Interview Skills Training

Interview Skills Training

Interviewers are the face of a company and have immense power to shape an applicant’s impression through their interactions. They can also be influential in employees’ decisions to resign or even return; making it essential for them to have superior interviewing skills. With effective interviews, both employers and applicants benefit: companies get access to high-quality talent while job seekers gain opportunities with great potential. If you’re looking to sharpen your interview skills, or just want an overview of the basics before attending a job interview then this session may be helpful. We can even tailor our training sessions to meet any unique requirements – so come along and gain all the tips and tricks needed for success!

Take your interpersonal skills to the next level with this invaluable training course! Designed for those in more interactive, interviewing roles within companies, it’ll help you make a great impression when dealing with applicants. Plus, its lessons are applicable beyond work-related scenarios and can even be used in everyday situations – from asking strangers where the best food around town is to preparing yourself as an interviewee. Sign up now and unlock limitless potential!

Interview Skill Outcomes:

Becoming a good interviewer can be due to the skills that you develop. Questioning techniques will help you become more effective with the advanced skills in this part of the session. Learn how to gain more control in the interview process and gain more information quicker.

Probing an individual for information can be a little difficult without the right skills. When people know you are probing for information they may be less likely to provide you the responses. Our trainer provides 5 different ways to probe for more information so you can comfortably ask the questions you need to interview.

Communication is key to an effective interview. Learn advanced techniques and some basic miscommunication issues to prepare yourself for a better interview.

You gut instinct may be telling you something. Learn how to pick up on the signals so you no longer need to go on a hunch or a gut feeling. By learning more about body language you will be able to read the interviewee more effectively.

The environment around you can impact on the interview. Participants learn how to set up a comfortable interview room and use the environment around them to their advantage. Make your interviewee feel at ease with some simple techniques.

Connecting with the person across the desk is important. You will find that the more rapport you build the more trusting and at ease the interviewee will feel. This enables a free flow of information and assists you in the interview process.

We teach participants how to end a meeting effectively and how to handle those difficult questions. Even though you may be the one interviewing, from time to time you may have a question or a response you may not know how to answer. Our trainer provides tips and advice on how to buy more time, or to respond more effectively.

We teach participants how to pick up on the 4 main interaction styles within an interview. This will assist with personality profiling and learning more about the candidate.

Create an environment where you will make people feel at ease. It can be from things you say, the room itself or your behaviour towards the candidate. Our trainer provides some advice on how to quickly help people feel at ease.

Learning how to gather information quickly and effectively will save both your time and the interviewee. Learn how simple questions and techniques at the right time will increase the communication.

Tailored Interview Courseware.

If you’re looking to find the perfect training and development plan for your team, look no further. Our experienced professionals can work with you every step of the way – customizing materials that cater specifically to your needs. Give us a call on 1300 810 725 for more information about our tailored courses, and discuss how we can create a complimentary outline just for you!

From Perth to Brisbane, we provide quality training sessions all throughout Australia. Whether you live in Adelaide or Canberra, Darwin or Parramatta – our team is here to support your professional success! Come join us in the Gold Coast and Melbourne, Sydney too for a chance at unprecedented growth.

Interview Skills Training Outline

Course Overview

Join us for this one-day course to learn the valuable skills and knowledge needed to conduct successful job interviews. We’ll explore all aspects of interviewing, from asking skillful questions that draw out relevant information about a candidate’s abilities, right through to preparing competency-based interview processes tailored specifically with the role in mind. Don’t miss your chance at gaining invaluable expertise you can put into practice straight away!

Topics covered in this course

What To Do Before the Interview

Participants of this session will gain a comprehensive understanding on how to make their interview process as successful and effective as possible. They will be able to identify the kind of talent that is suitable for an organisational fit, get insight into different career paths, comprehend what candidates look for in job opportunities, and ensure excellence throughout the interviewing experience.

What is the purpose of an Interview?

Through an interactive group exercise, participants will explore the importance of interviewing in organisational decision-making. They’ll identify why managers take time to assess potential employees and articulate strategies for successful candidate evaluation.

What To Do During the Interview

During this session, attendees will explore the fundamentals of interviewing – from its structure to essential components. Participants will gain a comprehensive knowledge base on the essentials for an effective interview.

What you can and can’t ask

At this session, attendees will gain insight into the types of questions to pose during an interview and those that should be avoided in order to make a positive impression.

What To Do After the Interviews

At this session, you will learn how to effectively evaluate a job candidate’s performance. We’ll show you the ropes of rating candidates objectively and consistently while providing constructive feedback that will help your team make informed decisions.

Choosing the right candidate

Participants will gain the knowledge and confidence to select an ideal candidate for any position.

Wrap up

To finish off the session, your team will have an opportunity to ask questions and spark necessary conversations for creating a tangible action plan. Let’s come together to set goals that can be achieved through collaboration!

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Our team is committed to delivering custom tailored training experiences for businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s crafting unique content and activities or adding your company logo, our dedicated writers and editors are ready to take on any challenge you throw at us! Book now with Paramount Training and enjoy the difference that comes with a personalised approach.

In-House Customised training benefits:
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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

At Paramount, we specialise in crafting custom content and training solutions so you never have to worry about settling for ‘good enough’ again! Our skilled team of professionals will provide the guidance necessary to craft a tailored plan designed specifically with your needs at heart. Plus within just a few days, our high quality workbook ensure there’s no compromise on excellence – giving you results that exceed expectations every time.

Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Get the training you need and book now for a personalised session. With no pre-set dates, our specialised trainers are offering tailored Zoom seminars with 1:1 guidance to ensure your success. Start learning today in 4 to 6 hours!

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Level up your skills at work with an online session, available on Zoom. Our expert trainers are ready to discuss and help you understand any module or course for 1 hour – a great way to use downtime in the workplace!

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