Sales Presentation Training

Sales Presentation Training

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Presenting to an audience can be a daunting experience; it is quite normal to worry they may not take our ideas seriously, or even worse – that we might suffer from stage fright during the presentation! But don’t despair: such fears are common and there are things one can do in order to overcome them. Business presentations come with their own set of challenges but understanding how best face these issues will help ensure success.

Become confident and persuasive with your sales presentations! In this training course, you will acquire the key skills to make lasting first impressions, present proposals confidently and aid memory during visual & verbal sales. Learn how body language & word usage plays a crucial role in influencing people’s decisions for better business outcomes – all within an engaging environment.

Sales Presentation Objectives

Our trainer will start of by discussing the importance of a great sales presentation and how there are key elements to a quality proposal. We provide all participants with these key elements so they are able to put together a future quality proposal.

Our trainer will provide information on “What makes a winning proposal” after discussion with the participants we develop the key points of how to write one.

Your first impression is important to the rest of your message. Learn how to become more controlled, less nervous and more effective with your first impression. Our trainer will highlight the common issues and solutions for these issues.

Presenting can involve many personal skills. We highlight many areas which make a great presenter and also provide advice to participants on how they can develop each of the areas and skills.

Making an effective presentation is a little different to writing one. There are a few different points in this session on how to deliver professionally.

Face to Face presentations can be a little difficult for some. The advice and information in this module will help participants become more at ease and learn to use more face to face communication skills on body language.

Words can help images take shape, add color to your message and motivate your listeners. With an activity we interact with the participants to help everyone come up with words they would love to hear in a presentation. Our trainer will then attempt to demonstrate how these words will influence their message.

A range of tips and advice from presenters around the world. Learn how the professionals stand up and make amazing presentations.

Visual sales presentations can be useful for those with different learning styles in your audience. They can also help you with your presentation also. Learn how to become more professional when using visual presentations.

Interaction with your audience will help you to become a great presenter. Your audience can read the information, watch your sales presentation anytime (If visual presentation). So you need to give them something more. Interaction is the additional key to becoming a great speaker and presenting your sales presentation more effectively.

This session is for those who need to improve their memory. It could be a larger presentation, or when nerves kick in, you may need to be able to remember your presentation instead of using notes. This session will help build a memory for presenting.

Tailored For Results

Delivering persuasive sales presentations can be an intimidating but rewarding endeavour. Prepare yourself to make a lasting impression and increase positive outcomes with this specialised training course! Learn how to confidently present proposals, use the right body language, vocabulary and vocal pitch; plus sharpen your visual & verbal recall for successful speech delivery.

Sales Presentation Training Outline

Course Overview

Introduce yourself to the participants. Discover what awaits you in this workshop! Along, with that we’ll also identify the learning goals of each student.

Topics covered in this course

Getting Down to Business

Business writing is quite distinct from writing. In this course we will explore the subtleties of informal proposals providing participants with skills for creating persuasive documents in any professional environment.

Writing Your Proposal

This session aims to equip participants with an understanding of how to construct and present their proposals. We’ll discuss strategies for gathering background information offer tips on structuring the proposal and introduce terminology for labeling different versions of a draft proposal as it progresses from concept to completion.

Putting Your Thoughts into Writing

Starting a proposal doesn’t have to be complicated. In this lecture we’ll cover three steps that participants can use as a foundation, for their research and apply them through a case study!

Basic Proposal Formats

During this lecture we will delve into both indirect types of proposals. Participants will then apply their acquired knowledge to transform a proposition into an intriguing suggestion.

Expert Editing Tips

Uncover the power of editing! This session will provide insights into techniques for making your writing more accessible and captivating including evaluating readability through indices.

The Art of a Firm Handshake

Greetings play a role in any presentation. In this session we will explore the subtleties and significance behind offering a handshake as an introduction to new contacts.

Preparing for Your Presentation

Equip yourself with knowledge! Join us to discover how you can refine your speech and achieve desired outcomes without appearing assertive. Additionally gain advice on preparing in advance for negotiations.

Key Ingredients for a Winning Presentation

Join us to unveil the secrets of success! This session will guide participants in discovering strategies for accomplishing their goals combining lectures with interactive group exercises.

Dressing Appropriately. Making an Impression

This enlightening session will steer participants towards success. Learn tips and tricks, on creating an image that leaves a lasting impact!

Sharing Insights through Presentations

To conclude the days activities each participant will deliver a two to three minute talk sharing their thoughts. At the end of our workshop students have the opportunity to gain insights, through discussions and devise plans, for future involvement.

Workshop Wrap-Up

At the conclusion of our workshop, students can gain valuable insight by engaging in open dialogue and formulating plans for future engagement.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Our company offers tailored training courses for our clients that make sure each team member is equipped with the knowledge they need to succeed. Our cutting-edge course materials are constantly updated and have free customisation services, allowing us to adjust any material precisely according to individual client requests. We keep connected so we can provide an environment where teams grow together through learning opportunities – a perfect fit for their growth potential!

In-House Customised training benefits:
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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Requesting a tailored training course has never been easier. Our professional content team is here to craft custom-made, high quality courseware that guarantees success with your learners – all you have to do is get in touch! Let us create the right educational materials for you and your team’s unique objectives. Contact us today and experience learning at its best!

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Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Become an expert in your field with one of our courses! Schedule a training session tailored to meet your needs and conducted online through Zoom – no more waiting for particular dates. With just 4-6 hours, you can easily become the master of any subject matter.

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Tune-in to one of our knowledgeable training sessions and explore the possibilities for your professional development. Our 1hr online Zoom meetings will provide a great opportunity for you to boost your knowledge on any course or workplace skill, making it ideal even during those brief moments away from work.

Self Directed Online Course

Transform your learning experience with our convenient prerecorded courses that offer a wide range of activities, assessments and engaging videos – all at the speed you prefer.

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