Good Manners at Work

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Good Manners at Work

Respectful behaviour in the workplace creates an atmosphere of trust and respect. When colleagues are polite, thoughtful, and kind, coworkers will be more productive and engaged. The workplace etiquette refers to the standard code of conduct that employees are expected to follow. These rules outline the appropriate manners and conduct that you should avoid.

istockphoto xTips for good workplace etiquette

  • Send a polite greeting

Smile, say “hello”, “good morning” and “good afternoon,” when you meet customers or coworkers. When you meet someone new, give them a handshake. This adds personalisation and a sense of belonging to coworkers. It is a good idea to greet others at work. This will help customers and colleagues feel more comfortable around your friendly demeanor.

  • Have a conversation

You should make sure you have lots of chances to chat with customers and coworkers during your workday. Begin conversations with people you know at work, sharing thoughts and opinions about recent events or company achievements. Start a conversation by commenting on common topics, such as weather and current events. It can be very rewarding to make connections with people new. It’s possible to strike up a conversation with potential clients or build a network of professionals who can help you in your career.

  • Pay attention to others

Keep an eye out for others, especially when you are moving around the office. When you pass through a door, be sure to look over your shoulder and open the door if you see someone behind you. If someone is walking towards the elevator, hold the door open for them. You should complete tasks that others need in order to fulfill their duties. Try to do so as fast and accurately as you can. When interacting with others, use please or thank you. Mindfulness is a great way to demonstrate your teamwork and collaboration skills.

  • Your phone should be turned off

When working with clients or colleagues, notifications from your phone can distract you. To ensure that you don’t disturb other workers with these sounds, silence your phone at work. You can set the vibrate notification to activate if you are expecting a call. It is important to keep your phone off during meetings. However, coworkers will appreciate your efforts if they are within close proximity.

  • Give it your full attention

Ensure that you are paying attention to all conversations. Inadvertently speaking over another person is a reason to apologise. When attending meetings, leave your phone at home and don’t touch it during one-on-one conversations. Your full attention shows that you are interested in the topic and want to hear their opinions.

  • Keep your workplace spotless

Everyone should take responsibility for keeping the workplace clean. If you are using a common tool, be sure to return it in the designated area. This will make it easier for others to find it. To keep your workplace clean and organised, wipe down any dirt or marks, such as counters and tables. Clean workplaces can improve motivation and productivity in teams.

  • Arrive on-time

Being punctual is an important part of workplace etiquette. Respect others’ time and priorities and arrive on time for meetings. Complete tasks before the deadlines. Arrive at work a few minutes early to avoid delays. Plan meetings so that there is a time limit at the end to allow participants to reach their next engagement quickly.

  • You can eat in the breakroom or outside the office

Distracting aromas can be created by eating at your desk. You should eat lunch at designated places, such as the cafeteria or break room. It is a good idea to eat your lunch outside of the workplace, if possible. You can reduce distractions for your team by eating outside of your office or desk. This will help you to refocus on work when you return.

  • Wear appropriate clothing

The best option for work is to wear modesty. It’s best to wear simple, comfortable clothes even in casual settings. Jewelry that jingles, or has a strong perfume can distract from your job. If you are unsure about acceptable attire, consult your employee handbook.

When meeting with clients, dress professionally or business casually. You can also dress according to the business’s standards. If your client is a financial company, for example, you might choose to wear business casual clothing.

  • Meet in designated spaces

For meetings with more than one person, you can either schedule a meeting space or hire a private office to hold your discussions. Meetings held in your workplace can create noise which could distract your team members. To reduce noise, close the door when you are in meetings. Low voices are best for meetings and one-on-1 office conversations. This allows others to focus while you speak.

  • Pay attention to your body language

Your body language can send different messages during conversations. Good nonverbal communication is a good way to ensure that your body language conveys the same message as your words.

Make eye contact with others when speaking to them. If possible, nod your head when appropriate to show that you are paying attention. Smiles can be a sign of enthusiasm and interest in the topic. To show confidence, keep your arms straight and your shoulders at your sides. To show that you are awake and alert, when sitting or standing, make sure your back is straight.

Last Thoughts

Positive relationships with coworkers and bosses can only be built on good manners. While consideration and common courtesy are important, it is equally important to learn the rules of conduct in every workplace. They can be a hindrance to your advancement. Despite the casual atmosphere in many workplaces today, you should not lose sight of the fact that your professional and personal identities must be kept separate. Your supervisor may not like what you think is acceptable at home so learning more about acceptable behaviour in the workplace is recommended. Learn more with a tailored training session for your team.

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