anyone.

Close the Sale

Closing the conversation can be just as important as the start. Learning how to effectively close the call without any awkwardness. In this session, participants will develop good questions that will help them close a sale or a conversation more effectively.

Tips for Chatty Callers

We all have those moments, where we find someone on the phone that may wish to talk for hours. In this session, participants will learn a few methods to take care of these types of callers.

Creating a Script

Scripts can be an effective tool, especially for cold calls. This session will give participants a chance to lay out the framework for their script. There is nothing like an adaptable phone operator, however the small scripted exercises and activities here will show participants how the fall back script can be helpful to gain more time, get back on track and focus on a process. Next, participants will learn strategies to customise their scripts. We will also look at FAQ sheets and how they could help participants on a daily basis.

Sales by Phone

Do you sell over the phone? This session will talk about how to utilise information delivery and rapport building skills to help participants sell more over the telephone.

Staying Out of Voice Mail Jail

Voice mail is an excellent tool, but it can also be frustrating. In this session, participants will talk about some strategies for leaving messages and they will have a chance to practice those techniques in a group activity.

Vocal Techniques

We provide vocal techniques to participants to demonstrate the use of a phone voice and increasing our effectiveness using tone. This session will give participants an opportunity to practice some vocal exercises. This session will cover the four E’s of a successful telephone voice and the way you can use them to promote a service image.

Changes in the Customer

Customers have changed in their expectations, with the increase of technology we briefly discuss how this may impact the contact call operator. This session will explore some ways that customers have changed in the previous twenty years.


During this session, participants will work in pairs to rewrite dry and less than inspired statements to show empathy for their customers.

What’s Missing in Telephone Communicating

To begin, participants will investigate Alfred Mehrabian’s study on communication and the way that it impacts telephone communication. Participants may also learn the role that body language plays in phone communication.

Questioning and Listening Skills

In this session, participants will learn techniques for active listening and staying focused.

Coping with Challenging Customers

This session will give participants nine easy techniques for handling difficult customers. We will look at how to cope with vulgarity.

Stress Bursting

All of us need techniques for managing the tension in our own lives. This session will encourage players to develop some personalised methods to manage stress.

Handling Objections

In this session, participants will learn different approaches to deal with sales objections.

Saying No

Delivering bad news and saying “no” can be two of the very difficult aspects of a call center representative’s job. This session will give participants techniques and practice in these two skill areas that are vital.

Cold and Warm Calls

During this session, participants are going to learn how to maximise their efficiency in each and about these two types of calls.


Tailor This Session For Your Team

This training is available Australia wide in Melbourne, Parramatta, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Darwin.

If what you’re looking for is a Call Centre Training session, then we also offer Communication Training and other Customer Service Training which can help in developing your team. Our company can make a personalised training session to suit your needs and preferences. We can fully tailor this training to suit your needs. Call us at 1300 810 725 if you want more information about this training and to be able to get a free custom outline.

Telephone Skills Training Outline

Course Overview

We will start our workshop with an session, where we’ll have the opportunity to get acquainted and explore what lies ahead. Additionally participants will be encouraged to set their goals for the days activities fostering a self driven learning environment.

Topics covered in this course

Providing Effective Client Service

During this workshop participants will delve into the “ten commandments” and “seven deadly sins” of business uncovering communication strategies, leadership skills and realising the impact that small details can have on customer service. Equipped with these guidelines participants are bound to gain knowledge that could elevate their businesses or services on a scale.

Your Personality/Your Telephone Voice

Participants will embark on a journey, through the history of telecommunication from its beginnings to todays cutting edge tools. They will discover how a step by step communication model and other factors contribute to creating effective phone conversations.

Building Trust with Your Clients

In this session attendees will gain insights into making an impression, on their clients. They will learn techniques that lead to outcomes in every interaction.

Overcoming Phone Communication Barriers

In this session participants will be empowered to overcome five obstacles and gain insights, into the impact of specific words on their progress. They will be equipped with the skills to achieve success in any given situation!

Effective Inquiry

Discover the art of formulating questions that encourage discussions and facilitate communication. This session will provide you with a range of techniques for navigating conversations

Handling Difficult Clients

Explore brainstorming strategies for managing challenging clients while maintaining a positive attitude. Lets delve into ways to remain optimistic and composed during conversations!

Preparing Yourself

This session aims to guide participants in handling telephone calls. Learn how to handle inquiries navigate conversations and ensure that you meet all your callers needs!

Wrapping Up the Workshop

Following the workshop participants will not acquire knowledge. Also have an opportunity to translate their ideas into action! This is a time to ask any questions and devise a plan, for success.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Make a lasting impact on your employees with our customised training material. Our team can help you spruce up standard manuals by using personalised information, examples and local industry-specific content that’ll keep them engaged throughout the session. We will also change modules, visual materials and activities to ensure your objectives are met more satisfyingly – all for free!

In-House Customised training benefits:
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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Get everything you need to put on a magnificent training session with Paramount! Our team of experienced designers, writers and developers can craft the perfect workbook tailored specifically for your needs. Provide us the details and we’ll take care of all the hard work – from writing courseware that’s unique to you, right through to delivering it internally so it belongs solely in your hands. Learn more about our professional creation services today by contacting one of our friendly personnel!

Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Get ready for an online course tailored to your needs! Book today with one of our experienced trainers and unlock the skills you desire in just 4-6 hours; no need to wait – it’s as simple as a few clicks on Zoom.

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Our experienced trainers can help you take your professional game to the next level. Zoom in for an hour and learn a new skill, such as a module or course that will benefit both yourself and your workplace! Upgrade with ease – upskill while having downtime at work.

Self Directed Online Course

Embrace your learning journey with these prerecorded, interactive courses. Sharpen your skills at an individual pace and unlock limitless self-development possibilities!

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