Mental Health in the Workplace Training

This training session can be developed as a team training session or one on one coaching anywhere in Australia. Including Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Parramatta, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Geelong, Perth, Darwin, Broome and many other areas.

Many risk factors can impact mental health, including those in the workplace. The most common risks are related to interactions between the type of work, organisational and managerial environments, employees’ skills and abilities, and the support that employees have to perform their jobs.

Individuals with mental disorders have the right to be supported by their employers in returning to work or continuing to work. Employers must ensure that employees with mental disorders feel comfortable asking for help and have the resources they need.

Employer-based training programs are available for Mental Health in the Workplace. The program’s ultimate goal is to improve organisational health for participating employers. It focuses on strategies that reduce chronic disease risk to employees as well as improving worker productivity and interaction within the workplace with others.

This tailored training discusses:

  • Negative effects of stress and poor mental health on employees
  • Productivity and job performance.
  • Engagement with one’s job.
  • Communication with coworkers
  • Daily functioning and physical capability

The workplace environment can be improved to promote mental health and awareness. The Processes and Solutions that work for you and your business can be highlighted to your team. Internal processes and solutions for example are:

  • There are many social support networks.
  • One central team is responsible for all policies and programs.
  • Employers can track and measure progress using data. Employers can create a mental scorecard to help them assess the workplace and pinpoint areas that need intervention.
  • Employers may offer incentives to encourage healthy behavior. Employers can create a recognition program to reward those who show evidence-based improvement in metrics related to mental health and well being and tangible business results.

Reduce work-related risks to mental health in your workplace

Promoting mental health through the development of positive aspects of work as well as the strengths of employees is key.
As part of the training module “Start the Conversation about Mental Illness”, the focus is on six health issues: anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and addictions. Senior leaders can share their personal stories via video messages to normalise discussion about mental health.

Employers have the power to influence their employees by implementing mental health policies in the workplace; the public by marketing and raising awareness about mental health; the community through goodwill initiatives such as support for non profits; and their competition by making mental wellness benefits an attractive consideration when they recruit and retain employees.

We work with employers to offer ready-to-deploy programs and resources, helping businesses to improve standards, positive effect policy changes, and worker quality of life.

Why this Mental Health Training is important

Over the last few years, the mental health movement at work has grown. This is crucial because of the direct effect that work has on mental health. On average, people work 40 hours per week. Stress from work is a major source of stress and can be a trigger for mental illness.

A mentally healthy workplace is a good investment for your business. It will reduce absenteeism, decrease disability costs, and improve employee morale. Employee loyalty and productivity will lead to greater company success. Both sides benefit from this positive feedback loop. It is also beneficial for the mental health movement where companies play a significant role.

Mental health is always a necessary part to consider when you take care of your workers. Work demands a sound mind, body, and spirit. Hence, it is important to be able to care for your own mental health.  This training course is therefore set to help your teammates work with mental health to the best of their ability.

Your mental health is absolutely necessary to your productivity and growth in the workplace, and failure to take care of it is detrimental. It is never worth the cost of your sanity to work and sacrifice overmuch. If you see someone at work stressing out and losing mental health, be there for them and help them relax and rest. Talk to them, and you’ll have improved the workplace by that much.

This training course is essential in keeping mental health up, and a workplace positive. This pairs well with other sessions about workplace building, teamwork, and self-care. If you wish to know about our other training courses and services, please contact us.

Mental Health Training Outline

Module 1. Starting the Conversation on Mental Health

It is important to create an environment that allows us to discuss our mental and emotional health. Even though there are still stigmas and people who hesitate to talk about these topics, we recommend creating a training space where they can discuss them safely. These conversations can be facilitated by leaders from your organisation or if you prefer, our trainer can handle this module.

Module 2. Types of Mental Health

Six key health issues are addressed: anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and addictions. While we don’t focus on a specific disorder or person, we do discuss the issues that can arise in a group setting to make everyone feel comfortable in this discussion.

Module 3. Communicating with Co-Workers

The added benefit of normalising mental health conversations is that employees feel more comfortable sharing and communicating about work-related matters. This module will help employees have an open conversation about how their mental health might affect their work/roles. We also provide communication tools that will help you have more productive conversations in the workplace.

Module 4. Self Development for Mental Health

It is not easy to take care of your mental well-being. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. There are steps you can take that will help you support yourself, and prevent anxiety from building up and exacerbating stress. For example, we discuss self-development areas such as the ones below:

  • Boundaries are a key step in creating a healthier lifestyle, especially when it involves work.
  • Find solace in your colleagues. Although there is an obvious line you should avoid crossing when unloading too much, it’s surprising how many people deal with similar issues.
  • Employees are encouraged to develop their self-development skills through books and online courses.

Module 5. Good Mental Health Actions

Many employees believe their employers should take care of their emotional well-being. They also consider behavior health benefits important when considering a new job. Mentoring and professional support are two ways to show that you (as an employer) care. We will discuss the various options that your business has available to support those suffering from Mental Health Issues.

We provide insight into how to place the employee in roles or to create a position that aligns with their strengths. We provide information on how everyone can encourage collaboration, trust and communication by asking them to participate in the process. Rewarding behaviour and enhancing the atmosphere.

We can advise on clear policies and values that can be implemented by companies to support mental health. For example:

  • Encourage a culture where asking for help is an indicator of strength.
  • Stigmatisation should be rejected and prohibited
  • Encourage employees to have open and honest conversations about mental health with each other, as well as anonymous feedback regarding workplace policies.
  • Reaffirm that health includes both physical and mental health.
  • Recognise that there are many mental health conditions. From emotional distress to diagnosable disorders, you need access to different types.

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

We have two points of emphasis here at Paramount: freedom and you. In fact, our dedication to both has led us to the question: what if we combine them? The first result of this is our content customisation program. Here, you get to oversee the customisation of preexisting workbooks; you can change how it is written, how colourful it is, how activities ought to work and even change the design and positioning of page numbers. We will gladly execute your commands with no additional cost, too! You know your business better and we know training. Lets get together and work some magic in customising a session to suit you.

In-House Customised training benefits:

  • Flexible length – You choose the length of the session
  • Highly Effective Team/Industry Specific
  • Certificate of Completion (Professional Grade)
  • Create a Team Building environment
  • Cost effective – Group rate discount
  • Printed courseware (No need to download or use an App to read)

Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

The second result of our dedication to both freedom and you is the content creation. For this, you will have access to a vast range of options to create your ideal workbook. By simply telling us your expectations, we will do everything including content styling, writing in specific tones, research and gather additional data and placing your company logo. We will build the course for you to suit your needs. We will even create training sessions for different languages and cultures. With these options and more, you are now one step closer to creating the best training for your industry. Shape the standards of the free market by creating unique content now! Contact us with your needs if you are unable to find courseware that suits and we will create it. For a quote call our training team today.

Instructor Led Online

Download Certificate of Completion $495 inc GST
Printed and Posted Certificate of Completion $515 inc GST

This course and so many others can also be booked as 1 on 1 sessions conducted over online video feed with one of our professional training facilitators. Covering the same techniques and skills we train to some of the biggest companies in Australia, you can rest assured that the session will be not only enjoyable but very informative and educational.

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