Retail Training

Retail Training

Retail is a crucial component of the business world that requires careful consideration and skillful execution in order to be successful. Building customer loyalty through effective sales strategies entails great effort which must also consider how it affects employees emotionally – something businesses need to manage responsibly for optimal performance. Successfully navigating this intricate balance between providing good service, taking care of their staff’s mental health needs and sustaining steady revenue can bring immense reward – both financially as well as increased customer satisfaction levels – thus allowing companies an opportunity at long-term survival. Our training session provides what you need to take control of your emotional responses, refine your mirroring skills and more. With our guidance, you’ll be able to rise above the challenge and find success.

Retail sales training need not be daunting! Our unique methods offer a comprehensive crash-course in all the fundamentals of customer service, from body language and telephone techniques to unlocking remarkable profits. Making retail into an art is fun – so why wait? Contact us for more details on how you can reach the peak potential of your career today.

Retail Objectives

Building rapport can assist you in your sales and customer service. Learn how to connect with your customers easier with similarities and mirroring techniques. Our trainer will discuss how to build the connection with your customers more effectively.

Improve your ability to lead. By leading the customer service or sales process you are assisting the client and can help make them feel at ease. Learn how great leadership in this area will result in positive feedback or better sales.

We provide a range of conflict resolution techniques that are in use across Australia. We are able to provide real workplace examples and show participants how to become a better problem solver.

People act on emotion every day. It changes what we wear, what we choose to eat, and what we buy. Learn how emotion can be a motivator in purchasing and using your products or services.

Finding out your customers’ needs is important for you to be able to assist them. From time to time we may also get clients that may not know what they want or need. Use questioning techniques more effectively to help find areas that you can assist and also motivate your customer to action.

Many sales people use the phone. We provide a range of telephone techniques to help provide a superior service and impress the client. Many phone conversations can be converted to walk ins. Learn how to create the best call and improve your results.

Reading your customers body language will help you also. Learning how to read and pick up on the signals will help you establish if you are on the right track in the service or sales process. Our trainer will illustrate some signals for you to become more aware and more effective in your service.

The more options and solutions you provide to a client the more likely they are to feel assisted. However, providing too many options can also confuse a client. Learn how to suggest the right amount of options at the right time and also improve solutions for issues that clients will bring to you from time to time. Our trainer will develop and discuss a session here for problem solving.

If you want to improve your overall customer satisfaction then this part of the session will help. Our trainer provides foundation and advanced skills to help you stand out as a high performer in customer service.

Tailored For Your Retail Environment

Take advantage of our customised training sessions, tailored to your team’s needs. Our knowledgeable trainers are available in all major cities across Australia: Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Gold Coast and beyond!

Retail Training Outline

Course Overview

In this session we aim to create an environment of collaboration and learning where participants can connect with each other and discuss what the workshop has in store for them. It’s also an opportunity for individuals to share their aspirations so we can customise the experience to make it more meaningful.

Topics covered in this course

Building Rapport with Your Customers through Mirroring Techniques

Enhance your sales and customer service skills by mastering the art of building rapport. This session will teach you how to establish connections, with your customers through techniques like finding similarities and mirroring. Our experienced trainer will guide you on developing relationships with your valued customers.

Creating Happy Customers by Exhibiting Leadership

By developing leadership skills participants will be able to improve customer satisfaction and drive increased sales.

Effective Complaint Handling; Learn from Conflict Resolution Experts

In this session participants will learn problem solving strategies using workplace examples from experts, in conflict resolution.
Discover insights. Establish yourself as the go to person, for practical solutions!

Exploring Emotions and Motivation; How it impacts customer interactions

Understanding emotions plays a role in motivating people to buy and use products or services. In this session participants will gain insights into how emotional factors influence consumer behaviour in situations. From the clothes we choose to wear the food we consume to our purchasing decisions emotions shape our choices.

Effective Questioning Techniques to better understand your customers needs

Having an understanding of your customers desires and requirements is vital for providing service. However, it can sometimes be challenging to navigate these waters. Some clients may not be able to articulate what they need from you putting the onus on you as an expert! This session will teach you questioning techniques that serve as tools in uncovering areas of need. By doing you’ll be able to offer assistance and ultimately encourage desired actions.

Mastering Telephone Etiquette for customer service

A phone call can make all the difference, for salespeople – it can determine success or failure. Our telephone techniques are designed to ensure that you deliver top tier customer service while effectively converting conversations into visits or purchases. This session provides an opportunity for participants to learn how they can make every call count and improve their results!

Body Language Techniques to help Read the Buying
Signals of Your Customers

Learn to interpret your customers non cues to establish stronger connections, with them. In this training session our expert will share insights on how to understand these signals and use that knowledge to enhance sales or service interactions.

Providing Solutions and Problem Solving Techniques to help Improve Ideas and Options for Customers

Discover problem solving techniques and strategies for offering the solutions and options to your clients. By attending this session you’ll acquire the skills needed to address client presented issues while suggesting a number of choices. Our trainer is dedicated to providing an experience that equips all participants with problem solving techniques they can apply in their work.

Enhance your customer service performance through training.

Mastering the art of customer service has an lasting impact on your business. Join our professional in this session where you’ll learn principles and advanced skills that empower you as an outstanding provider of exceptional customer experiences.

Workshop Wrap-Up

Wrap up the workshop with a Q&A session allowing participants to seek guidance, on implementing their knowledge into practice.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Let us help you design a workbook tailored to your needs. We’ll start off by gaining an understanding of what objectives need to be achieved and assessing the training requirements, then source relevant content from our library of resources. Our creative team will add visuals that are pertinent to your industry while including questions aimed at fulfiling those objectives. With experienced writers filling in any blanks on top, we can guarantee results beyond what standard generic courses offer! Learn more about how customizing with us works today!

In-House Customised training benefits:
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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Unlock unique solutions for your training needs with our comprehensive courseware creation services! Our highly experienced team is always writing new and exciting content to enhance the library, adding impactful activities through research & development. Get in touch today – we can construct a customised manual specifically tailored towards Australia’s requirements.

Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Our expert trainers are ready to help you advance your professional development with tailored courses – book in and select the best date for you without having to wait. All classes will be conducted conveniently via Zoom, allowing up-to 6 hours of comprehensive instruction from wherever works best for you!

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Deepen your understanding of any module, course, or workplace skill with one of our knowledgeable trainers. Now you can use downtime at work to upgrade and brush up on skills without having to leave the office; all conducted online via Zoom in just an hour!

What's Included?

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Contact our staff for any question, request or assistance.
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