Mediation Training

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Mediators – as one can derive from the name – are individuals who are trained to intervene in conflicts. They are neutral and allow the opposing parties to present their grievances to each one in a civil manner, assess and evaluate the position of both parties and their respective arguments in favor of or against performing certain actions and activities, then return to these opposing fronts with their verdict and then assist these parties in brokering some form of compromise that eventually forms the foundation of a solution. Such individuals are oft called upon by others to assist in the resolution and brokering of deals between two parties when the solution is too difficult to be resolved without intervention, but too minor to be taken to court.

Mediation however relies on an immense amount of investment in terms of time and funds; two precious commodities from the perspective of both the individual as well as the business and/or organisation that employs them.

Paramount Training and Development is now offering its own course of Mediation Training for willing and able learners to undertake. Experts as well as many correspondents have already been consulted in the creation, implementation, and teaching process of this difficult but necessary profession and have already taken into account the most effective and comprehensive strategies available.

Mediation Training Outline

Be aware of the Mediators’ role and governing principles

To cover the basics of Mediation Training, learners need to be aware of the fundamentals of the very practice that they are attempting to learn. An understanding of what mediation is, what the role of the mediator is in the field of conflict-recsolution, and in other fields that they may be able to participate in all need to be factored in. Another set of lessons that trainees will need to undertake are the governing principles of mediation as these eventually form the backbone of not only how they will perform their profession but as well as the appropriate mindset and philosophy that they must adhere to in order to fulfill their function in an acceptable manner.

Create a stage and goal based mediation process

To maximise efficiency and to assist the mediator in ascertaining how much progress they are actually achieving while conducting the mediation process, a step-and-goal based system will be given to trainees of Mediation Training. This is not to enforce a rigid structure in the conflict resolution process, but rather a framework from which the learners ideally use while building the dynamic solutions they must eventually construct while performing the mediation process.

Attain proficiencies in the many skills which aid the mediation process

There are many things that a mediator can master that can assist with the process of mediation from inception to implementation. A negotiation skills can greatly aid a mediator in forming a resolution. Interactive-listening can at least calm an aggravated side and buy some time for a solution, neutral language use allows the mediator to appear more neutral and therefore less threatening to their party allowing for more conducive exchanges, and so on, and so forth. These and many more skills and methods are available for learners undertaking mediation training and are in fact expected to display proficiency in at least some of these methods by the end of the program.

Attain an understanding of the power and cultural paradigms

In social settings, particularly in the workplace, power imbalance can unfavourably sway a negotiation to one side and leave those without equal backing short-changed, given an unfair outcome, and leave them disillusioned and therefore more prone to inciting more and possibly more drastic conflict in future. Equally noteworthy though perhaps more benign is culture; this may take the form of the background and lived experiences of the individual or groups in conflict with others, the different attitudes and mannerisms of the disparate offices all working technically under the same roof, to the differences between the blue-collared worker and the CEO. Both need to be examined and considered before a resolution can be made both to account for fairness, and meet the unwritten and unspoken demands of either party when a resolution is suggested. Mediation Training shall cover this in both lectures and in clearer and more practical settings such as simulations of the work environment. The goal here is to account for power dynamics and cultural differences to create the most acceptable deal one can present.

Display a familiarity in ethics and ethical issues

Mediation and conflict-resolution can be a laborious, sometimes dangerous process; as it may at times straddle lines with the law of the land, and sometimes deals with sensitive topics that need to be handled with an immense amount of care and discretion. This necessitates the education of the key concepts of ethics to learners undertaking Mediation Training, and from there onward, understand and implement or utilize ethics-sensitive elements such as confidentiality, impartiality, informed consent, and other issues that may be present in the mediation process.

Summary of Mediation Training

When issues are too great to be resolved independently and too minor to be taken to court, mediators are needed to assist in the attainment of those resolutions. With their assistance, an agreement can be brokered and participating parties can at least find some resolution for their grievances. The mediator however, needs to be aware of what their role is and the governing rules of their intended role are to serve that role as effectively as possible. They must be efficient and have solid frameworks in order to create a dynamic solution for each unique issue that they are called upon to mediate over. They must be skilled and proficient with negotiating, using neutral language, and many other minor skills that can aid them in the process. An awareness of power dynamics and cultural differences also helps them formulate a better solution along the way. And when things come to a head, they must remember the code of ethics that they operate within. These are what need to be present in a capable mediator, and thankfully Paramount Training and Development allows its learners to learn all these and more under their new Mediation training solution.

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Do you have your own criteria that you wish your workbook to cover? Maybe you have your own techniques and other improvements that you wish to see in the content? In such cases, you can certainly avail of our content customisation service. By simply telling us what to do, you will get to modify lots of aspects in your workbook including page numbers, activities, writing style, and so much more. It gets even better: you get to tell us to make modifications for free! For our part, every improvement will simply lead to betterment; that alone sustains and makes us happy, so ask away!

In-House Customised training benefits:

  • Flexible length – You choose the length of the session
  • Highly Effective Team/Industry Specific
  • Certificate of Completion (Professional Grade)
  • Create a Team Building environment
  • Cost effective – Group rate discount
  • Printed courseware (No need to download or use an App to read)

Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Not only do we customise workbooks, we also create them from scratch. Our years of experience have given us the adaptability necessary to satisfy your training objectives and needs. You will have total control over your own personalised workbook, from what images to put in, what colour to use, whether to include statistics and even what to research. We can write the content and build your session for you to use time and time again. You will own the rights for usage. These options and more will be yours, and all of this is for the absolute best for you and your company.

Instructor Led Online

Download Certificate of Completion $495 inc GST
Printed and Posted Certificate of Completion $515 inc GST

This course and many others can be booked as 1 on 1 online trainer assisted sessions. These sessions cover the same material and teach the same techniques and skills as workshop training but are conducted over online video feed with one of our professional trainers. Book in your online trainer assisted session today to learn new skills and techniques to help you in your personal development.

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