The Benefits of Tailored Training

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Why Choose Tailored Training?

Many employees feel overwhelmed by the demands of their job and are frustrated with outdated systems, impersonal learning tools, and content that isn’t tailored to them. This problem is compounded by the explosion in new technologies and social media platforms that have made it possible for employees to expect more customised learning and access across multiple platforms.

If the L&D function is to address these issues, it must adopt a much more personalised and flexible approach to training if it wants to reap the rewards of a better-trained workforce. This approach will have tremendous business benefits for the company and its employees, allowing them to adapt to today’s rapidly changing environment.

Although we’re all familiar with the phrase “You learn something new every single day”, many employees don’t believe this to be true. L&D is facing tighter budgets and higher expectations. As a result, training & development falls to the bottom of the priority list. Employees are forced to use static, traditional training methods in order to adapt to multiple work situations.

Organisations are adapting to e-learning and enabling flexible, intuitive learning through web-based apps, as a result of increasing use of e-learning in their businesses. Many businesses struggle to keep up with the changing skills and learning needs of their workforce.

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Smart clients are increasingly looking for tailored solutions to meet their needs. Many medium-sized to large organisations are moving away from the ‘one-size fits all’ approach.

Your business’s needs are taken into consideration when creating a tailored training course. This route allows you to customise your training to meet your company’s needs, budget, and location. This is the best training delivery method if you have a specific issue or training requirement.

The key decision in corporate training is to compare the effectiveness of investment. While this is important, it is also crucial to consider the impact on engagement. If staff don’t use the resource, its effectiveness wont be there. Every piece of training is tailored to each learner, increasing their engagement. The result is that staff are more engaged with their training which has many benefits for the company and them. This will make individuals more productive in their jobs and inspire them to learn and develop further. Companies can also enjoy higher employee retention rates and a more agile workforce.

Each staff member has different levels of experience and knowledge. So why do employees all go through the same courses? It is to make it easier for the training department?. This is also wasteful of time and a waste of information. Staff can get personalised feedback during training sessions to improve their learning. This allows them to learn from mistakes and suggest further training. It also helps them focus on what is most important to them, making their training more enjoyable.

Employees aren’t forced to take courses that aren’t relevant to their needs. With tailored sessions, training is more efficient and focused. Employees are able to spend more time on information related to their jobs and have a more enjoyable learning experience. This keeps your business from wasting valuable time and helps you keep your staff happy.

Your employees will be able to benefit from a customised training course that has been tailored to their needs and organisation’s structure. The training is tailored to your company’s needs and saves money on travel and accommodation. It also reduces the amount of time and effort required to design and conduct an in-house training program. A bespoke training allows you to prioritise the skills and areas that are most important for your business.

Tailored training usually includes:

  • Presenters and content that match your requirements, specifically tailored to your needs and requirements
  • Training for teams online or face-to-face, or both.
  • Transform your face-to–face training into an online course. Market through networks

Learn more about our Tailored Services

You can have our expert training delivered in-house to your staff members or volunteers. Our tailored training can be delivered in-house. This allows for whole team training with the content that you specify. You can choose your delivery time and place.

Our team includes skilled and experienced trainers that will provide training to your staff and help you meet your organisation’s specific needs. We have a three-way conversation with you, the facilitator (an expert in their field), as well as our training overseer. We work together to create the best training possible in the time we have. Our industry professionals are passionate and have the knowledge to communicate with a broad audience. We provide relevant and relatable training.

Individuals, organisations, councils and peak bodies can also arrange for scheduled training events to take place at a convenient location. Australia’s trainers have provided training for every type of organisation in Australia.

Our Survey Tool and Self-Assessment Checklist are used to tailor training to meet the needs of each organisation. Training can be provided in a variety of formats, including panel presentations, classroom/workshop settings, small-group discussions and activities, or as a workshop setting.

Training is not an ‘all-purpose’ solution. We understand that people and organisations have different needs and will work with you to find a customised, innovative solution.

In a time of change and disruption, investing in training can lead to great results for your business. No matter what your requirements, whether it’s staff training or large-scale organisational projects; a customised approach can help you to implement strategies that will lead to growth and success in the future.

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