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How much does office etiquette matter?

It matters a lot. Although people may be less formal in their work, they still expect colleagues to be polite and respectful. Good manners can help you build a reputation and increase your chances of achieving success in your career.

It is important to dress professionally at work. The way employees dress speaks volumes about their personality and the company as a whole. Your Code of Conduct should clearly define what is acceptable in the office and for business meetings.

Your professional image can be affected by how you handle difficult workplace situations. No matter if you work at a large accounting firm or manage a small business there will be some office politics in your workplace. Many organisations are susceptible to political issues, particularly small businesses with fewer employees. Office politics can have a significant impact on a company’s ability to address these issues.

Six Ways to Show Business Etiquette to Employees

Respect your colleagues at all times
Respect is key to creating an open workplace culture. Respect your colleagues as you would treat yourself.

In a timely manner, reply to messages from colleagues
Respond quickly to colleagues’ emails, voice messages and Skype messages.

Put Personal Phones Onto Silent
Personal phones can be disruptive and off-putting to coworkers by blaring out into the office.

When they are speaking, don’t interrupt colleagues
Interrupting others is rude. It shows a lack in social skills.

Pay attention to your body language
Body language speaks volumes in working environments. It could be seen as rude to speak with colleagues while keeping your arms crossed or not making eye contact.

Respect other people in the office
It is impossible to overuse the words thank-you and please in a work environment.

What happens if you make an etiquette mistake?

Everybody makes mistakes from time to time, so don’t be hard on yourself if you make a mistake at work. Recognise your error and offer to apologise to the person you offended. Next, think about the reasons for your error. Did you feel stressed out or overwhelmed by dealing with a problem at work? You must address the root cause of the problem and think about how you can prevent it from happening again.

Holiday business etiquette for your customers and employees

Gifts for clients, vendors and employees
If your small business has a tradition of giving holiday gifts to co-workers, you don’t have to agree to an employee gift exchange at work.  If your workplace has an established no-gifts policy, employees who want to share gifts with co-workers should do so outside of work.

Give your employees year-end bonuses. Instead of giving holiday gifts they don’t want, you can give them year-end bonuses.

Cards for business holiday
Although sending holiday cards isn’t as difficult as gift-giving during holidays, the goals are the exact same. It is important to build business relationships and not offend anyone. Avoiding overtly religious themes (including Christmas references) is the best way to stay safe.

part etiquetteParties
Consider giving your employees time off, or a bonus, instead of hosting a holiday party. Most employees would rather have either a bonus or time off than a holiday party.

Ensure your holiday party doesn’t result in a sexual harassment case or worker’s compensation claim due to an injury or alcohol-related legal action. Employers can be responsible for out of business hour events. So choose carefully.


The culture that business owners create in their workplace is important. The workplace culture impacts not only those who work there every day but also customers, vendors, investors, and peers from the outside.

Bottom line: Pay attention how you conduct your business. Your employees will follow you and reflect the tone that you set. Your company can reach new heights by practicing good business manners and creating a positive workplace culture.

To learn more about Etiquette in the workplace contact our team for either coaching or a tailored training session for your team.

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