Risk Management Training

Risk Management Training

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Risk Management is a critical component for any modern business. Attend this Training Session to learn the impact-maximising techniques your team can use in order to identify and prevent threats that may put revenue or capital at risk. Whether you’re an individual, part of department or working within a larger firm – gain access to powerful strategies designed specifically with organisation success in mind so you can perform better and achieve exceptional results!

Investing in Risk Management training is a crucial component of any successful business. This program helps equip employees, at all levels and disciplines, with the effective tools needed to identify potential threats that can impact company earnings while providing beneficial growth opportunities. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – ensure your team has what it takes to become professionals when it comes to Risk Management!

Risk Management Training Outcomes

What is risk? What types of risk are there? Can it be positive, negative or neutral? We discuss and provide an overview of risk management in this section.

What is COSO ERM cube and ISO 31000? Find out more in this section of the course.

Evaluating and establishing the risk management context will be demonstrated to participants through this section.

A simple method to following the process of risk management. Most of the rest of the session will be discussing the individual areas.

We put all this knowledge to action by asking the participants to design and complete a basic risk assessment.

After the activity of a basic risk assessment, we then help the team determine the response and create a plan for action.

We then develop the components of reporting, monitoring and evaluation of the program the participants created earlier on in the session.

Using the risk information to re-design the job plan
Risks and Dangers : How they interact to one another
Considering hazard at every phase of the project
Represent risk choices in your job strategies
Recording the results of the risk management process
Factors affecting risk management
Track and Review Controls
Using hazard information to make choices
Identifying and Quantifying hazards in all stages of a project
Select and Implement controls
Recording the findings and implement them
Identify hazards and assess their risks
Risk Identification
Risk Management Essentials
Define the Risk Management Process
Understand how to get an eventuality that is realistic for your contracts in order to enhance competitiveness as a more tender or for getting project capital
Quicker and more focused contract negotiations to be enhanced by quantify problems
Understand the best way to develop an integrated risk management procedure for many of your contracts/job to lessen business risk
The 6 Steps to Risk Assessment
Learn how to use Risk Management Procedures to ensure the contract is robust
Develop contracts that are more fair using risk management
Assess the hazards and choose the precautions
Who should be responsible for every risk
Foreseeing and making a decision on how and who might be harmed
Review and update your risk assessment when needed

Responding to Risks

In this session, participants are going to learn about the four T’s of responding to risks: Tolerate, Treat, Transfer, and Terminate.

Reaction Planning

This session will give participants a checklist of items to include within their contingency plan.

Resourcing Controls

Participants will explore controls which can be put into place to mitigate hazards.

Reviewing and Appraising the Framework

The next part of the session will give participants a checklist for reviewing their risk management application.

Assessing Hazard

Next, participants are going to understand just how to design a basic risk assessment procedure. They will also begin work on a case study that will be used during the day.

Reporting and Monitoring

In this session, participants will discuss reporting hierarchies and prerequisites.

Understanding Threat

In this session, you’ll talk about the key components of establishing your risk management context, kinds of threats, as well as the definitions of hazard and hazard management. To wrap up the session, you will review two key risk management models: the COSO ERM cube and the ISO 31000 risk management standard.

Tailored Risk Management Course

Take advantage of Paramount Training and Development’s expansive selection of training programs to create a tailored workbook that meets the specific needs of your team. Call us at 1300 810 725 for more information on our Risk Management Training or other top-notch sessions.

Risk Management Training Outline

Course Overview

Our workshop is designed to empower and equip students with the ability reach personal learning goals. As a place of exploration, we’ll have an exciting discussion kicking off the program that will fuel our ambitions together!

Topics covered in this course

Understanding Risk

In this session, we’ll explore key concepts of risk and hazard management. We will gain insight into different kinds of dangers as well as the important parts necessary for effectively constructing a risk management context. Finally, to tie it all together, we’ll review two significant models in assessing danger: COSO ERM block and ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard – both essential elements when looking at your own organisation’s risks!

Risk Management Activities

This session will provide the foundational structure to build on for the rest of our day, covering risk management essentials such as clarifying Risks and Threats, implementing Responses so that we can Remain resilient in an ever-evolving environment.

Assessing Risk

Participants will be guided through the steps of creating an effective risk assessment strategy and then they’ll have a chance to put it into practice by working on a hands-on case study.

Responding to Risks

Danger can come in many forms, but with the right response it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. During this session participants will become well-versed in utilising the four T’s: tolerate, treat, transfer and terminate – enabling them to maximise safety while minimising risk!

Resourcing Controls

Participants will dive deeper into risk management strategies to discover effective control measures.

Reaction Planning

Participants will be gaining invaluable insight into how to form an effective contingency plan, thanks to this session’s thorough checklist. By the end of it, they’ll have a well-developed strategy that helps manage future risks and uncertainties.

Reporting and Monitoring

During this informative session, we’ll explore the fundamentals of effective reporting structures and delve into necessary prerequisites for success.

Reviewing And Assessing the Framework

At the final session of our program, participants will receive a comprehensive checklist for evaluating their risk management system – ensuring they have all necessary safeguards in place.

Course Wrap-Up

Upon completion of the program, students will be invited to engage in an interactive Q&A session and develop a comprehensive action plan.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

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Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

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Self Directed Online Course

These dynamic and interactive courses offer the flexibility to learn at your own pace. Valuable insight is gained through activities, assessments and learning videos that have been carefully prerecorded by our experts.

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