Employee Accountability Training

Employee Accountability Training

Paramount Training and Development offers the Employee Accountability Training to help you tackle a familiar yet challenging task – instilling discipline in your employees. With this program, equip yourself with key knowledge about holding co-workers accountable for their actions for improved productivity within your company. Be sure to take advantage of case studies provided as part of the training package; use them wisely during discussion sessions and empower everyone involved!

Take control of your business and learn how to separate those employees who deliver from the ones that don’t. Get started by utilising Employee Accountability Training, an ideal program designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary for managing employee responsibility and performance in any organisation no matter its size. Make sure that nobody holds back your success!

Let our experienced professionals help you make the most of your team and create a strong foundation with an engaging Employee Accountability Training. Through interactive learning, we’ll discuss effective motivation tactics to better equip those in charge while providing useful workbooks & case studies as reference material along the way.

Training Outcomes:

Why is accountability important? Is it shown today in governments or organisations around the globe? What has shaped our view of accountability? This is an interactive and open discussion with participants.

We work through the requirements of personal and corporate accountability with participants. If this session is conducted as a team training session, we can customise areas such as these.

There are elements that make up an accountable organisation or team. We develop these elements and discuss how there is also a cycle to follow.

After speaking on an organisational level, we then discuss with participants what they can do on a personal level.

This part of the training will provide the needed tool-set for participants to be able to show more accountability in their role. Some employees may not show as much accountability due to lack of skills. This is where we develop the skills to assist in all employees becoming more effective.

Ownership, both on an individual level or a team level is a great way of feeling like a contributor. Learn here how to become more empowered and self-motivated with some quick tools to build ownership.


In this session we identifying what individuals must do to become accountable. We help participants to recognise what responsibility is and what events in history have shaped our view of it. We identify areas within organisations to be able to better develop rewards into the success of individual performance. Our trainer will provide assistance on how to create rewards that are based on results as well as activities.

We also illustrate how it is important to let people speak for themselves. Participants will learn more about how to pass roles to the job owner and help individuals to take responsibility. Our trainer will help participants to identify the conditions for corporate and private accountability while isolating regions for additional self-improvement.


We help the team to ensure employees are in a position where they can have credibility. The organisation as a whole must understand and commit to accountability. We teach participants that when they provide a project, to let go entirely. Be encouraging and offer guidance and resources, but do not problem-solve. One method to do so is to concentrate on the end results, not on the details. Our trainer assists participants to create methods to develop ownership in the organisation. This session builds skills needed for accountability, including goal-setting, giving and receiving feedback, and delegation. We discuss also how to have confidence in workers and to give the needed power to carry out the tasks. Responsibility, power, and employee engagement are closely tied to accountability.


This part of the session helps the team to focus on quality along with customer satisfaction, and other emotion-established variables. We help participants to learn how to invest in co-workers. We offer a range of feedback techniques such as private feedback and compliments through group discussion. We discuss why it is important to keep communicating as open as possible. We also share failures and successes in a group activity.


We discuss how processes in an organisation must be as transparent as possible. The fundamental procedure has to be shared, and specific information should be made public. When employees understand what they are contributing towards they take ownership.
We explain to participants that judgments are unfair and not very helpful.


Learn how to demand improvesty at all levels from many employees. Everyone should be responsible to someone. Ensure that employees have access to the information they need to make decisions based on real time info. We help the participants to learn how to work on creating an atmosphere of collaboration and imagination rather than competition. Accountability flows through the organisation and must begin in the top. We discuss management’s role in developing accountability in employees.


Workers must trust each other to make improvest decisions, to work together for the benefit of an organisation. We discuss with participants how members of a business must trust each other to analyse reliability and their accountability and to ask questions. We provide a small activity to demonstrate trust and how it can make an organisation stronger.


We teach participants about integrity and how it means following your values and being responsible day in and day out. We provide the basis for the team to develop consistency, in order that people can depend on you, in good circumstances and in rough times. We give the employees the support to understand their own values.

A Course With It All!

Paramount Training stands out among the competition by providing one of Australia’s most comprehensive and diverse collections of workbooks, library books, case studies, solutions-orientated training sessions designed to help enhance accountability skills. Their goal is simple: ensure that learners not only learn from their education but become more accountable in their day-to-day lives with what they have learned. Click here for further information about how you can take advantage of this amazing learning opportunity!

The Employee Accountability Training is offered in Canberra, Gold Coast, Sydney, Brisbane, Parramatta, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, and Perth.

Employee Accountability Outline

Course Overview

We will start this workshop with a warm introduction! We will be given by getting acquainted with one another and then we will dig into the topic we will cover. Furthermore participants are invited to share their objectives for attending.

Topics covered in this course

Defining Accountability

This session participants will explore accountability in contexts! participants will also uncover the meaning and the historical background of accountability, the a discussion on strategies for promoting individual responsibility. The objective is to help participants gain insights into how we can nurture accountability in our professional lives.

Establishing an Accountable Organisation

Participants will examine the solid understanding of the fundamentals can empower participants on their journey toward growth and development.

Setting Goals and Expectations

Setting a clear expectation, is the better way to ensure that we will achieved our goal. Through out this session, participants will explore methods for creating a sense of ownership within the organisation and equipping staff with the tools they need to embrace accountability.

The Art of Delegation

Mastering the art of delegation is imperative for building a successful organisation. This session the objective is to guide participants in establishing strategies for efficiently and effectively delegate tasks.

The Power of Giving Feedback

This session, will help participants to uncover the techniques for providing feedback that leads to a more positive workplace environment.

Equipping Managers with Tools

This session, participants will explore opportunities for their own growth and knowledge development.

Wrapping Up the Workshop

To wrap up this course, participants will have the opportunity to solidify their understanding by asking any remaining questions and creating an action plan aligned with their goals.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Make the most of your training by drawing on our exclusive service for content customisation. Take advantage of no extra cost modification to your manual, including choice in workbook style, delivery, certificate color and activities – as well as having a comprehensive needs assessment tailored specifically to fit learning requirements. In addition these options with ample tools at hand you can guide employees towards success; all without breaking the bank!

In-House Customised training benefits:
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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Our Content Creation service simplifies the pursuit of perfection. We can help you create a customised training manual suited to your company, including logo and brand color choices as well as supplemental case studies and research materials. Additionally, bilingual support is also available so that everyone on your team receives targeted instruction in their preferred language. For added convenience, we even provide trainers for remote or off-site locations when requested! Reach out today for professionally tailored content at competitive rates – let us know what works best for you!.

Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Formalize your learning journey with one of our experienced trainers! With just a few clicks, you can book in for personalised coaching sessions that take place on dates tailored to fit into your schedule. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of these digital lessons conducted over Zoom – no need to wait around any longer. Your future begins now!

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Upgrade your workplace skills with a one-hour session from an expert trainer. Expand upon any module, course or skill and make the most of downtime at work by tuning into our unique online Zoom sessions!

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