Benefits of a Clean and Tidy Workspace

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Well Organised Workspaces Are Effective Workspaces

A well-organised workplace can be a huge asset and should be valued more, as it reduces time and increases productivity.

Employers need to encourage their employees to keep their workplace clean and organised. Visitors and employees alike will be impressed by a clean, organised workplace. It allows employees to feel proud of their work environment and increases their confidence. A disorganised workplace is not conducive to focusing on projects or tasks effectively. It can also negatively affect your professional, psychological, and emotional well-being.

Your workspace is a reflection of your brain. The more organised you are, the more productive and useful you will be. Clutter and disorganisation can cause anxiety and make it difficult to make decisions. It can cause stress, burnout, decrease your ability to focus, and increase negative emotions.

healthy workspaceTidy Workspaces: The Benefits

1. Confidence can be restored by cleaning and decluttering.

It’s likely that we spend so much time in the office that it has an effect on how we feel. Uncluttered spaces can communicate more pessimistic feelings subconsciously and consciously. It’s difficult to avoid these sinking feelings in the workplace when you are constantly exposed to it.

The first impression is the most important. How would clients and visitors feel when they walk into a tidy, clean office? It is easy to see why. Build confidence with a clean workspace.

2. Less chaos equals less stress

No matter where you are located, clutter can cause stress. These problems can make it more difficult to work in an office, whether it’s finding a report among piles of papers, or digging through old keyboards to find one that works.

Even small things, such as dusty surfaces and poorly labeled files or walkways cluttered with boxes or other debris can cause discomfort. A clean workspace with organised surfaces and clearly labelled filing can help to de-stress the day.

3. Safer work environments can be created by keeping your workplace clean

Clean work environments are safer and less likely to cause injury, illness or other dangers. Safety is a top priority for staff and visitors. Regular cleaning can help reduce accidents and injuries, trip hazards, and the potential for accidental nicks or cuts around the workplace.

4. No Pests

Cockroaches, rats, and other pests will be attracted to anything from food scraps in the office lunchroom to leftover wrappers that are thrown away at the desk bins. You can keep pests away by having dedicated bins for food waste and regular cleaning of food preparation areas. You might consider a cleaning list for the lunchroom. This would allow each staff member to be responsible for maintaining cleanliness and order in the common areas and kitchen.

5. Everything at its rightful place

As all great tradesmen know there is a place in every shed. Your workspace and desk will work better if you have a designated space. You should have somewhere to put your post-it notes, coffee mugs and other stationery. A tidy, organised space encourages productivity and promotes a balanced approach to living and work.

6. Less staff sick days

A clean office could help your team avoid sick days and improve productivity. Germs can easily spread in busy workplaces, where food particles and poorly working air conditioners are common. It can be difficult to recover from a staff member falling ill, especially if it spreads around the office. You can take control by cleaning your office regularly, putting hand sanitizers at every desk, and keeping those bugs away from flu season. Due to Covid-19 many businesses are taking a more hygienic view and implementing new systems to prevent spread.

7. Protect your furniture and equipment.

Tools that are well maintained last longer. This applies to everything from factory machinery to computer equipment. Regularly cleaning equipment will make them last longer. Stains on office furniture can also be prevented by addressing them early.

8. You can do it faster

It is easier to find the things you need in a tidy and clean office environment.

Have you ever wondered where your favorite stapler went? Is the printer paper being moved to make room for junk boxes? A well-organised desk will save you time, make you a consummate professional and foster your creativity. It also reduces stress. What’s not love about this?


It doesn’t matter if you are growing your business or working with others on a project together, it is important to have a space that is organised and comfortable to work in. It can help you to focus and be more productive.

To help you avoid these harmful effects, above are some simple steps that you can follow to organise your workspace. You can avoid these everyday problems by organising your workspace and putting everything in its place.

Do you want to create a more productive workspace that encourages creativity, productivity, and improves office wellbeing? For more information or to receive a tailored training program, please contact us.

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